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Eyelash extension consequences

Eyelash extension consequences

Eyelash extension is procedure, very popular among women, which is capable to change cardinally a look, having made eyes more open, big and expressive. The look becomes very beautiful, it is capable to strike any man on the spot. Such eyelashes look very beautifully and magnificently, but it is considered that building is not really useful procedure which attracts approach of some consequences. Therefore it is important to know whether harmfully to carry the increased eyelashes and as it is long possible to use this procedure.

Harmfully or not?

It is no secret that native hairs spoil after consignment notes are applied on them, but usually such consequences arise in case of long and continuous building. Also it is considered that the hairs are capable to drop out under weight of the artificial. But loss of eyelashes is an inevitable natural process, they are constantly updated therefore it is unimportant where and in what salon you will increase them, anyway they will drop out when their life cycle is ended.

If you increase eyelashes, but thus to strengthen them vitamins, they won't drop out, that is thus it is possible to minimize harm from this procedure. Also many women, removing false eyelashes notice that their native became very dim and imperceptible, but it not always so, after all regularly increasing eyelashes, you got used that you have very open look, and hairs very long and magnificent, to natural eyelashes is far before therefore for want of habit can seem to you that they became worse. Such effect soon will pass when you again get used to your native, but less fur eyelashes. Also this procedure can lead to such consequences as breakage of native hairs. It can depend not only on quality of the used means, but also on the master's hands, after all this consequence is the certificate of low professional level of the cosmetologist.

It is very important to pick up correctly the artificial hairs which are most suitable you in order that your native didn't break, and carrying false eyelashes was very comfortable and harmless.

Also it is considered that it is harmful not only procedure of eyelash extension and all the time of their carrying, but also process of their removal. But this rule works only if you, without being able to do it, you will try to get rid of artificial hairs in house conditions. So you can remove not only increased, but also native eyelashes, and restoration process after that will very much be tightened. But if you address to the master knowing the business from good beauty shop, it will safely and without serious consequences remove artificial eyelashes, having applied thus special solvents to glue on which they were put. Thus, harm won't be done to your native hairs, and artificial won't come unstuck together with them.

Some also consider that eyelashes spoil and from correction, after all it needs to be done quite often. But this procedure needs to be done approximately once a month, and it is simpler, than building process therefore it won't entail negative consequences and won't do more harm. Therefore correction isn't dangerous to eyelashes and eyes.

Whether it is harmful to eyes?

Some doctors assure that building is procedure, harmful to eyes. After all false eyelashes are put with the help of glue which it is possible not only to spoil strongly the eyelashes, but also to do much harm to eyes. It can affect negatively in the eyes and sight, causing irritation and dryness of eyes. But it extends so much on cheap and low-quality glues, and in beauty shop most often experts apply only high-quality means which don't contain the components capable to cause allergic reaction in the structure.

Impact of the increased eyelashes on eyes is also expressed and that there can be more often their puffiness, and also in certain cases there is a burning and an itch. Thus also skin of eyelids can deteriorate. For this reason if you are going to increase eyelashes, address only to salon which has the license. Also ask the master to show before this procedure all certificates of quality on production which he will use in the course of building.

How it is long possible to do without consequences?

Of course, procedure of eyelash extension doesn't aim at a one-off effect, after all you will address to salon for building or correction again and again to achieve the necessary effect. But it is considered that this procedure can do harm to your native hairs over time. You shouldn't wait that the eyelashes deteriorated under the influence of adhesive substances and artificial hairs. Therefore all experts recommend to increase them approximately for a year, and then it is necessary to do a break. Thus every month it is necessary to visit salon and to carry out there correction procedure to restore former appearance of false hairs.

Also admissible duration of building depends and on in what way you impose eyelashes.

If you gave preference to poresnichny building, this procedure can be carried out more long, after all not all hairs will give in in this case to influence. Natural building also is less harmful, after all such artificial eyelashes are not too volume and heavy therefore they can be carried more long. But if you want to achieve doll effect, try not to tighten carrying such eyelashes, after all they are quite long and volume, and, therefore, heavier. Your native eyelashes can break under their pressure therefore it is better to do doll building for no more than half a year.

