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Brazilian epilation

The Brazilian epilation is a procedure of removal of hair in genitals by means of wax. The technique is directed on disposal of excess vegetation both in a bikini zone, and on a pubis, genitals, buttocks, in a mezhjyagodichny fold. Smooth clean skin is result. Preservation of a narrow strip or creation of drawing on a pubis is possible.

Procedure history

Emergence of the Brazilian epilation is connected with fashion on open bathing suits for which carrying it was necessary to depilate in an intimate zone. Procedure was for the first time carried out in 1987 in a New yorskom J Sisters International salon on Manhattan founded by seven Brazilian sisters. Padil's sisters became creators of a new standard of intimate beauty, having shown to the whole world as the ideal woman in bikini has to look.

Brazilian epilation The Brazilian epilation appeared in 1987

About procedure

The deep Brazilian epilation starts being done in front, i.e. at first depilated a pubis then pass to removal of hair directly on genitals and finished with an epilation in buttocks. As a rule, for procedure use hot wax whom expands a time and reduces pain. Most of women prefer this way of removal of hair, including it to the most hygienic and convenient. Today many salons offer epilation options in Brazilian: creation of original drawings. With their help it is possible not only to do intimate area more attractive, but also to hide small shortcomings and even to correct a figure. For example, drawings with prevalence of thin vertical lines are suitable for visual reduction of large forms. It is possible even to tint hairs that will beautifully shade skin color. For an intimate hairdress use paints with exclusively natural components.



  • At insufficient qualification of the expert possibly emergence of the grown hair and traumatizing skin.
  • Procedure quite painful, especially at the first carrying out.
  • Hair have to be a certain length – about 5 mm. At longer hair the epilation causes strong pain, with a smaller length it is inefficient as hairs aren't taken wax weight.

In what cases procedure isn't carried out

Contraindications to depilation the standard. Treat them:

Brazilian epilation The Brazilian epilation has contraindications
  • diseases of skin of a bacterial or fungal origin;
  • herpetic rashes;
  • injury of skin to an epilation venue;
  • insufficient length of hair;
  • high temperature;
  • feverish state;
  • diabetes;
  • hypertension;
  • pathologies of cardiovascular system;
  • oncological and infectious diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • reception of the medicines influencing coagulability of blood;
  • pregnancy;
  • periods;
  • the period before periods (at this time the pain threshold considerably decreases).

Preparatory stage

The Brazilian epilation can be carried out both in salon, and in house conditions. The first option is considered more preferable as in this case preliminary consultation of the expert for identification of possible contraindications is provided. Besides in salons qualified specialists work that considerably reduces risk of the subsequent complications.

Brazilian epilation Before procedure it is impossible to sunbathe
  1. At first inspection of the client is performed. In the field of an epilation there have to be no wounds, irritation, an inflammation, infectious processes and other damages of skin. It is also necessary to be convinced that lymph nodes aren't increased. In the return case procedure is postponed.
  2. Interview with the cosmetologist during whom the issue of a concrete type of depilation is resolved is conducted, i.e. whether the client wants to get rid of indumentum completely or prefers creation of drawing. In many salons there are special catalogs in which various options of intimate design are presented.
  3. Length of hair has to be 4-5 mm. If it is more, hair cut previously.
  4. Before procedure it isn't necessary to sunbathe and visit a sunbed.
  5. Skin has to be absolutely pure. To a session it is impossible to use cosmetics.

To anesthetize or not?

As a rule, the Brazilian epilation is carried out without anesthesia though many clients in responses note existence of pain as the main minus of a method.

Performance technique

Procedure doesn't suit the constraining. At its carrying out it is necessary to sit in a chair couch with widely moved apart feet (so-called "a frog pose"). Leather of an intimate zone is processed the special degreasing lotion and powdered talc or the special powder intended for wax depilation. Use of these means helps to take better hairs and protects an integument from grazes and burns.

! Depilation can be carried out in two ways: with use of hot wax or special ready wax strips which put to skin and tear off together with hairs. Professionals prefer hot wax as influence of heat promotes relaxation of muscles and expansion of a time. As a result hair are easier taken from follicles, skin is less injured, and pain is reduced.

Wax is warmed previously in a voskoplava up to the necessary temperature. The structure has to envelop well hairs and thus not burn gentle skin of a crotch. The warmed-up structure is applied on the processed surface in the direction of growth of hair so that edges of wax were quite thick: in it a case will easier delete the stiffened mix. Other way: from above on wax weight impose a strip of fabric or special dense paper and smooth

The wax structure is broken the sharp movement in the direction against growth of hair. At the correct warming up and drawing means he manages to be removed together with hairs at one time. On a depilirovanny site emergence of "bloody dew" — the droplets of blood which are allocated from hair follicles is possible. It is quite normal as the sharp vyryvaniye of hair with a root injures the vessel feeding a bulb that is followed by release of blood on a skin surface.

Brazilian epilation Wax structure for an epilation

The remained single hairs delete with tweezers. After procedure apply special gel with the cooling, calming and healing properties on the processed area. It promotes removal of pain and irritation.

