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Contraindications to wax depilation

Depilation by wax (warm, cold, hot) – a popular way of fight against excessive vegetation. Procedure is carried out in professional salons, and also in house conditions. The method helps to get rid of excess hair (3-4 weeks) for a long time. Regular sessions thin cores, destroy bulbs. The vegetation becomes not expressed. Many users note: gradually unnecessary down stops appearing.

Morbidity of procedure depends on a threshold of sensitivity of the person, at girls – on a phase of a menstrual cycle. The time of day influences (height of a pain threshold changes for 24 hours). Depilation by warm or cold wax – simple manipulation, however violation of algorithm of carrying out provokes complications (growing of hair, hematomas, irritation). Side effects are observed in case of non-compliance with due care of skin.

Advantages of a vaksing don't exclude need to study the list of contraindications. It is necessary to examine them surely before starting procedure.

Contraindications to wax depilation Wax depilation assumes removal only of nadkozhny part of a hair and partial traumatizing a hair bulb

Why it is impossible to do depilation by wax

There is a list of cautions and contraindications for a wax technique of removal of hair. They need to be known to avoid unpleasant consequences on skin, not to do much harm to health in general.

Contraindications to depilation with use of wax classify:

  • Absolute (it is strictly forbidden to carry out procedure).
  • Relative (temporarily it is impossible to make).

Distinguish the reasons of local character interfering opportunity to resort to a vaksing (a condition of potentially processed body site), and the general (concern the general health of an organism).

Before procedure in beauty shop the expert is obliged to specify all details of carrying out, to collect the anamnesis (existence of infectious, somatic diseases, the allergic status of the client becomes clear), to perform attentive inspection of an integument, to make sure that contraindications to wax technology of removal of hair are absent.

The depilation made at home demands observance of the same rules, as saloon equipment. It is necessary to study well information on a method, to exclude existence at itself the factors forbidding to do manipulation, and it is better – to consult with the skilled cosmetologist.

If you accepted an impressive dose of alcohol, the kofeinsoderzhashchikh of drinks, is better to refuse a session temporarily. Availability of alcohol, caffeine in blood provokes bleedings, skin inflammations.

Contraindications to wax depilation The wax epilation is one of the most humane in the way of removal of hair on a body

Absolute contraindications

There are factors which are categorically excluding possibility of removal of hair in the certain way. When it is impossible to resort to removal of hair by means of wax:

  • Diabetes – the slowed-down regeneration process, the long period of restoration.
  • Varicosity – risk of damage of pathologically changed vessels, probability of massive bleeding.
  • Heavy cardiovascular illnesses – painful procedure can provoke heart attack.
  • Blood formation violations (bad coagulability).
  • Immunodeficient, autoimmune pathologies.
  • Oncological illnesses, the period of anticarcinogenic therapy, state after it – any invasive intervention can entail uncontrollable changes, complications.
  • Neurologic violations (epilepsy, psychosis, depression).
  • Intolerance of the components which are a part of depilyatsionny wax means.
  • Long reception of some medicines (anticoagulants, roakkutan, antibiotics, oral contraceptives, other hormonal drugs), external means (abrasive peelings, acids, topichesky retinoida). Within seven days after "beauty pricks" (Botox, collagen) it is impossible to do wax depilation.
Contraindications to wax depilation Instant effect (for a short time allows to remove vegetation from extensive sites of a body)

From carrying out wax depilation integument diseases are considered as a special measure of caution:

  • pustulous defeats, acne, acne rash – the risk of deterioration of a condition of skin, distribution of inflammatory process on other sites increases;
  • kuperoz – additional traumatizing skin leads to formation of hematomas, aggravation of a problem of expanded capillaries;
  • violations of integrity of an integument (cuts, pokusa, cracks, scratches);
  • infectious rashes (herpes);
  • new growths (papillomas, warts, birthmarks, vitiligo, malignant processes terms);
  • hems, the replaced skin sites.

During incubation of the child by most of experts carrying out procedure isn't recommended. It is necessary to remember that categorically it is impossible to depilirovat wax a body within a day after intensive fire on the sun, after a sunbed. Fresh tattoos interfere with carrying out a session of a vaksing.

Relative contraindications

There are states at which wax depilation is possible, but isn't desirable. Phases of a menstrual cycle at women influence carrying out procedure. The ideal period for procedure – in two-three days after monthly. The vaksing in an ovulation phase because of hypersensibility of skin, decrease in a pain threshold isn't recommended. One week prior to monthly carrying out procedure is interfaced to noticeable pain – better to refuse depilation till more suitable time.

Contraindications to wax depilation High esthetics of procedure: again growing hair are formed at the basis and don't form a prickly bristle

Suntan isn't strict contraindication to depilation by wax if passed more than two days after intensive solar bathtubs. Cosmetologists don't advise to do a vaksing some time in a type of the esthetic reasons: there is a risk of formation of ugly light spots, pigmentation.

In the presence of the slight catarrhal diseases which aren't followed by a hyperthermia, the general weakness, other notable signs during this period at an urgent need some cosmetologists allow depilation.

Precautionary measures

Cosmetologists recommend to carry out skin test wax the depilyatsionnykh of products on a small site of a body before applying wax on extensive integuments. Usually the test is done on a wrist, an internal surface of an elbow bend. The result of "mini-depilation" is observed within a day. If there is no redness, rash, irritation, an itch 24 hours later, it is possible to start business safely.

It is necessary to observe necessary requirements for care of skin after wax procedure:

  • regularly to skrabirovat (but not in day of removal of hair);
  • effectively to clear an integument;
  • to use means on care of skin (moistening, food, delay of growth of hair).

With depilation of thin, especially sensitive skin, delicate zones it is necessary to be very careful and accurate. Perhaps, it is worth choosing some other method which was more sparing. The correct decision in each individual case will be prompted by the competent doctor.

The skilled dermatologist or the cosmetologist won't allow a session of wax depilation in the presence of contraindications. Carrying out depilation in house conditions independently demands from the person of limit care, attentiveness to the health, the accounting of the list of states at which it is expedient to find optimum alternative of depilation wax.