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Oil burdock for eyebrows and eyelashes: application, responses

Eyebrows threads promptly lose relevance, and procedure of eyelash extension is necessary on temper not to all. For this reason modern ladies try to look after with what the nature presented them.

Not all are born with dense eyebrows and a fluffy fan of eyelashes therefore it is necessary to look for suitable cosmetic products and folk remedies. Burdock oil concerns to them.

Than it is useful?

Burdock oil – the cosmetic product possessing a number of useful properties:

  • blood circulation stimulation;
  • awakening follicle;
  • moistening;
  • food;
  • acceleration of growth of hair.

The advantage of oil is caused by a large number of intensively influencing substances:

  • vitamins A, With and In;
  • protein;
  • inulin;
  • stearin and palmitic acids;
  • cobalt;
  • chrome;
  • phosphorus;
  • sulfur.

Burdock oil will suit those who faced these problems:

  • rare and thin eyebrows and eyelashes since the birth;
  • deterioration of a condition of eyebrows and eyelashes after building, a permanent make-up or correction;
  • dryness of skin;
  • slow growth of hairs;
  • dimness and fragility of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Whether there is a harm and contraindications?

Oil burdock for eyebrows and eyelashes: application, responses Burdock oil doesn't incorporate aggressive substances and isn't allergen, but the individual intolerance is possible. If you never used it, apply a small amount on a hand, and then track reaction.

On condition of ignoring of this rule and manifestation of an allergy it is necessary to wash away immediately means, trying not to get to eyes. It is necessary to address to the doctor in case hypostasis, the redness and other signs of irritation don't disappear after two days.

Attention: if you are going to use a burdock mask together with any ingredients, you apply already ready mix on a test zone.

How it is correct to use?

For improvement of a state and growth of eyelashes it is necessary to apply burdock oil with a special brush several times during the day and for the night. For improvement of effect it is possible to mix it with kastorovy.

It is possible to apply oil on eyebrows in different quantities and different ways. The idle time – to wet a wadded disk and to grease hairs. There are some more simple useful recipes:

  • For growth acceleration. Mix oil with juice from fresh onions in equal quantities. Dip a wadded disk in mix and impose on eyebrows. Hold time – one hour. Read also in this article how it is possible to accelerate growth of eyebrows.
  • For the emergency acceleration of growth. Connect pepper brandy to the warmed-up burdock oil in a proportion 1:2. Maintain ten minutes.
  • For strengthening. Make of boiled water and colourless henna dense gruel, and then cool. Mix with burdock oil and put for fifteen minutes.
  • For clarification and awakening follicle. Mix ground natural coffee, burdock oil and salt in equal quantities. Put with the massing movements and leave for five minutes. If your eyebrows differ in light color, it is necessary to remove coffee from structure.
  • For intensive food. Connect burdock oil to liquid honey in equal proportions. Sustain a half of hour.
  • For gloss and beauty. Mix burdock oil with almond, put and leave for night.

Attention: it is necessary to handle with onions juice and pepper brandy very with care not to get to eyes. If in eyebrows you have wounds, grazes and cuts, refuse such masks.


Responses of women

Elena, 27

I did myself a permanent make-up few years ago. It to me awfully ceased to please therefore it was necessary to run to the cosmetologist on removals. After the laser I awfully injured eyebrows. But the rate of burdock oil saved situation! At first I used it in the natural form, and in three weeks I added onions. Everything grew!

Oil burdock for eyebrows and eyelashes: application, responsesTatyana, 41

The master from my favourite beauty shop was sent on leave, and I tried to pull out eyebrow tweezers itself. As I regretted! It was possible to paint over, of course, a disgrace a pencil, but there was a wish to return brows! I was helped out by a wonderful mask with pepper brandy! In two weeks of a high temple were gone!

Vasilisa, 19 years

I increased eyelashes within seven months. I asked to remove artificial material that natural hairs were restored and have a rest. I greased them with castor oil together with burdock. The effect was pleasant. Even I didn't begin to increase then, and I asked to tighten up only.

Burdock oil differs not only efficiency, but also availability. It is on sale in the majority of drugstores, and it is impossible to call its cost high. It is necessary to tell about its multifunctionality, after all it can be used and for improvement of a condition of hair on the head.

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