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Anti-cellulite wrapping in house conditions: recipes

It was lucky men: the cellulitis problem to them isn't terrible. And here women combat this misfortune many years. The modern cosmetology offers a set of means, but here not obligatory to go to salon behind it, and wrappings which with ease can be carried out in house conditions can help with fight against cellulitis to you, using various effective recipes.

Today the site %host of % will tell as correctly to do wrappings against such misfortune as cellulitis, and what mixes will help to eliminate this defect quicker.

Anti-cellulite wrapping in house conditions: recipes

Anti-cellulite wrapping: principle of action

The principle of this procedure is as follows: on skin sites where existence of cellulitis is most noticeable, apply special mix of active agents which promotes blood circulation improvement, helps to remove slags, thereby gradually relieves of cellulitis. It isn't obligatory to do an anti-cellulite wrapping in salon, in house conditions it doesn't lose the efficiency and at the price will be more available. Such wrapping can be compared by the efficiency only to anti-cellulite massage. And it is better to combine these 2 ways and the result won't keep itself waiting long. Therefore safely go to a drugstore where it is possible to find all necessary for this procedure and safely start, before holiday the effect will be swept up.

Types of an anti-cellulite wrapping

Cosmetologists divide two types of wrappings – cold and hot. In house conditions it is considered the most effective a hot wrapping, in the course of its carrying out fatty deposits are burned, toxins and slags are removed, the blood-groove improves, skin gets a tone, and hypodermic hillocks resolve.

Cold wrappings will also help to get rid of cellulitis, only not so quickly as hot, it is necessary to have patience here. At the heart of these wrappings menthol use, it is possible to buy it in drugstores.

Contraindications to wrappings

Don't recommend cold anti-cellulite wrappings:

  • After operations with not begun to live seams;
  • At tendency to allergic reactions.

There is a number of contraindications and at hot anti-cellulite wrappings. Efficiency of this procedure is higher, but also it is more than contraindications. This procedure isn't recommended to the women having:

  • Gynecologic diseases;
  • Diseases of kidneys;
  • Varicosity;
  • Hypertension;
  • Tumors of any nature;
  • Dermatitis and wounds on skin;
  • At pregnancy;

How to do an anti-cellulite wrapping in house conditions

Anti-cellulite wrapping in house conditions: recipes

For carrying out an anti-cellulite wrapping you need directly mix which you will successfully get in a drugstore or will prepare independently, food wrap, a blanket and a plaid. And in drugstores is on sale parafango is a ready mix which part clay, a thermal plankton, sea dirt, paraffin and seaweed is. Convenience is that anything it isn't necessary to measure, weigh, everything is picked up in optimum proportions.

  1. Before the procedure it is necessary to clear skin of the become horny cages and to make a peeling, it is for this purpose better to use a srub with sea salt and seaweed.
  2. When you processed a srub problem sites, it is possible to start a wrapping directly. You apply the prepared mix on the cleared skin of feet, a stomach, hips, buttocks. Mix has to be rather warm, but isn't hotter.
  3. Then these zones need to be wrapped up food wrap, and to lay down under a blanket.
  4. Duration of a session shouldn't exceed 20-30 minutes, surely you watch the state. There can be a heartbeat, dizziness and weakness, then don't abuse procedure, and surely consult with the doctor.
  5. After procedure surely take a warm shower, carefully wash away mix, blot a body with a soft towel and put surely moistening, and anti-cellulite cream is even better.
  6. More often than 1 time in 3 days this procedure isn't recommended to be done.

Anti-cellulite wrapping: recipes

We will list the most widespread recipes, and the option remains for you. Use of natural honey will be the most widespread recipe. This warming means and if to mix it with simple mustard, effect will be even stronger. It is possible to mix honey both with milk, and with green tea, and with cinnamon.

Quite good impact on skin and on cellulitis renders ground natural coffee with essential oils. And if you have caffeine in ampoules, can safely mix it with white clay, bring to a sour cream consistence, slightly warm up – the effect will be tremendous.

As anti-cellulite means it is possible to use also the kindled chocolate, only without any aromatic additives, and the warmed-up apple cider vinegar, both simply sea dirt, and various clay.

Effect from procedure tremendous, but you shouldn't be limited to two sessions, procedure demands systematicity, it is necessary to remember it if you want tremendous results.


Take 2 tablespoons of natural honey. Warm up it on a water bath or in a microwave (enough 5-6 seconds). Add 1 tablespoon of warm almond oil in which it is previously necessary to part on 3 drops of essential oil of rosemary and orange to honey. Carefully mix mix and apply on skin.


To mix ground cinnamon (2 tablespoons) with cocoa powder (4 tablespoons), to fill in with boiled water to a sour cream consistence. To cover mix and to allow to stand 1 hour. Mix should be warmed up before drawing. After such wrapping skin will become smooth, tightened and will smell very delicious.

Anti-cellulite wrapping in house conditions: recipes


To mix natural ground coffee (4 tablespoons) with sea salt (2 tablespoons) and a ground laminaria (1 tablespoon), to fill in with boiled water before receiving gruel. To cover and allow to stand 20 minutes. Then add oil of grape seeds (1 tablespoon), carefully mix and the accurate movements distribute mix on skin. Before mix washing off wet skin a little and make massage, the received srub.


It is necessary to take 3 tablespoons of blue clay, to dissolve it with cool water to a cream consistence. To add 1 tablespoon of almond oil and 8 drops of essential oil of mint to clay. Carefully to mix and apply mix on skin.

Video recipes

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