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Occupations on a velosimulator for weight loss. How it is correct to be engaged?

The velosimulator is an excellent alternative to the sports hall. With its help it is possible to send effectively extra kilos in house conditions. In a network it is possible to meet often complaints that such method of weight loss insufficiently effective, though it not so. To reach desirable effect, it is necessary to be engaged according to specially developed plan. Besides, such trainings will bring huge benefit to health and a figure. Today the site %host of % will tell as correctly to give classes on a velosimulator for weight loss.

Occupations on a velosimulator for weight loss. How it is correct to be engaged?

Whether the exercise machine for persons interested to grow thin is effective?

If trainings systematic – it is possible to get rid of subcutaneous fat very quickly. As a bonus you perfectly strengthen muscles of feet and you will get rid of the bothered cellulitis. In the course of work body temperature rises by some degrees, and in such conditions to muscles more oxygen arrives. Competent and regular trainings will allow even to the unprepared person to increase endurance of cardiovascular and respiratory system by 25%.

Contraindications to occupations on a velosimulator

Some people are strictly forbidden to be engaged on a velosimulator. Therefore not to do to health there is more than harm, than advantage, it is necessary to study the list of contraindications:

  • Knee and joints pains.
  • Thrombophlebitis.
  • Diabetes.
  • Various diseases of cardiovascular system, oncological diseases, cerebral hemorrhage. (only after consultation with the doctor)

If in the course of occupations you felt short wind, a headache, in a breast or heart – training it is necessary to stop and consult urgently with the expert at once. It is allowed to start occupations only after inspection at the qualified doctor.

As it is correct to be engaged on a velosimulator

Experts proved that fact long ago that physical activities can be more effective if precisely coincide with biorhythms of the person. For this reason it is necessary to define the type (a lark or an owl) and to be engaged according to it. Fans need to wake up to start occupations already through a couple of hours after awakening a bit earlier. Owls can train in the second half of day when it is convenient to them, but not later, than in 2 hours prior to withdrawal to a dream.

Important point! Is after occupation it is possible an hour later, and to start working on a physical form it is necessary in 1.5-2 hours after food. It is possible to drink during occupations and it is necessary, from liquid loss the organism will have a stress.

Before work it is necessary to warm up if not to warm up a muscle – delayed onset muscle soreness (muscle pain) will torment next day. For warm-up knee-bends, inclinations and exercises perfectly are suitable for hands and plechy, moves feet, jumps. Muscles of feet and knees need to be massaged and warmed up a little, and after occupation on a velosimulator all muscles carefully stretch.


For beginners and unprepared people classes are given in the sparing mode, without retension. Shadowing pulse is obligatory, it has to be within 110 - 120 beats per minute. At skilled athletes pulse rate makes 60-70% of the maximum age pulse (this indicator determine by a formula 220 - age, i.e. from 220 subtract the age and receive the most admissible pulse, subtract 30% from this figure (for occupations of 70% of MVP) and receive admissible pulse during trainings), at such indicator the fatty layer is most effectively burned and extra kilos are lost. If pulse rate is about 80% of MVP is will allow to make an organism is much more hardy.

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Programs of occupations on a velosimulator

Training can't be interrupted, it is desirable to reduce time for rest about several minutes. If not to follow these simple rules – desirable result not to reach. It is necessary to control breath and gradually to increase loading.

1. Initial level. Program for the inexperienced

Duration of occupations needs to be increased gradually and to lead up it till 30 minutes. Optimum frequency of occupations – 4 times a week, duration of such program – 8 weeks.

2. Average level. Intermediate program

It is necessary to train five times a week not less than 45 minutes in day. Using this program it is possible to achieve more noticeable results, than previous. It is best of all to continue to be in good shape even after achievement of desirable result that in the future extra kilos didn't return.

3. For the prepared

It is the program for physically strong and hardy people, and also for athletes who need to get into condition. It is necessary to be engaged 6 times a week on an hour and more.