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Black points after an epilation: problem solutions

The black points appearing after an epilation standing in fact are the hairs which grew into skin. They remain both after shaving, and after use of the electric depilator, special cream or wax.

Black points after an epilation: problem solutions

To remove black points on calves and on the sites located above feet it is possible to use some various ways.

Why after an epilation there are black points?

The epilation means removal only of nadkozhny part of a hair, and the hair follicle remains untouched. After several influences the integument becomes rough, and hairs — weak. All this breaks processes of natural growth of hair. They start growing into thickness of skin therefore points of black color are standing formed, there is a skin itch.

If standing and feet to comb skin, various microorganisms inside get. Spots or abscesses are as a result formed. After healing of the wound which remained on a place of strong suppuration sometimes there is an ugly pigmentary spot.

Pay attention: don't squeeze out hands of a gnoynichka and black points standing as it causes strengthening of an inflammation. Process extends on other sites of skin.

Black points after an epilation: problem solutions

How to remove standing black points?

To remove the points of black color which appeared after an epilation it is necessary to take the grown hairs. The women having thin skin can use a rigid srub. It peels the top layer of epidermis, and hair grow normally.

Other easy way of extraction of hairs in house conditions — application of tweezers and thin needle:

  • Previously they need to be disinfected, having dipped into alcohol. Well wash up hands with soap. Wipe skin standing and feet an antiseptic
  • Accurately enter a needle near a hair and tear skin the return movement
  • When a hair appears on a surface, pull out it tweezers. Try to injure feet as little as possible
  • Upon termination of procedure again process leather an anti-septic tank

Black points after an epilation: problem solutions

Important: it is impossible to take the grown hair by means of nails, differently it is possible to bring an infection. If black points on calves and in area above feet appear constantly, change a way of removal of "vegetation".

Prevention of formation of black points

Procedure of removal of the grown hairs standing isn't followed by pain, however it is unpleasant and takes away a lot of time. It is better to try to prevent their emergence. For this purpose follow some simple rules.

  • Steam out skin on calves and feet of feet one days prior to an epilation in any way (including shaving). Then process it by means of a srub
  • Next day after an epilation also use a srub
  • Process leather a srub of 1 times in 1-1,5 weeks
  • Before removal of the grown hair also try to take a shower, to steam out calves and feet of feet. A time on skin will extend, skin will be soft, and hairs — flexible
  • During removal of hair by means of an electroepilator carefully you watch purity of its edges
  • Use depilatory wax only 1 time
  • In certain cases it makes sense to wait. Skin and hairs gradually "get used" to an epilation and points of black color will disappear

Black points after an epilation: problem solutions

How to look after skin of feet that there were no black points?

For ensuring high-quality care of skin on calves and feet of feet get creams peelings as a part of which there are fruit acids. They have the peeling and softening effect. To get rid of the grown hairs, use means every other day.

Use the bast made of a loofah in soul. It will help to clear skin of the become horny cages. After water procedures apply nutritious cream on feet.

Use means which slow down growth of vegetation. In this case it will be possible to carry out an epilation less often. Disappearance of the grown hairs will become result of the correct care of feet. Besides, they will be thinner.

Epilation of feet in beauty shops

The epilation of feet in the conditions of salon is an effective way of removal of "vegetation". Epidermis isn't injured as after use of the depilator or after shaving. Black points standing don't appear subsequently.

Black points after an epilation: problem solutions

Treat saloon ways of removal of hair: a photoepilation, an ELOS epilation, an epilation by means of the laser, electricity.

Indications to behavior of saloon procedures:

  • large number of vegetation or too dark hair color
  • sensitive skin
  • irritation after removal of hair by means of shaving or the depilator
  • formation of points of black color

Contraindications to an epilation in the conditions of salons:

  • numerous birthmarks, pigmentary spots
  • skin injuries
  • oncological diseases
  • varicosity
  • diabetes
  • exacerbation of an allergy
  • infections

Black points after an epilation: problem solutions


The electroepilation is applied to remove hairs which grow rather seldom. In the course of carrying out procedure the electric impulse passing through a hair core destroys a follicle (bulb). As a result hair don't grow.


The principle of action of a photoepilation is based on property of the melanin which is in a hair core to absorb light radiation. The photoepilator creates high-frequency light flashes of high intensity. It causes heating and destruction of a hair follicle.

After several days after procedure hairs drop out independently. On the surfaces processed by a photoepilator "vegetation" won't be shown within 8-10 years. To get rid completely of hairs standing, 3-8 sessions are required.

Black points after an epilation: problem solutions

ELOS epilation

ELOS epilation — rather new way of removal of "vegetation". The necessary effect is rendered by 2 operating factors — the high-frequency light radiation and electric current. Procedures slow down growth of hair which become thinner.

Such epilation doesn't lead to overheating of skin. It allows to minimize reddenings and irritation of epidermis. Most often 4-6 sessions are necessary.

Laser epilation

The laser epilation remarkably fights against indumentum, however this procedure rather expensive. After the 1st session new hair appear in 3-5 weeks, however they become 10-20% less. To get rid of hairs, the course consisting of 4-5 sessions will be required. Then time to half a year-year will be required to come to the supporting sessions.

Black points after an epilation: problem solutions

By means of the laser it is necessary to be prepared for an epilation. An indispensable condition — hairs have to have length of 3-4 mm. Within 10-14 days before and after an epilation it is impossible to visit a sunbed or to sunbathe.

Care of skin after a laser epilation

Processing of skin the laser is a little travmatichny procedure. That the integument was as soon as possible restored, in the next 3 days after a session you apply on skin in the morning and in the evening the external preparation "Pantenol" (cream or an aerosol). It is on sale in a drugstore.

That there was no irritation of skin, for 3 days refrain from visit of a sauna, a bath, the pool. Take a bath or a shower in moderately warm water. These councils will help to get rid of hair and black points standing.