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Cracks on heels: the reasons, treatment in house conditions

Beautiful a foot are important for the woman at all not less, than a well-groomed face and hands. Skin of feet is more sensitive to external factors. Without due leaving there is a growth of a horn layer that results in dryness, natoptysha and even cracks. Those who faced this problem, don't need to explain, as far as this painful and unpleasant phenomenon.

Today %host of % will tell why there are cracks on heels and what ways of treatment will help to get rid of this problem.

Cracks on heels: the reasons, treatment in house conditions

Reasons of emergence of cracks

There is an opinion that cracks on heels have seasonal nature. It isn't absolutely right, actually cracked skin of feet not only result of non-compliance with personal hygiene, but also a signal of malfunctions in an organism therefore before starting elimination of cracks, it is necessary to find out the reasons of their emergence.

Before treatment it is necessary to consult at the doctor, to make the corresponding tests. Only having made sure that cracks aren't a symptom of a serious disease, it is possible to start fighting against not esthetic phenomenon.

Foot can be the reasons of the cracked skin:

  1. Violation of functions of a thyroid gland. Decrease of the activity of work of this major body is fraught with that sweat glands reduce release of skin fat, it and results in dryness of skin. Also reduction of speed of a metabolism that complicates intake of nutrients to epidermis is observed.
  2. Obesity. Excess weight puts the big pressure upon a body including on a foot, promoting, thus, formation of cracks.
  3. Diabetes. At this disease excess of glucose and a lack of liquid of an organism, and consequently, and cracks on the stupnyakh are characteristic.
  4. Psoriasis. During an illness there is a strengthened growth of cages leading to formation of a kallus (the coarsened thick layer of an integument) which starts bursting.
  5. Avitaminosis. Improper feeding, hobby for diets leads to that the organism doesn't receive necessary vitamins, in particular, And (Retinolum) and E (tocopherol), responsible for food and moistening of skin.
  6. Congenital dryness of skin. It is possible to fight against this phenomenon systematically applying the nutritious and moistening means.
  7. Hereditary factor. If parents suffered from excessive dryness of skin, 80 percent from 100, as children will suffer from this problem.
  8. Stockings and socks from synthetics. Regular carrying similar products complicates intake of air to feet that, in turn, results in dryness and emergence of cracks.
  9. Incorrectly picked up footwear. The most common cause of the cracked heels. The love to the stylish sandals opening part of a foot from a heel leads to that the foot is exposed to mechanical influence of external factors (the soil, sand, stones), is injured, receives microcracks and scratches and inflames. Change of open footwear on closed somewhat allows to solve a problem of the cracked heels.
  10. Fungus. The infection can get into an organism through the injured skin. It can occur in the pool or a pedicure office.
  11. Non-compliance with standards of hygiene. If care of feet consists only in their washing, emergence of cracks is guaranteed. Hygiene has to include a peeling, moistening and nutrition of skin.
  12. Excessive leaving in the form of continuous application of a chemical or mechanical peeling and a srub for feet. Abuse of these procedures leads to that skin doesn't manage to be restored and grows coarse.

Treatment of cracks in house conditions

If the cracked heels are a consequence of inadequate leaving, it will be simple to cope with this problem, but treatment will require not less than 2 weeks. The essence of systematic basic care consists in application medicinal and cosmetics, trays, compresses, recipes of traditional medicine. It is impossible to forget about healthy nutrition and vitamins also.

Top of 10 most effective ointments and creams from cracks on heels:

  • Dawn cream
  • Radevit ointment
  • "Doctor Biokon"
  • Bioastin — Antigribok cream
  • Balm for feet from Flexitol
  • Ointment from cracks from Gehwol
  • Cream for dry skin of feet from Neutrogena
  • Foot cream from L’Occitane
  • Doctor cream
  • Green Drugstore cream

Compresses with paraffin also perfectly heal cracks. The principle of a parafinoterapiya consists the dry become lifeless skin at the edges of a crack at a distance. It is necessary in order that the integument became more elastic, and edges of the cracked skin could splice. Sessions need to be done 3-4 times a week.

House recipes

With cracks it is possible to struggle with the help of folk remedies which were used still by our grandmothers effectively. Perfectly I proved wax and propolis ointment.


  • Onions – 1 piece;
  • Vegetable oil – 1 glass;
  • Wax – 100 grams;
  • Propolis – a small slice size about a pea.

Way of preparation:

To roast onions on vegetable oil, to filter oil through a gauze. To add propolis and wax, to boil on slow fire. To merge in capacity. Dense ointment to which it is possible to add oils shi, cocoa, olive, sea-buckthorn and any other, disposed has to turn out. Ointment is stored in the refrigerator.

The glycerin mixed with apple cider vinegar is applied to fight against cracks on heels. To mix components in a proportion 3 to 1, to apply on heels, to wind with cellophane, to put on warm socks. To hold mix not less than 1 hour.

Cracks on heels: the reasons, treatment in house conditions

Trays for feet

Before procedure it is necessary to wash up feet with soap then to lower a foot for 15 minutes in a warm tray. To rub the steamed-out skin a brush and to apply nutritious cream. At a choice of cosmetics the preference should be given to the creams containing in structure propolis, urea, vitamins, beeswax, cocoa, oil shi, olive oil. It is desirable to do trays for the night. At addition of essential oil (a lavender, rosemary) the effect from medical procedure amplifies.

With herbs

The camomile, calendula, St. John's Wort, sage, train possess disinfecting, anti-inflammatory, wound healing action. For preparation of a tray 4 spoons of collecting there are enough. It is filled in with boiled water and insisted within half an hour then filter infusion.

With soda

Baking soda perfectly softens the coarsened skin, helps to struggle with infections and an unpleasant smell. 2-3 tablespoons of soda fill in with warm water.

With potato starch

To fill in starch (5 tablespoons) cold water (2 liters) and to bring to boiling. To pour out the received mix in hot water. It is possible to apply daily to a total disappearance of cracks.

Look after the Piglet and be beautiful and healthy!

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