After each cycle of building it is necessary to do a break, it is necessary in order that eyelashes were completely restored. It is considered that they will be able to be restored completely within 200 days when each hair is replaced, and it will be replaced by the new. But not all women want to wait so long therefore experts assure that a three-months break will be enough to pass to new eyelash extension. And in the period of a break it is necessary to strengthen in every possible way eyelashes, using thus useful and nutritious components.

Councils for safe procedure

If you were solved and made a choice for eyelash extension to avoid negative consequences from this process, it is necessary to take some security measures which are obligatory. First of all, it is necessary to increase eyelashes only in beauty shops as in house conditions you can make a large number of mistakes. Choosing salon, give preference only to the professional and checked salons in which highly skilled masters work. Try not to save on this procedure as so you can save and on the health, after all more expensive procedure assumes use and more expensive and high-quality means.

Disagree on building procedure at home, after all this process has to be carried out in hygienic conditions in professional beauty shops.

All tools which will be used for building, have to be disinfected. Surely take an interest, whether there is at the beauty shop chosen by you a certificate confirming quality of products, and also the license for occupation with such activity. Also check, whether includes adhesive substance which is used for gluing of false eyelashes in the structure formaldehydes. Such glue will have higher price, but it is completely safe for health, after all skin of eyelids very sensitive and gentle, and formaldehydes can cause an allergy and irritation.

Also before making the decision on, whether you should paste false eyelashes, address to the doctor and learn as far as it will be harmful to you.

Also in case you plan to do building constantly, you should visit the ophthalmologist to check how this procedure affects your eyes, in particular, on their cornea. After you increased eyelashes, you need to try to minimize all impact on them, you shouldn't stretch strongly skin round eyes and to rub them. It is necessary to wash very accurately, differently all this can lead not only to loss of artificial hairs, but also to deterioration of a condition of eyes. Also try not to allow that your eyelashes were blotted as low-quality adhesive substances thus can get to eyes. For this reason it is important to glue eyelashes only completely safe means.

Opinion of physicians

All experts are unanimous that this procedure is admissible, but thus it is necessary to consider features of each organism, after all components which the master will use at eyelash extension, can cause allergic reaction and other unpleasant consequences, especially if you have an individual intolerance of separate substances which are used when building.


There are cases when eyelash extension does only harm, for example, all doctors forbid to increase them during pregnancy. This state in itself negatively influences hairs, they become more fragile and weak, and building is capable to aggravate this situation. Besides, the chemical components entering composition of adhesive substances also are quite harmful to future mothers. They need to care especially of the health. Not to subject an eyelash to double blow from exhaustion pregnancy time, and also from deteriorations of structure during building it is better to refuse this process absolutely.

Also all doctors assure that you shouldn't increase eyelashes if you use contact lenses.

Thus it is possible to increase risk of emergence of an allergy, and also inflammations. Eyes become angrier, by the evening they very much redden and are tired, there is a feeling of sand in eyes. Besides, such inflammations are capable to destroy a retina of eyes, and also to worsen sight. All ophthalmologists advise to refuse this procedure in combination with carrying contact lenses.

Also most of doctors forbid to increase in the artificial way eyelashes in case your eyes are inclined to emergence of a konjyuktivit. This disease can be chronic therefore inflammatory processes will constantly arise on your eyes, after all building assumes intervention in natural exchange processes, the risk of emergence of a konjyuktivit in the eyes thereby increases. And each such case will be much heavier, than previous.

One more contraindication to eyelash extension is fragility and weakness of native hairs, after all you will be able to disguise and hide them, but thereby you aggravate a situation even more. Thin hairs aren't capable to maintain loading from artificial consignment notes therefore it is possible to pass to eyelash extension procedure only after you strengthen the native.

