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Electroepilation consequences about which it is necessary to know

For disposal of undesirable hair on a body there is a mass of ways. The most effective for today time the hardware electroepilation is considered. This cosmetic operation reliably deletes vegetation on a body and a face. But today we will talk about electroepilation consequences.

Electroepilation consequences about which it is necessary to know

What is the electroepilation

The essence of an electroepilation consists in purposeful damage of a hair root together with the fabrics (a root vagina) surrounding it by means of a dot impulse of electric current. Efficiency and consequences consist that undesirable hair gradually stop growing from the damaged hair bulb.

By means of a special needle electrode in a follicle the jolt of electricity moves. Under its influence the subradical area of a hair and nearby fabrics are deformed, collapse, lose ability to regeneration.

There are three types of needles electrodes:

  1. isolated (with a teflon covering, it is used for a flash-termoliz);
  2. anti-allergenic (with a gold covering of 24 carats., without content of nickel);
  3. standard (medical steel, alloy nickel/chrome).Electroepilation consequences about which it is necessary to know

Principles and order of influence

But not everything is so unambiguously positive. Procedure of an electroepilation enduring, one session not limited, after all the master works with each hair separately. Removal of vegetation on a body demands an individual approach and consists of several manipulations:

  • introduction of a needle electrode to a hair bag;
  • electric impulse;
  • removal of a hair tweezers.

On working off of one hair about 10 sec. leaves. Length of the deleted hair has to be not less than 2,5-3 mm that it was clear, where a hair bag where to enter a needle and to have opportunity to grasp tweezers the fulfilled hair for removal. The single session of therapy makes 15-60 min., depends on the area of the processed site and specific features of the client.

Also there will be interesting an enzimny epilation

There are three active phases, they are characterized:

  • active growth, anagen;
  • transition of one stage of growth to another, katagen;
  • rest stage, telogen.

In a stage of active growth in norm at the healthy person are to 90% of all hair, in a rest stage — about 10-15%, in a transitional form in one stage stay only about 2% of hair. At an epilation the follicle collapses and the hair growing actively but on the way following being in the katagena is removed. Therefore to get rid of all undesirable vegetation on a body, sessions should be repeated several times — to get to "the correct period". Electroepilation consequences about which it is necessary to know

Versions and features of methods

This hardware procedure includes a number of the ways of carrying out operation differing among themselves:

  • the thermolytic method (instant strong heating, impact on a follicle alternate high-frequency impulses) is suitable for processing of the big areas of a body, a kind of a termoliz — a flash, the needle with a special insulating cover is used;
  • the elektorolitichesky method (influence by a galvanic impulse by use two raznozaryazhennykh of electrodes), is suitable for removal of the bent hair bulbs, on time is rather long;
  • system of blending — combination of a termoliz and zlektroliz;
  • the electroepilation tweezers (the tweezers act as an electrode directly), because of duration of such procedure this form of an epilation is unpopular in salons.

Short review of results of hardware procedures

According to clients of beauty shops, the method having the most unpleasant consequences after an electroepilation — it termoliz. The hair bulb dies off not at once, painful intervention should be repeated to several times. After thermolytic influence often there are complications in the form of irritation, skin rashes, allergic reactions. Flesh-termoliz it isn't applied on a face and in areas of a breast and bikini, however on extremities yields fine result.

The electrolytic epilation is less painful, emergence of troubles from such manipulations are minimum. Electroepilation consequences about which it is necessary to know

Blend-epilyation the two-phase: the alternate mix from a termoliz and electrolytic influence allows to destroy quicker structure of a follicle, and, so to reduce time of achievement of the end result. Such aggressive influence on a hair bulb quite often causes follikulez (inflammation) and painful scarring of fabrics.

About popular means for an epilation

In general, an electroepilation — disease process. Many specialists cosmetologists urge clients to refuse any anesthesia. Their main argument — the anesthetizing substances often give a boomerang effect: on the surfaces of skin processed by anesthetics the speeded-up growth of indumentum is observed. However it no more than myth. The anesthetizing injection becomes deeply in muscular tissue while action of an electrode happens in the top layers of epidermis. External anesthetics (Lidocaine-spray, Emla) are applied for some time prior to the beginning of an epilation.



There is a number of contraindications to a similar method of removal of undesirable vegetation on a body. It can be some temporary restrictions to passing of an electroepilation, but also a categorical ban on medical indicators isn't excluded.

We will consider, the electroepilation and also what contraindications and consequences of its application depending on these or those reasons are can lead to what types of complications.

Medical indications belong to a strict ban on application of a method:

  • the established pacemaker, a number of cardiac pathologies (heart disease, various arrhythmias and so forth), an elevated pressure, epilepsy;
  • diseases of blood and veins (hemophilia, various thromboses, varicosity);
  • oncology, infectious and viral diseases (hepatitises, HIV and so forth);
  • endocrine violations;
  • mycoses in places of an estimated epilation;
  • skin diseases (psoriasis, eczemas and other dermatitis);
  • defeats of an integument in places of alleged influence (wound surfaces, rash and so forth);
  • skin new growths (papillomas, warts).

Electrofrequency influences aren't recommended and at pregnancy. In this way the vegetation in ears, in a nose and on other mucous isn't removed. Non-compliance with these recommendations can have fatal consequences.

Non-compliance with recommendations about care of skin after procedure are capable to lead to different irritations of skin up to suppurations and a shramirovaniye.

Results of an electroepilation and leaving

Owing to irritation of an integument during procedure there can be some not palatable manifestations. However, these manifestations are temporary.

Electroepilation consequences about which it is necessary to knowElectroepilation consequences about which it is necessary to knowElectroepilation consequences about which it is necessary to know

  • morbidity remains some time after procedure;
  • reddenings, swellings, hypostases (some days remain);
  • skin rashes (spots, eels, education pustul and papules);
  • scabs (crusts) or peeling (not to scratch!);
  • temporary pigmentation in the processed places;
  • enlarged pores, long visible places of pricks (especially on a face).

To minimize procedure consequences, it is necessary to observe a number of recommendations. Some troubles, such as reddening or a peeling of an integument not to avoid. But to reduce unpleasant errors and to accelerate healing process quite on forces. For this purpose it is necessary:

  • to wear free clothes to avoid the injuring effect of fabric on svezheepilirovanny fabrics;
  • 2-3 days not to use cosmetics — neither ukhodovy, nor decorative, only antiseptic (miramistin, hlorgeksidin, calendula tincture) and the healing means (pantenol, boro-plus, bepanten, etc.);
  • days to avoid hit of water on a post-procedural surface;
  • not to skovyrivat the formed crusts, a peeling, sores;
  • not to sunbathe, not to go to a sunbed, not to use means for autosuntan to avoid pigmentation of skin;
  • not to comb the reddened places;
  • to avoid strong physical activities, to exclude sports activities, baths, saunas — not to sweat, causing thereby a skin itch.

On average, the recovery period after an electroepilation makes 1,5-2 weeks. During this period it is necessary to follow the above rules that unpleasant consequences of intervention in integrity of an integument were minimum.