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Trays for feet with salt - advantage for skin of feet and all organism

Salt trays enjoy at women considerable popularity as means for strengthening of nails. However very few people know that they well influence and problem skin of feet, doing it steadier against influence of external negative factors. They can serve very good service in the summer when we have to carry footwear barefoot, and skin because of it grows coarse. Today the site %host of % will tell as with advantage to apply trays with salt.

Trays for feet with salt - advantage for skin of feet and all organism

What salt to use

For preparation of salt trays coarse table salt is usually used – the fine crushing doesn't contact curative properties. It is even better if salt is enriched with iodine – water procedures with its application well proved as a remedy for cracks on heels and one of the best preventive measures against a fungus of foot and nails.

It is possible to prepare trays for feet and from the special salt complexes enriched with extracts of herbs, - they often are on sale in drugstores and shops of cosmetics. The coniferous and salt concentrate, that is bath salt with needles extract can be an example of such complex.

At daily application soon it is possible to get rid of the bothered callosities and shipitsa.

Hot trays with salt help to steam out feet and to soften plantar warts for their further treatment. In particular, on this background it is possible to carry out treatment of plantar warts iodine: skin is steamed out, then slightly rub off a foot a towel and by means of a Q-tip moisten a wart with iodine until it doesn't become almost black.

Many minerals, including sodium, potassium, magnesium, bromine, iron and silicon are a part of sea salt. And therefore salt trays positively influence not only skin, but also a condition of muscles and joints. If you are disturbed often by weight in feet and an illness of joints, rescue – in such procedures, take and use.

It is necessary to remember that warm trays have the calming and weakening effect. If water temperature doesn't exceed 25 degrees, they perfectly tone up and take off fatigue.

If you want to make heels smooth and soft in a short space of time, it is possible to use in the way without skin rasparivaniye in a tray - about it read in the article "How to Make Heels Soft and Smooth — an Effective and Easy Way".

How to prepare

Trays for feet with salt are prepared at the rate of 2 tablespoons of salt or a salt complex on a water basin. Duration of one procedure makes 15-20 minutes. Feet before immersion in salt solution need to be washed up with soap, and upon completion of procedure they are rinsed with clear warm water because the salt which remained on skin can provoke irritation. Besides, a foot it is recommended to grease with the softening cream.

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