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Castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows: as it is correct to put and use

Beautiful appearance is not a special shape of a nose or a section of eyes, but a harmonious combination of all features and a figure. The look in many respects influences perception people around of our appearance, and in many respects this general impression depends on eyes and their frame — eyebrows and eyelashes. Owners of eyebrows dense by nature can be in the fashion and change their form, giving to a look playfulness, thoughtfulness or mysteriousness, but at the short rare line of hairs care of eyebrows considerably becomes complicated. In such cases it is necessary to correct natural data by means of various means and procedures the leader among which is castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Why for growth of eyebrows and eyelashes recommend castor oil?

Castor oil which is called often "castor oil" — a known depletive which is made from a castor-bean tree. This evergreen bush belongs to poisonous plants, meeting in a wild look in the tropical and subtropical countries.

Thanks to the decorative, olive and medicinal value the castor-bean tree, despite toxicity, is cultivated in the countries of Latin America, Egypt, China, India and Iran.

Castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows: as it is correct to put and use

Grow up a castor-bean tree mainly because of seeds which contain about 60% of fat oil. Thanks to cold pressing and the subsequent processing by hot steam from poisonous seeds receive absolutely harmless dense pale yellow oil which contains:

  • Ritsinolevy acid (makes 90% of all structure), for which wound healing, antioxidant and bactericidal action is characteristic. This acid is well absorbed but as it isn't dissolved by water, castor oil at external use shouldn't be applied in a large number (integuments become fat).
  • Oleic acid (3%) which is an antioxidant and interferes with adjournment of cholesterol in vessels. This substance helps to make active an exchange of lipids thanks to what barrier functions of skin are restored and in integuments moisture keeps better. Besides, oleic acid helps to get into a horn layer of skin to other active components.
  • Linoleic acid (4%) which supports and restores barrier function of epidermis, improves a fatty exchange and doesn't allow moisture to get involuntarily into skin or to evaporate from it. This acid promotes restoration of the dry, dehydrated integuments suffering from a lack of food, restores local immunity, interferes with aging of skin and helps to adjust balance of skin glands on the parts of the head covered with hair at development of seborrhea.
  • Stearin acid (1%) — the main fatty acid of human fabrics which helps to restore protective properties of skin. For this acid the high sliding and greasing qualities, and also ability to stabilize and condense emulsions therefore it is used often at production of cosmetics are characteristic.
  • Palmitic acid (1%) thanks to which the organism more actively synthesizes collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and glikozaminoglikana. Thanks to this acid the intercellular substance terms is updated. Besides, it also helps molecules of useful substances to break an epidermalny barrier.

Castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows: as it is correct to put and use

The advantage of castor oil is very various — thanks to such structure oil found application as in medicine (treatment of diseases of a gastrointestinal tract, etc.), and in cosmetology.

It is possible to smear with castor oil hair, eyebrows and eyelashes as it activates growth of new hairs and well strengthens the already available.

Rules of drawing

That there was an effect from application of any means, they need to use correctly, and castor oil in this regard isn't an exception.

The instruction on application is very simple:

  • To use castor oil only after removal of a make-up (oil won't have due impact on the painted eyelashes and eyebrows).
  • To delete surplus of means with warm water right after drawing.
  • As oil differs in density, before drawing it is recommended to be warmed up.
  • To put means so that it got on skin in the location of hair bulbs, differently they won't become better to work and you will be able only to strengthen already available hairs but new actively won't begin grow.

Castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows: as it is correct to put and use

  • It is necessary to apply castor oil daily, in 1-2 hours before withdrawal to a dream, and to delete excess of oil just before a dream not to soil a bed.
  • When putting oil it is important to watch that it didn't get to an eye (though castor oil was used earlier and for treatment of eyes, this means in some cases can irritate mucous membranes of an eye).
  • As well as any other treatment, use of castor oil demands a full course to see result (in this case makes a full course 2 months).
  • As ritsinolevy acid is capable to cause allergic reactions, before use of castor oil in eyes it is necessary to carry out the test on other, less sensitive and noticeable site of skin.

Castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows: as it is correct to put and use

How to apply castor oil to strengthening of eyelashes?

