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Castor oil — a miracle means for eyelashes and eyebrows, a photo and responses

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The beautiful, fluffed-up and elegantly bent eyelashes – dream of each great lady. Appearance of eyes, the general charm of the person and a look depends on a condition of eyelashes. From time immemorial castor oil was applied to home care of eyebrows and eyelashes is a curative oil helps to return former beauty even to the most problem hairs, will accelerate their growth and will increase dimensions.

Castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows is capable to make the worthy competition to widely advertized expensive means. Why this oil concentrate is so useful? How it is correct to apply a remedy to cosmetic leaving and treatment of eyelashes? Whether it is possible to return former gloss and silkiness to the eyelashes injured after carrying the increased accessories and slips? These questions I excite many women who are in search of natural means for home care and giving of charm to eyes.

Castor oil is received by method of a cold extraction and pressing of seeds of a castor-bean tree. The ready unction has the gentle-yellow shade and specific aroma familiar since the childhood. At the price the product is available to each of us, and is available on free sale practically in each drugstore.

Castor oil is used not only in cosmetology (care of indumentum and problem skin), but also in the medical purposes, for example, for treatment of locks, hemorrhoids, burns, rheumatism, baldness.

Advantage of castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows

Castor oil — a miracle means for eyelashes and eyebrows, a photo and responses

Castor oil for eyelashes, a photo before application

The tradition to smear eyelashes with castor oil has under itself scientific justification. Unique influence of funds for indumentum is caused by biologically active connections which are present at an unction.

In particular, it is about 18 saturated and nonsaturated fatty acids (olein, palmitic, linoleic, ritsinoleinovy, stearin and so forth), the whole complex of microcells (iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, rubidium, copper, selenium) and fat-soluble vitamins A and E.

Thanks to such structure oil in short terms feeds hair bulbs and deep layers of skin, without leaving thus a film on an epithelium surface, and without drying throughout almost entire period of storage.

Regular putting oil on eyelashes leads to the following favorable effects:

  • awakening dozing hair a follicle and emergence of new hairs at the expense of what there is an increase in volume;
  • prevention of fragility and stratification of cores due to pasting of the small scales located on all length of a hair;
  • prevention of loss of eyelashes, increase of duration of their life;
  • activization of processes of cell fission due to stimulation of the nervous terminations at contact with skin;
  • restoration damaged after cosmetic procedures (coloring, a podkruchivaniye, gluing, etc.) eyelashes in short terms;
  • activization of processes of growth;
  • natural wave (after use of oil of an eyelash not only become longer, but also are tightened up, being beautifully bent).

If you in the line of eyelashes have gaps, it testifies to obstruction hair a follicle which are as if in the sleeping state. Curative fatty acids of castor oil get into the depth of hair bulbs, awaken them to life, eliminating accumulated sebum.

After several weeks of putting oil to the line of growth there are new eyelashes.

Precautionary measures and rules of application

Castor oil — a miracle means for eyelashes and eyebrows, a photo and responses

Use of castor oil in eyes suits not all!

Before application of means it is required to carry out the test for an allergy. The epithelium in eyes is extraordinary sensitive and can react adverse reactions. Apply an oil drop on skin under eyebrows and observe its state for days.

The first time try oil on a small site of eyelashes and take only 5 minutes. If there is no irritation, a giperemiya, burning, sverbezh, change of color of an eyeball, further a product can be included in daily leaving safely.

In pure form and balms on its basis it is necessary to refuse use of castor oil if there was a puffiness of mucous or gentle skin of eyelids in the morning.

Skilled cosmetologists recommend to the clients for the period of treatment of eyelashes completely to refuse use of decorative cosmetics for eyes. Then the effect will surpass your most courageous expectations.

To whom suits and oil doesn't approach?

As the only contraindication to use of castor oil for eyebrows and eyelashes the individual intolerance of a product serves. Everything who passed a test for an allergy, can recommend castor oil safely for use as the effective looking after remedy.

Age restrictions on use of castor oil aren't present. The product is allowed for drawing during pregnancy and a lactation, however it is necessary to watch a condition of eyes as during hormonal reorganizations in a female organism reactions to these or those external means unfamiliar earlier can develop attentively.

Use of castor oil for eyelashes — the main issue: how many to hold?

Apply oil only on dry and clean eyelashes and eyebrows. Before procedure it is required to clear eyes of the remains of cosmetics and to dry up skin a soft towel. If you carry contact lenses, them surely remove.

On how many to apply castor oil on eyelashes? Time of contact of hairs with nutritious structure makes 20 minutes. If you on hand have some hours, it is possible to take structure more long provided that there are no unpleasant feelings.

It isn't recommended to go to bed with castor oil on eyes as it can result in morning puffiness of eyelids and reddening of mucous membranes.

After the end of procedure of feed, the remains of oil delete with a dry wadded disk. For sensitive skin of eyelids it is recommended to carry out in addition removal of an unction gentle means for a demakiyazh. For an hour after removal of oil you shouldn't use cosmetics or to impose eye cream.

Recipes for eyelashes and eyebrows

Castor oil — a miracle means for eyelashes and eyebrows, a photo and responses

Simple recipes of house application

It is recommended to apply castor oil on eyelashes every evening. It is most convenient to do it by means of a special brush with small fibers, for example, from the used brasmatik. Penetration of an unction into structure of hairs and a lukovichka happens very quickly, almost instantly.

Plentifully it isn't recommended to smear eyelashes with castor oil. It is only enough to humidify slightly of them, since the middle of a core and smearing to tips, and to distribute it by means of the quiet combing movements reminding coloring process by ink.

Castor oil in pure form – the most popular and simple method of restoration of eyelashes. However its action can be strengthened by means of other vegetable additives and pharmaceutical structures.

We will provide the most productive recipes of balms and masks for eyelashes on the basis of oil of seeds of a castor-bean tree.

The mask accelerating growth of eyelashes

To mix castor, almond oil, cod-liver oil and tocopherol (fat-soluble vitamin E) in an equal ratio. The structure is applied every evening on clean eyelashes and eyebrows for 20 minutes then remove its remains a wadded disk.

Balm for darkening of eyelashes

To connect castor and burdock oil, to add freshly squeezed carrot juice (1:1:1). Means is used before going to bed for 25 minutes.

Means for fragile and rare eyelashes

To connect strong infusion of a camomile pharmaceutical, a water extract of a marigold and castor oil (1:1:1). To impose balm on eyelashes for 10 minutes, to remove with the wadded tampon moistened in warm infusion of a camomile.

Balm for a wave and strengthening of gloss of eyelashes

In a glass drinking bowl to mix castor, almond and linseed oil (2:1:1), in 3 ml of means to add on 3 drops of vitamins A and E or 6 drops of complex Ayevit. Cocktail is matured in the face of about 15 minutes.

According to the women using castor oil for eyelashes, the first results can be noticed in a month after daily procedures. The advantage of oil and for indumentum of eyebrows is invaluable. Besides improvement of their growth, fat components of a mask feed an epithelium in a place of removal of hairs, preventing its siccation and presenilation.

Eyelashes after castor oil become more dense, longer, more volume, the natural line of their growth, and the photo before use of oil it is restored confirm. In some cases perhaps even darkening of hairs that relieves of need them daily to tint.

Especially impresses result from procedures in summertime when as a result of influence of an active ultraviolet of an eyelash burn out, and castor oil restores natural color with ease of a magic elixir.

Here such unique product is available to each lady. And you didn't try to strengthen an eyelash by means of castor oil yet? Then go to the next drugstore to indulge your eyelashes with the good and balanced nutrition. Well-groomed to you eyelashes at any age!

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