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Chocolate will help to grow thin

Chocolate will help to grow thin At first sight, the statement that chocolate can help to grow thin sounds simply incredibly! Really, this tasty and adored by all women (and not only them) a product constantly is accused of all mortal sins: and in it there is a lot of calories, and excess weight from it appears, both the allergy and a face spots too from it arise! But … chocolate to chocolate discord. All aforesaid, it is necessary to recognize, it is fair if it is about milk or white chocolate. Well, about uncountable ugly bars which so spoiled reputation of this most noble and most tasty invention of cookery.

Forgot many that the real, original chocolate which possesses the mass of useful properties is the dark bitter chocolate made of cocoa beans and small addition of milk and sugar. In old times doctors by means of dark chocolate treated heart diseases and thrombophlebitis. After all this surprising product contains such rare substance as a flavonoid which really has property to prevent formation of blood clots. Also in chocolate there is a lot of calcium of the musculoskeletal device, necessary for normal functioning, antioxidants which well affect skin, the magnesium which is excellent antidepressant, the fluorine necessary for teeth, vitamins of different groups, food fibers.

All this is good, you will tell but how by means of chocolate it is possible to grow thin? And it is possible as with the maintenance of cocoa beans more than 60% contain in dark bitter chocolate the active agents normalizing a metabolism and a hormonal background. And after all the problem of excess weight at women often disappears in it! Therefore also the chocolate diet is rather effective, however, provided that you choose for it very qualitative, only bitter chocolate with the high maintenance of cocoa and without any dyes and artificial additives.

The diet is very simple – in day it is necessary to eat a tile of dark bitter chocolate (100 gr.) and anything more. It is possible to drink or coffee without sugar, or green tea. In general you will lose on one kilogram of weight a day, and, deriving pleasure from refined sweet! So from chocolate it is really possible to grow thin, it not insignificant talks. Only don't go too far – it isn't recommended to keep to a chocolate diet more than 4-5 days, even the best and natural chocolate, after all, can't replace all products which are necessary for our organism.