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After an epilation remedy for the grown hair: lotions, creams, salicylic acid. Ways of an epilation

The fashion on well-groomed smooth skin appeared many years ago. Today there is a huge number of ways of removal of undesirable vegetation on any site of a body or person. However this procedure has one negative aspect – after depilation hair quite often start growing.

After an epilation remedy for the grown hair: lotions, creams, salicylic acid. Ways of an epilation

What is the grown hair?

The hair which continues the growth and development not on a skin surface, and under it is grown.

Usually it occurs after use of the means deleting vegetation with a root (a vaksing, a shugaring or a mechanical epilator). Use of the shaving machine seldom is the reason of growing of hair.

Growing types:

  • When the hair can't break through through an integument and continues the growth under skin.

  • When the hair which already grew by surfaces suddenly starts being bent and again to grow.

Symptoms and signs

Emergence of this unpleasant problem is characterized by such symptoms as emergence:

The papule represents the small inflamed hillock over a skin surface, and the pustula is the same height on a surface only filled with pus.

Round a site with the grown hair reddening, an inflammation, pain when pressing, an itch are possible. Sometimes skin color on this site can change (or to darken, or, on the contrary, to become lighter). Traces from the grown hair look ugly. They even can become the reason of emergence of scars. Such traces very long pass after an epilation. Remedy for the grown hair will help to reduce a few manifestations of these negative consequences.

Main zones of defeat

Most often meets psevdofollikulit (growing of hair) on such sites of a body, as:

  • Feet.
  • Axillary hollows.
  • Intimate zone.
  • Person.

More often people with thick, strong hair, especially with the curling suffer from this misfortune. Girls with a fair, fine hair face a problem less often.

After an epilation remedy for the grown hair: lotions, creams, salicylic acid. Ways of an epilation

Growing of hair – the process which isn't doing harm to health. It is rather esthetic problem. Traces from the grown hair can give the mass of an inconvenience. Psevdofollikulit can lead to formation of scars, hems, pigmentation and infection of skin.

Reasons of emergence of a problem

Such methods of depilation, as can be the reason of the grown hair:

  • depilation by wax;
  • sugar paste;
  • use of an epilator;
  • plucking out.

Growing of hair comes because of education on a surface of an integument of a horn layer from the become lifeless cells of skin. It doesn't allow to break through new, still to a limp hair outside. Besides very often inaccurate use of means for depilation or inexperience of the master can be led to that the hair will simply change growth trajectory. It can start growing horizontally that will become the reason of its continuous growing.

The reasons there can be a weight. It both genetic predisposition, and hormonal reorganization of an organism, feature of growth and quality of hair.

Often the woman faces a problem only during pregnancy or during other hormonal failure.

After an epilation remedy for the grown hair: lotions, creams, salicylic acid. Ways of an epilation

If the hair very thick, and the girl's skin dense not to avoid problems. Sometimes the female razor which leads to cutting of a hair too close to skin can become the reason. It leads to traumatizing an integument, and the close and synthetic clothes, such as stockings and guipure linen, only worsen situation.

Remedies for the grown hair

Not always when growing a hair it is worth sounding alarm and to run in a drugstore behind medical means or in salon of an epilation. Sometimes they sprout on a surface independently. If it didn't occur and the site of skin starts inflaming, it is possible to use such methods, as:

  1. Rasparivany skin.
  2. Removal of a problem by means of tweezers.
  3. Peeling of the become lifeless cells of skin.
  4. Use of a chemical peeling.
  5. Address to the expert (to the surgeon, cosmetologist).

Rasparivany skin

The method will help to cope with a problem at the initial stage of its development. Warm water and soft fabric is for this purpose used. You can steam out skin simply use of soft fabric with warm water, but it will be better to take a bath. After a rasparivaniye and opening of a time skin needs to be pounded well. Often it happens enough to provide germination of hair outside.

Removal of a problem by means of tweezers

Use of tweezers – the way suitable not everyone. To owners of the sensitive skin inclined to reddenings and formation of scars, it is better to choose other method.

By means of tweezers it is possible to try to take away the grown hair. If it isn't possible to make it as it deeply grew into skin, it is possible to use a needle. By means of it it is necessary to pierce skin and to help a hair to come to light. When using this method it is necessary to sterilize all used tools to avoid infection and suppuration of a site.

Peeling of the become lifeless cells of skin

Use of methods of removal of a horn layer of skin – idle time performed by the way demanding, however, a regularity. Before commission of any procedure of depilation it is recommended to prepare skin previously.

After acceptance of a shower process leather a srub or a rigid bast. It will help to clean the become lifeless scales, will release a time and a surface of skin for growth of new hair. It is worth repeating procedure time in two-three days. It will allow to support skin pure, smooth and will prevent emergence of a psevdofollikulit. The rigid bast, gloves or a mitten bast very well is suitable for procedure performance.

On shelves of shops it is often possible to meet a srub from the grown hair, a peeling and other means with abrasive substances. Similar means can be prepared and in house conditions. Take salt, sugar or coffee, mix with honey, vegetable oils, and at you the remarkable and useful srub will turn out.

