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Cinnamon and honey for weight loss - the recipe, results and responses

You didn't try honey and cinnamon for weight loss yet? It not the magic wand, but very effective way which in combination with physical exercises will accelerate loss of weight and will help to overcome a habit to eat incorrectly.

All know that honey contains the antioxidants and enzymes rendering improving effect on activity of an organism.

Usefulness of cinnamon is also indisputable, beginning from its ability to raise a metabolism and finishing with a factor of decrease in cholesterol. Having connected together these two products, you receive the pure natural tool as the assistant for weight reduction.

Cinnamon and honey for weight loss. Recipe of preparation

Cinnamon and honey for weight loss - the recipe, results and responses

  • Dissolve a half of a teaspoon of powder of cinnamon in a cup (200 ml.) with hot water also let's cool down.
  • Add a full spoon of good natural honey. It is excessive to remind that honey has to be the highest quality, it is desirable bought from the familiar bee-keeper, only such product will yield desirable result.
  • It is possible to add juice of a half of a lemon to addition.

What honey to choose? - Dark grades are much more effective than light grades. On the useful properties, grechishny honey many times surpasses usual akatsiyevy or lime.

How to accept cinnamon with honey?

In the first half of day

You remember expression what the good beginning solves a half of business? Being guided by this rule, every morning for half an hour till a breakfast drink a glass of water with mix of honey and cinnamon. The habit to begin day with this natural energy drink helps to overcome a condition of morning powerlessness and supports the good level of a metabolism.

Between meals

To achieve active loss of weight we try to accustom not to eat pastries, to abstain from frequent having a snack of the house and in public places. It is difficult. It seems – I ate a slice there, it was treated here – anything terrible didn't happen. But the whole day is full, however, with a heap of excess calories in addition. Drink with cinnamon will help to reduce appetite and will reduce dependence on gastronomic temptations.

Why it is effective: Cinnamon and honey as a source of slow carbohydrates, don't create in an organism of sharp jumps of level of sugar for day because of what we literally snatch on food, trying to appease hunger. Thus, we have no hungry faints, thirst for having a snack rolls and other harmful carbohydrates, but together with it there is a lot of energy for life.

Cinnamon and honey for weight loss - the recipe, results and responses

Before aerobic training

Aerobic loading next the heart can make fat burning process by more effective, but at the same time lead to feeling sick and dizziness against a lack of an organism of nutrients. On the other hand, spending energy for digestion of again arrived food to an organism it is heavy to fulfill the load norm during exercises. Mix of honey and cinnamon will allow to hold on during all occupation, despite intensity of training.

Why it is effective: sugar from honey will give you force necessary for intensive training, and cinnamon will accelerate a metabolism, having strengthened effect from kardio t loadings. e will increase efficiency of a zhiroszhiganiye. Therefore it is possible to be engaged and grow thin successfully.

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Before going to bed

You can use honey and cinnamon as the ally when there is an all-consuming desire to eat something sweet for the night. Honey and cinnamon represent rather nutritious mix. As it not firm food, it the weight won't lie in a stomach, forcing you half-night to turn with a side sideways. Sugar from honey is useful, it slowly gets to blood and is correctly acquired.

Why it is effective: thanks to cinnamon with honey you will get rid of the hungry torments preventing to you to sleep peacefully at night.

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