Pluses and minuses

To make the decision on, whether you need to increase eyelashes, it is necessary to weigh everything pros and cons, and also to analyse pluses and minuses of this procedure. The main plus of building is that the look becomes very expressive, it is capable to change your appearance cardinally. It is considered that eyes – a window to the soul therefore many women seek to place emphasis by means of cosmetics on them and various procedures. Artificial eyelashes change eyes, drawing to them attention. Also you can look quite naturally, after all they can be not too bright and long. You will need to make a minimum of efforts, but thus you will look ideally, your look will be irresistible and in the morning, in the evening.

Also very important advantage of eyelash extension is that during the day you won't need to correct a make-up.

You can refuse in general a make-up of eyes, having saved thereby not only the time, but also money on cosmetics. After all many cosmetologists assure that quality mascara at cost is equal to the price which you will give for building procedure. Therefore you lose nothing, and only you relieve yourself of excess efforts and expenses of time.

Also now all masters offer many different options of building. The t Akim image, big advantage is a variety of false eyelashes. You can choose any kind of eyelashes which will provide effect of a fox, squirrel, doll or natural look. By means of the increased eyelashes it is possible even to correct a shape of eyes, having expanded them or, on the contrary, having narrowed. All these advantages are quite powerful, but building has also a large number of minuses.

It is considered that this procedure is capable to cause an allergy, very many also face emergence of hypostases though earlier this problem didn't excite them. Also at some women during the day eyes gradually become red, there is a feeling of an itch. This minus is inherent not in all cases of eyelash extension, it is very subjective factor, but it can also affect the decision on refusal of building. Having visited the master once, you should address later some time to it again to make correction, differently your eyelashes will be showered, in a centuries or two there will be obvious gaps that will look quite ridiculously.

Besides, there is a risk at any time to lose one of bunches. These situations also sometimes happen therefore in order that to avoid them, it is necessary to visit as often as possible beauty shop for correction. It also takes away time, after all this procedure quite long. Also you will need to undergo some inconveniences: that who likes to sleep on a stomach, it is strictly forbidden as artificial hairs can simply remain for the morning on a pillow. It is necessary to sleep only on a back, without touching with eyes a bed.

Besides, during washing it is necessary very softly and to make thrifty use of eyes, without pounding and without stretching eyelids and skin round them.

Some cosmetologists also recommend to refrain from influence of high temperatures, for example, not to visit a bath or a sauna better. All these inconveniences are quite good reason for refusal of this procedure. Besides, the most important factor is that you need to find the good and professional master, after all it can facilitate process of carrying false eyelashes if carries out building qualitatively and using thus only good means and preparations.

If the master uses the gluing means of poor quality, on your centuries unambiguously there will be an irritation, and your native eyelashes can be injured. Besides, it is considered that artificial hairs are heavier, than the presents therefore they can break native, thereby slowing down processes of self-restoration of their structure, and also growth. Therefore it is worth thinking properly before going to salon to increase eyelashes.


Judging by responses of women, eyelash extension enjoys among them wide popularity. All of them write that this procedure allows to get rid of daily coloring of eyelashes, and also perfectly saves time. Many girls specify that by means of building they achieve desirable visual effect, after all they can choose the suitable length and a bend of artificial hairs. But not all women praise this procedure as consequences after it can be very deplorable. Some note that their eyelashes considerably turned pale, and also became very rare and thin. They assure that building became the reason for that.

Very many after they throughout a long time increased eyelashes, assure that didn't repeat this procedure any more.

But women who periodically increased eyelashes, and then gave to eyes and to native hairs to have a rest note that building practically didn't affect quality of their own eyelashes. They write that the main thing – is correct to look after hairs after building. Also women specify that a negative consequence of building for them was that to evening of an eye scratched, and also there was a feeling of dryness a few centuries ago and irritation.

Some also faced emergence of allergic reaction as their skin of eyelids is very sensitive. For this reason they had to refuse eyelash extension subsequently. The analysis a response showed that the effect from building is standing, but consequences of this procedure are very individual: some women don't notice sharp negative changes, and others, on the contrary, note noticeable deterioration of structure of hair, the last group of women are owners of eyelashes thin and light by nature therefore they consider that they don't suit this procedure. And in general very many women resort to building, but try to use such services of cosmetologists not more often than once a month for half a year.

In more detail about eyelash extension you learn from the following video.