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Coconut hair oil: a mask from coconut oil

Coconut oil is a vegetable fat oil which is received from a copra. It is made by hot pressing of the fresh dried-up pulp of a coco.

Coconut oil is applied not only in soap manufacture and in means on care of face skin and bodies, but also as means on care of hair. Coconut oil is basic vegetable oil therefore it is applied as as ingredient to ready masks and hair shampoos, and as independent means on care of hair.

Mask for hair from coconut oil

  • For this purpose coconut oil heats up on a water bath, then essential oil of a rose and rosemary is added to it.
  • Coconut oil is applied on dry dirty hair for 1-2 hours under a film layer, all this is covered with a heated towel.
  • Through the put time the mask is washed away by shampoo.

The mask does hair of coconut oil more obedient, brilliant, hair also after it cease to be electrified therefore the mask is suitable for care of hair, especially in winter time. The coconut mask protects hair from loss of protein when washing hair shampoo. If to apply such mask regularly, hair become much more dense, the section and fragility of hair is prevented.

Video how to use coconut hair oil:

Oil of a coco possesses the excellent getting properties. It is perfectly absorbed by hair, helps to keep moisture, fills with itself the destroyed sites of a core of hair. At very big dryness of hair after their washing and full drying, a small amount of coconut oil is applied on them by means of a hairbrush and evenly distributed on all length. Hair from this procedure become elastic, elastic and strong.

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