After an epilation remedy for the grown hair: lotions, creams, salicylic acid. Ways of an epilation

After procedure surely use the moistening remedy or lotion for the grown hair ("Gloria Shugaring", "Folisang", etc.). It will help to soften skin and to prevent repetition of a problem.

Use of a chemical peeling (salicylic acid from the grown hair)

The chemical peeling represents the means containing various acids in the structure (salicylic, glikolevy, lemon and others).

Acids dissolve a skin blanket that allows new hair to sprout freely. Use of this method perhaps in rare instances and only carefully as the wrong proportions of acid or too long its influence can lead to burns.

Peelings can be used and for prevention of a psevdofollikulit. Salicylic acid from the grown hair is a universal remedy. Use of acids superficially and in small amounts can help to avoid emergence of a problem.

Address to the expert

Development of a follikulit can become one of negative consequences of the grown hair. The illness is characterized by formation of a cyst or formation of purulent abscess. It looks as the small cone.

At emergence of a similar problem you shouldn't panic. If an inflammation weak, it can pass. There are cases when abscess is opened independently, then it is possible to get one or several hair from it. It is recommended to limit aggressive impact on an affected area of skin and to cancel any procedures of depilation. The site needs to be processed any anti-septic tank (for example, hlorgeksediny). It is in addition possible to use the means containing an antibiotic in structure or peroxide benzoit.

After an epilation remedy for the grown hair: lotions, creams, salicylic acid. Ways of an epilation

If the site is strongly struck and the tumor doesn't pass for several days, visit to the cosmetologist or in salon of an epilation can't already be postponed. In hard cases, at development of a purulent inflammation, reception of antibiotics is in addition appointed.

National recipe

The simplest and inexpensive method of disposal of a follikulit is use of aspirin. Take a tablet, crumb it, dilute with water and stir to a condition of mashed potatoes. The turned-out weight needs to be applied on the inflamed skin site, and after hardening accurately to wash away water. Procedure will need to be repeated periodically.

Use of similar means raises possibility of an independent rassasyvaniye of an inflammation.

Prevention of growing of hair

There are simple rules which will help to reduce probability of growing of hair.

  1. Peeling of the become horny skin layer by means of additional resources. It is possible to use various ways and adaptations: rigid bast, mitten, srub or peeling. In this rule the main thing - a regularity. Don't forget to do peeling as before procedure, and each 3-4 days after an epilation. Remedy for the grown hair will help you to achieve the maximum result.
  2. For the women using electric epilators too there are certain rules. So, the device is recommended to hold only at an angle ninety degrees. It will help to delete more effectively and accurately hairs on skin. Besides you shouldn't make procedure in a hurry.
  3. If the girl – a supporter of visit of salon of an epilation, it is worth being convinced of qualification of the master, his experience and existence of the corresponding professional skills. Pay attention to purity of the used means and materials. Take an interest, what means it uses before and after an epilation. Remedy for the grown hair will help you to avoid inflammatory reactions of skin.
  4. For such way of depilation as shaving, there are rules. The female razor has to be qualitative and have good edges. The direction of the course of an edge can play large role. Experiment, try shaving both through growth of hair, and against it. Extent of pressing - too an important detail. It isn't recommended to press excessively the razor, so you can injure a hair and change its growth. Too soft pressing can lead to that the effect from procedure will be not such ideal as it would be desirable. Therefore it is necessary to find for itself the correct equipment. Be guided by the feelings and reactions of skin. After each pass on skin the edge has to be surely cleared, and depilation procedure always has to come to an end with careful clarification of skin and putting special lotion. Cream after shaving too is of great importance. Choose only goods from the checked producers ("Nivea", "Zhilett", etc.) . It is desirable that at structure there were moistening components which are looking after skin after an epilation. Remedy for the grown hair will help to prevent emergence of a follikulez.

After an epilation remedy for the grown hair: lotions, creams, salicylic acid. Ways of an epilation

Some simple rules:

  • The razor has to be high quality (for example, Gillette venus).
  • You shouldn't pull skin during shaving, relax.
  • During procedure don't press too strongly on the machine.
  • Choose fine edges from the checked producer (such as, for example, Gillette venus). Very often the banal neglect is the term of use of edges the reason of growing of hair.
  • Don't neglect care of skin during procedure and after it. After shaving and for care of skin each supporter of an epilation has to have cream.

Ways of an epilation and growing of hair

The way by means of which you carry out removal of undesirable vegetation, how many the correct care of skin before and after procedure is important not so much. So, many advertizing sites aren't tired to claim that some methods promote development of the grown hairs it is less than others (for example, a shugaring). Actually it not so. The same shugaring – simply new fashionable style. Practice and experience showed that use of sugar paste won't rescue the woman from growing of hair if it has to it a predisposition.

After an epilation remedy for the grown hair: lotions, creams, salicylic acid. Ways of an epilation

In such delicate question as removal of undesirable vegetation, the main thing is to find the professional who will be able competently and safely to carry out procedure. The technology of performance of depilation plays huge, it is possible to tell, the leading role.


Thus, despite abundance of ways and means of fight against growing of hair, it is better to prevent emergence of a problem, following simple advice. Treatment of already arisen follikulit – business troublesome, and often all the same there are ugly traces on skin.