As eyelashes at women constantly suffer from various harmful factors (them constantly tint, tighten up, quite often forget to look after them in time, and even don't delete a make-up at all), to strengthening and improvement of eyelashes it is possible to apply castor oil.

Method of application:

  • are cleared by a cosmetic milk of an eyelash of ink;
  • the special brush for combing of eyelashes is moistened in castor oil (the brush should be wrung out about edges of a jar with oil for removal of surplus of means);
  • the cleared eyelashes comb hair a brush from roots to tips.

Castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows: as it is correct to put and use

Strengthening of eyelashes first of all depends on that, how well oil was absorbed in bulbs therefore it is possible to leave it for the night on eyelashes. As castor oil is practically not dissolved by water, it isn't necessary "to fill in" eyelashes with oil, differently it will be difficult to be removed in the morning before drawing a make-up. Means warm water in the course of washing is removed.

Castor oil can be applied:

  1. In itself.
  2. In the form of medical mix which influences growth of eyelashes more actively.

For mix it is possible to take castor oil in equal proportions and:

  • aloe juice + burdock oil (it is also possible to add vitamin E in the form of oil solution);
  • peach or almond oil;
  • oil extract of a camomile or calendula.

There are also ready means for eyelashes which contain different quantity:

  1. Castor and grape oil, oil jojoba, essential oil of Myrrha, jasmine and ylang-ylang (Myrrha Lyuks). This balm is also applied on eyelids, preventing thus their dryness.
  2. Castor, grape, rose and almond oil, root of a burdock and oil of germs of wheat (Verey's oil).

Castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows: as it is correct to put and use

As well as how many once a week to apply these and other ready means, it has to be specified by the producer.

Councils which will help you with use of castor oil for density of eyelashes and eyebrows:

Use of castor oil for improvement of growth of eyebrows

To grow an eyebrow by means of castor oil, follows:

  1. Previously to clear eyebrows of the make-up remains special means, to wash a face warm water and it is obligatory to blot eyebrows with a dry towel.
  2. To apply on eyebrows means with a thin layer by means of a soft brush, in passing slightly massing an eyebrow for stimulation of a zone of influence. In the absence of a suitable brush it is possible to use Q-tips, but such way will be less effective.
  3. The brush moistened in castor oil at first to comb eyebrows against growth of hair, and then in other party.
  4. The means which isn't absorbed in 1,5 hours to remove by means of a napkin.

Castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows: as it is correct to put and use

How many to hold castor oil on eyebrows, depends on structure of means – it can be used in pure form and in the form of mix. It is purely possible to leave castor oil for the night, and to wash away more active and aggressive mixes warm water in an hour after drawing.

More actively, than castor oil in pure form, acts on an eyebrow its mix with:

  • olive, peach and almond oils;
  • linen and sea-buckthorn oils;
  • vitamin cocktail (on 1 tablespoon of oil on 5 drops of oil solution of vitamins A and E);
  • carrot juice which contains vitamin A in a large number;
  • teaspoon of an egg yolk and honey (proportions have to be equal, mix is applied for 2-3 hours as a mask);
  • calendula tincture in equal proportions.

Castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows: as it is correct to put and use

It is useful to do an alcoholic mask for which vodka and castor oil mix up in a proportion 2:1 at the dropping-out hairs, and then this mix is rubbed in an eyebrow. As alcohol makes the irritating impact on gentle skin, the mask should be put correctly – it to be applied on the same time, as well as other masks, but with an interval in 2-3 days, but not every day.

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To whom castor oil is contraindicated

As castor oil is made from poisonous seeds, and the main component of oil can cause an allergy, it isn't recommended to be applied:

  • To pregnant women;
  • The feeding;
  • To women with manifestations of an allergy.

Castor oil has also small shortcomings:

  • it is difficult to delete it, as it sticky and dense;
  • it unpleasantly smells;
  • when drawing on eyelashes before going to bed or for the night it can cause puffiness of eyelids (in that case it should be put in 2-3 hours prior to a dream and to delete before going to bed).

Castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows of advantages has more, than shortcomings, this economical and inexpensive means allows to restore effectively eyebrows and eyelashes within 1-2 months.

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