Generally all procedure lasts of 30 minutes till 2 o'clock. Duration of a session depends on the type of hair, their density chosen like design. Again appearing hairs happen softer and thin. The following epilation is done approximately in a month.

Bikini design

Modern cosmetology salons offer a set of options of the Brazilian epilation. It is possible to make the deep bikini assuming full removal of hair, or classical Brazilian design with preservation of a narrow strip.

The increasing popularity creation of various intimate hairstyles in the form of a butterfly finds, crowns, fir-trees, etc. The master does previously a drawing contour according to the sketch or a cliche then hot wax depilates superfluous and corrects a drawing form cuticle scissors and tweezers. After procedure leather is processed the calming structure. Bikini design remains till 15-20 days, then procedure should be repeated.

Independent carrying out epilation

Saloon procedure suits not all. Usual shyness becomes the most frequent cause of failure from intimate depilation. The optimum decision for such cases is carrying out the Brazilian epilation in house conditions. Of course, intimate hairstyles won't manage to be created, but independent removal of hair – the purpose quite achievable.

Brazilian epilation The Brazilian epilation can be conducted independently

Due to the lack of experience in the sphere of depilation emergence of pain is possible. Therefore it is previously possible to take an anesthetic medicine.

Wax is warmed in china and accurately applied on hairs in a bikini zone. After hardening the wax strip is deleted with the sharp movement together with hairs. The moment of breaking of wax shouldn't be extended: it will strengthen pain, besides the part of hair will remain. After depilation apply the cooling or calming gel on the processed zone. With reddening and irritation cosmetics perfectly cope with a camomile or a calendula.

Once a month is also enough to carry out house procedure. In intervals between sessions the growing hairs can be deleted with hair removal cream.

! Also it is recommended to use srubs regularly: it will help to prevent growing of hair.

Undesirable consequences

The most frequent of them are:

Whether it is possible to do depilation at pregnancy?

To pregnant women procedure is carried out only when in genitals were depilated and before pregnancy, and also at a high threshold of painful sensitivity (i.e. good tolerance of pain) and on condition of normal course of pregnancy.

! In other cases it is better to postpone wax depilation of an intimate zone as strong pain can become the reason of increase of a tone of a uterus and have negative impact on the course of pregnancy and development of a fruit.

Care of skin after procedure

During the period after depilation the angry gentle skin of an intimate zone needs especially careful leaving.

Brazilian epilation After procedure of 4-7 days don't visit the pool
  • To avoid complications, right after procedure apply the special calming cream on an epilirovanny zone.
  • It isn't recommended to touch right after removal of hair with hands the processed area: any infection with ease gets through an open time that is fraught with development of inflammatory process.
  • During the first 5-7 days it isn't necessary to carry close linen or linen from synthetic fabrics. The preference should be given to products from cotton and other natural fabrics.
  • Approximately within 4-7 days it is impossible to visit the pool, a bath or a sauna. It is necessary to refrain also from a standard practice of a bathtub.
  • Also visit of a sunbed and beach is excluded.
  • It isn't recommended to use rigid basts and means for hygiene with a high rn


The prices of the Brazilian epilation are defined depending on duration of procedure, a concrete type of depilation, existence at the client of additional wishes (creation of drawing, ornament by pastes, etc.).

In Moscow on average it is necessary to pay 2000-134 USD for 45-minute usual procedure of removal of hair, in St. Petersburg – from 1500 to 117 USD. In other areas the cost of the Brazilian epilation is much lower. In Samara it makes 600-27 USD, in Kazan – 500-24 USD, in Krasnoyarsk – 600-24 USD, in Volgograd – 700-27 USD.


"Many women categorically against an epilation in an intimate zone, but personally I don't represent any more as it is possible to suffer excess hairs. Today salons offer many ways of their removal. I liked one of the most radical – the Brazilian epilation. Are depilated completely. I admit, for the first time it is very sick, but for the especially sensitive preliminary anesthesia is provided (apply some structure on skin). With every following time of pain less, and hair become thinner. So is for the sake of what to suffer" — Ekaterina, 28.

"THERE I always simply shaved off hair that isn't really convenient: it is necessary to do it each 3-4 days, besides the hairs growing after shaving quite rigid. I decided to look on the Internet other ways and I found reviews of the Brazilian epilation. That it will be necessary to delete all vegetation, at first frightened a little, but I was solved. Hardly I endured the first session. Mentally I swore to myself not to come back to salon any more. But when reddening and irritation took place and I saw result, decided to continue. By the way, painfully only for the first time. The following sessions can quite be suffered, But result excellent: the whole month skin smooth and pure" — Elena, 32.

"Brazilian I do the third year. With result it is happy. Long ago I forgot about unpleasant feelings of the first sessions. The grown hair, irritation. Reddening takes place in some hours, and the result pleases very long. Recently I decided to experiment and I made intimate drawing. However, now it is necessary to go to salon more often (in 15-20 days) to correct contours" — Natalya, 29.