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Acid peeling for the person: types, effect as there takes place procedure

As there is a wish to stop time and always to remain young and beautiful, have the fresh, shining skin... Fortunately, presently the cosmetology evolved dramatically forward and offers a set of procedures for rejuvenation of skin. The freshness and smoothness of skin is one of popular and effective methods who will help to return and for a long time to keep an acid peeling for the person.

Today the site %host of % will tell how do an acid peeling for the person, what effect it gives, contraindications and whether can be done a peeling in house conditions. The acid peeling can be done in the period of low solar activity, approximately from September to March. Skin becomes sensitive and the pigmentykh of spots reacts to UV rays emergence new.

Types of an acid peeling for the person

Acid peeling for the person: types, effect as there takes place procedure

The peeling happens several types which differ in influence depth:

  1. Superficial peeling. For it weak acids are used. It is the most nontraumatic and safe type of a peeling, it deletes only a horn layer of skin which isn't containing living cells. It is directed on complexion improvement, alignment of a relief of skin, relieves of black points, improves a condition of a time. When carrying out a superficial acid peeling there are no painful feelings, there is no rehabilitation period. The peeling can be done in the summer on condition of use of sun-protection means.
  2. Median acid peeling. He mentions already the skin layers lying more deeply than a horn layer and influences living cells. Owing to what has the strong rejuvenating effect. As a result of impact of acids on cells of skin there is their traumatizing, in response to it regeneration is started, cages start developing collagen. After a peeling skin looks much more young, contours are tightened. The median peeling relieves of hems, scars, comedones, spots and the pigmentykh of spots. The median peeling — serious cosmetology procedure which has the rehabilitation period during which skin becomes covered by a crust and is restored. During procedure painful feelings are felt.
  3. Deep peeling. For carrying out a deep peeling use phenol which gets into deep layers of skin. The deep peeling relieves of strong wrinkles, pigmentary spots, has dolgovrmenny effect and is carried out under the general anesthesia. The most travmatichny peeling after which skin is long restored.

Acid peeling for the person: types, effect as there takes place procedure

Acids influence skin and burn it thereof the organism starts the strengthened regeneration. Cages start sharing actively, there are many new and young cages. The burn is stronger and deeper, the more intensively pass restoration processes.

Acids which apply to carrying out a peeling of a face happen different and each of them has the features:

  1. Fruit acids (AHA acids). Here enters dairy, wine, grape, apple, lemon, etc. The fruit peeling is applied at little age changes. Bleaches a face, does skin elastic, smoothes small wrinkles, raises a skin tone, eliminates freckles and small pigmentary specks, levels tone. Skin becomes smooth, soft and elastic.
  2. Salicylic acid. Is suitable for those who wants to get rid of aging of skin, comedones, acne rash. Salicylic acid copes with fat content of skin, freckles, spots which remained after spots.
  3. Retinoyevy. The most popular peeling retinoyevy acid, it is suitable for mature and age skin. Cleans pigmentation, eels, greasiness of skin, a wrinkle. Younger allows skin to look.
  4. Glikolevy. Carry out with use of glikolevy acid of different concentration. Plus that such peeling is suitable for any type of skin. Relieves of pigmentation, spots, roughnesses on skin, eliminates dim complexion. It is applied to young skin.
  5. Almond peeling. By means of fenoksiglokilevy acid the soft superficial peeling is carried out. Relieves of acne rash and its consequences, small wrinkles, rough complexion. Skin becomes elastic and smooth.

Whether all can do an acid peeling of a face?

Of course, such procedure has a number of contraindications:

  • Allergy to preparation components;
  • Inflammatory diseases on face skin;
  • Pregnancy and period of a lactation;
  • Keloidny hems;

As there takes place procedure of an acid peeling for the person

Carrying out a peeling demands thorough training and strict observance of concentration of solution.

  1. The cosmetologist carries out clarification of skin from a make-up and other pollution;
  2. Acid solution is applied on the cleared skin and is left for a certain time for influence. Usually it from 15 to 30 minutes. During influence of acid the pokazyvaniye, small burning is felt;
  3. Removal of acid means and its neutralization;
  4. Drawing the moistening and softening means;
  5. Further post-peeling leaving which includes intensive moistening, food and acceleration of healing follows.

Peeling in house conditions

The acid peeling for the person is carried out only by the expert and such procedure can't be conducted independently. But it is quite possible to use means with the low content of acids (various serums and creams with fruit acids) or to apply natural masks which can be prepared independently. They also have effect of a peeling, only very soft.

You can use such natural components as a lemon, orange, pomegranate, pineapple, grapefruit, apple, honey, grapes, sour milk. Masks with these products are safe and are suitable for use on any skin. Of course, if there is no allergy.

House peeling natural masks it is necessary to carry out 2 times a week within a month. After a course of such masks skin will become smooth, gentle, velvet, freckles and pigmentary spots will be gone. During a course surely use sun-protection means before an exit to the street.

The recipe of a natural mask for an acid peeling

To take a handful sour berries - currant, grapes, a gooseberry and to knead in mashed potatoes or to crush in the blender. To add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and a spoon of sugar. To mix, put on a face and to hold 15 minutes. We do massage of skin before washing away a mask. We wash away warm water. Fruit acids will soften skin, will dissolve a horn layer, and massage with sugar grains already mechanically will help to remove the died-off sections from a face.

Whether you tried an acid peeling at the cosmetologist or the natural house? What results? Share in comments!