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Wrapping for a stomach and sides in house conditions - recipes of effective mixes

Unfortunately not all can brag of a slender waist and smooth skin in a stomach zone. The human body is arranged in such a way that at the wrong way of life and food - low-mobility, sedentary work, having a snack as sweet flour delicacies, an overeating for the night, etc. have impact on health and a figure. Even if you had the harmonous and tightened body earlier, doesn't mean yet that you will never begin to be distributed in sides and a stomach at change of a way of life in the unhealthy party. A stomach and sides - places the most vulnerable in respect of accumulation of fat and weakening of muscles.

If you reflected on the all of the increasing waist - it is time to pass to action: to adjust healthy food, to increase the physical activity, and also to carry out special cosmetic procedures. One of such effective procedures is the wrapping for a stomach and sides in house conditions which recipes we will consider in this article.

To be necessary to understand that only one wrapping won't strongly improve a situation if not to change a way of life and to continue to eat rolls and to lie on a sofa :) The positive and noticeable result will be only in a complex with physical. exercises and healthy food, combine a stomach wrapping with exercises on a press and the waist will become thin, with a beautiful bend and smooth gentle skin.

Wrapping pluses in house conditions

Wrapping for a stomach and sides in house conditions - recipes of effective mixes

Now a set of salons offer service in a medical wrapping for weight loss or against cellulitis. Such procedures are expensive. If you have no time to go on salons and there is a wish to save - it is possible to do a house wrapping, it is only important to know as correctly to carry out procedure. 

Wrapping a film of problem zones on which there are excess hypodermic and fatty deposits, cellulitis, flabbiness of skin lead to creation of greenhouse effect, after all the film doesn't give will evaporate to moisture from a skin surface. Active components of mix which are applied on skin under a film strengthen action. There is a heating, blood circulation, a metabolism as a result improves, there is an active sweating together with which there are toxins and liquid, fats start being split. Centimeters decrease, skin is tightened, becomes smooth and elastic, cellulitis disappears.

Contraindications for hot wrappings a film

Wrapping rather strong procedure which gives a shake-up for an organism therefore it is forbidden to do it in the following cases since will do harm to health:

  • Pregnancy and feeding by a breast;
  • Cardiovascular diseases, hypertension;
  • Varicosity;
  • Gynecologic diseases, periods;
  • Diseases of kidneys;
  • Skin diseases and allergy to components.

As there takes place procedure

  1. It is better to do a wrapping for a stomach in house conditions after training (a hoop, inclinations, a press, etc. set of exercises). Skin it is necessary to prepare, clear or take a shower where it is previously possible to steam out stomach skin. Usually, if the stomach needs adjustment, hips, buttocks it is also possible to involve. It is possible to apply an anti-cellulite wrapping to them.
  2. Better before a wrapping to use a srub.
  3. Mix needs to be applied in a hot state (37-38 degrees) with a dense bed distributing on all stomach and sides.
  4. To take a roll with food wrap and densely to wrap up a waist a film in some layers as a corset. The film well sticks therefore it doesn't need to be fixed in addition.
  5. To dress warm clothes or to turn back a scarf. Now it is possible to be engaged in any affairs or to have a rest under a warm blanket. Time 1 hour. Begin the first time from 30 minutes to estimate reaction of skin.
  6. To carry out procedures of 1 times in two days. In total it is necessary to complete a course from 15 wrappings.

Wrapping of a stomach and sides in house conditions - recipes

Honey and caffeine

Caffeine which contains in coffee has the stimulating effect, improves microcirculation, raises a tone of muscles, expands vessels, perfectly tightens and tones up skin. In given the recipe it is possible to use as caffeine one product on a choice:

  1. Ground natural (not soluble) coffee
  2. Ground green coffee (contains more active agents)
  3. Caffeine ampoules
  4. Caffeine tablets

Caffeine in ampoules or to tablets can be bought in a drugstore. To grind coffee beans in the coffee grinder. Honey also possesses the warming action, strengthens a metabolism.

  • To take 2 tablespoons of liquid natural honey,
  • to add 2 ampoules of caffeine (or 2 tablets, rastolchenny in powder; or 1 tablespoon of ground black or green coffee).
  • It is good to mix everything, to warm up a little and it is possible to apply on stomach skin. 

Oil and cinnamon

Cinnamon in powder - fragrant spice which also perfectly stimulates exchange processes in cages, warms, tightens and "burns" excess centimeters.

  • To take any cosmetic natural oil (olive, peach, almond, etc.) - 2 tablespoons
  • To add 1 teaspoon with a hill of powder of cinnamon and it is good to mix
  • To smear on a stomach and sides, will turn back a film for 1 hour.

Clay and mustard + essential oils

Wrapping for a stomach and sides in house conditions - recipes of effective mixes

Clay is excellent medical and cosmetic, nourishes skin with necessary microcells, its tone, skin after clay soft and velvety, elastic raises. Any clay is suitable for a wrapping, but it is better to use blue, green, yellow or black. Mustard warms and raises a blood-groove. Essential oil of orange perfectly fights against hypodermic hillocks, gives elasticity.

  • For a zone of a stomach to take 3 tablespoons of clay
  • 1 tablespoon of mustard
  • 3 drops of essential oil of orange + 2 drops of essential oil of a peppermint
  • To mix and fill in clay and mustard with hot water, to add some drops of essential oil and to mix. Has to the yogurt consistence will turn out.

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 Carry out wrappings for a stomach in house conditions on these recipes and your waist will get a desirable, beautiful and womanly form!