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Whether it is possible to do a wax epilation during pregnancy

Whether it is possible to do a wax epilation during pregnancy At any vital stage there is a wish to look fantastically. Personal care is always actual for the woman. During pregnancy skin has to be same smooth and without excess hairs. Therefore the question is important for many, whether it is possible to do a wax epilation during pregnancy.

What is the wax epilation

Actually there are some different ways of removal of hair. But recently the great popularity was found by wax epilation. This process becomes with use of special wax. It is effective, but procedure painful. Each woman has the pain threshold, for one — the epilation wax brings too much pain, for another — it will be quite tolerant.

Pain forces vessels to be narrowed that leads to a uterus tone, also it develops stress hormones in a female organism. It is fraught with consequences for nervous system of a fruit. Therefore the epilation at pregnancy is undesirable. If there are complications, at all is contraindicated. The feeling of an acute pain can lead to premature birth on big term and to loss of the child — in the early period. It is necessary to refuse this type of removal of hair if there is a varicosity.

On the other hand, future mother, accustomed to procedure, can at all and not feel severe pain or a stress. Then the wax epilation during pregnancy can be actual for it. But it isn't necessary to forget that this process is undesirable and risky.

Other types of removal of excess hair

Not to risk own tranquillity and health of the child, it is necessary to choose alternative option from all existing.

Classical plucking out of hair tweezers

Certainly, this way suits not everyone. It occupies time a great lot, and this procedure will seem to women with a dense and thick hair the real torture. It is possible to pull out tweezers eyebrows or rare hairs in other places.


So the wax epilation is called and not only. This method came from ancient Egypt, but was forgotten, and now became fashionable. For a bioepilation use phytopitch, and not just wax. Besides, its shipping can be unpredictable. Let it be also not strictly forbidden, but unpredictable and dangerous is exact.


The excellent adaptation by means of which it is possible to do an epilation of feet, for example. The device deletes some hairs at the same time. It is painful but if procedure isn't a new experience, the feeling of pain is practically not present, then it is possible to use it. If it is the first experience, then it is worth waiting till the child's birth.

Saloon electroepilation

Quite old way, but very much even effective, only pregnant women can't use it because it isn't known how the organism under the influence of a current will behave.

Laser epilation

Modern and very effective method not simply one-time to depilate, but also to reduce activity of their growth by the future. As for, whether it is possible to do to pregnant women it, for certain it isn't known as a method new, and few researches are conducted. Also there are cases when the body of the pregnant woman doesn't accept action by the laser. Pain, let and not so strong, but is present. Therefore to do an epilation by the laser or not, to solve only to you.


Procedure, quite difficult from the technical point of view, sometimes by which the vessels surrounding a hair bulb are soldered. Old hair drop out also the new don't grow. Experiments on girls in situation weren't made therefore it isn't known how process influences development of an embryo and its health. In other words, you shouldn't risk.

If you decide to make a photoepilation, you remember that contraindications to it aren't present. But in a zone of deep bikini and a stomach it can't be done anyway.

Alternative options

Perhaps, to you it will be wanted to make an epilation, but nine months — it aren't a lot of, for this time depilation best of all will approach. It without serious consequences and safely.

It is necessary to choose accurately a way of removal of hairs for several reasons:

  • some procedures can be dangerous during pregnancy;
  • the organism is in a state, unusual for it, that is fraught with different consequences, for example, an allergy to wax, pitch or other means used in the course of an epilation;
  • it not that time when it is necessary to master something new and to be exposed to risk;
  • there are excellent options for reduction of in an order without pain.

Especially the question of excess hair in summertime is particularly acute. Open feet and bathing suits force to look for any convenient and effective ways to make skin ideal. But if during this period you resort to the ordinary shaving machine, anything terrible won't occur. That there were no cuts after shaving, it is enough to use high-quality razors and to apply special shaving gels. Let the effect of shaving keep absolutely not for long and the grown sharp hairs disturb, but it is possible to use the skin oil softening these feelings.

Hair removal creams work slightly more long, add effect of smoothness for some days. Only before their use it is necessary to try to apply cream on a small site of a foot, and then according to the instruction of the producer to remove it. If in some hours no allergic reactions do arise, so it is possible to carry out full procedure of depilation.

In a bikini zone with by all means, except the razor, it is necessary to be careful. This zone close is to a fruit, any pain, laser and photoepilations, aggressive creams can cause damage to health of the child. Let it is the most effective ways, but they can quite wait for the birth of the kid.

Having been in the family way and after the delivery it is possible to look ideally without harm to and to the child. It is only worth making a right choice in favor of safe means. Also it is worth replacing creams with a fragrance with biocreams or to do them independently.