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Deep bikini in house conditions is independent: ways

Now the procedures helping to get rid of undesirable a body hair are, more than ever, actual. The wide demand of an epilation forces to create new methods of removal of hair.

Smooth skin in a zone of bikini and hips looks accurately and allows to wear bathing suits without ceremony. Many women give preference to deep bikini. It is procedure of full removal of hair from an intimate zone (from a pubis, vulvar lips, crotch zones).

Deep bikini in house conditions is independent: ways

The name "deep bikini" came from Brazil as this country is the ancestor of an epilation of a zone of bikini.

It is better to carry out procedure in special salons, at the skilled master, for receiving the best result. But, and in house conditions it is possible to get rid of undesirable hair, it is only worth understanding, what way will suit you.

Epilation and depilation: whether there is a difference?

Procedure of removal of hair happens two options: epilation and depilation. Those who consider that between them aren't present a difference – strongly are mistaken.

Epilation — this full removal of hair together with hair bulbs.

After such procedure growth of hair in an epiliruyemy zone completely stops.

In house conditions to do it it is impossible. Special salons carry out this service by means of the special equipment, and it is called a laser epilation. Cost its high, but it is possible to get rid of undesirable hair forever.

Depilation — this removal of a body of the hair located on a skin surface. It doesn't mean long effect therefore over time hair grow. However, time of long smoothness of skin depends on the chosen way of depilation. It is possible to carry out depilation of a zone of deep bikini in house conditions.

Deep bikini in house conditions is independent: ways

Procedure in house conditions — that it is necessary to know?

How independently to make deep bikini? For those who for any reasons is going to do depilation of a zone of bikini of the house, it is worth being prepared for this procedure and to consider couple of councils.

  1. Before preparation it is worth choosing a way by which procedure of removal of hair will be carried out. Them exists a little: epilation wax, shugaring, epilation tweezers or epilator, shaving. We will in more detail consider all methods later;
  2. The first that it is necessary to make, it to take a shower, or it is simple to wash up a bikini zone with the application of a srub containing salicylic acid. It will help to clean off and open better a time;
  3. No cosmetics for moistening or food of skin can be applied on an epiliruyemy zone, differently the effect will be unsuccessful;
  4. For those who is sensitive to pain, it is possible for half an hour before procedure to drink an anesthetic (only not aspirin, differently there will be bruises);
  5. Convenience of procedure of deep bikini will depend on correctly chosen pose. Standing situation with one foot put on a chair will be the best option;
  6. After deep bikini, couple of days you shouldn't visit a beach, the pool, a gym.

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Ways of depilation in house conditions

  1. Shaving of a zone of deep bikini. This way the most available and painless. The tool used for its carrying out is a good shaving machine which doesn't cause irritation. But here for depilation of a zone of bikini, such way, isn't really convenient, as bikini – a zone remote. In addition, effect from shaving not long, and procedure it is necessary to repeat in 2-3 days, and even every other day. Some, from continuous shaving, have a problem of the grown hair. But, if there are no means or time for alternative methods of removal of hair, the shaving machine – an excellent way out. And many shaving won't take time;
  2. Depilation of a zone of deep bikini tweezers. Seldom who uses this way, for removal of hair from a bikini zone and furthermore deep bikini, the tweezers are very not convenient. Besides, to get rid of hair tweezers sick and effect it isn't enough;Deep bikini in house conditions is independent: ways
  3. Depilator. It can be got in shop of household appliances. It well is suitable for shaving of feet, but here its application for deep bikini can be painful, as skin thin and gentle there. But, those who to decide on this way, should remember that after it is worth applying the softening cosmetics on skin;
  4. Shugaring. Lately the shugaring gained popularity. This word comes from the English word sugar that means sugar. The Shugaring is a sugar depilation. For depilation in house conditions, it is possible to get a ready set for a shugaring in special shop or to prepare sugar paste most that it is possible.

For preparation it is required: 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar, 1 tablespoon of water 1 a teaspoon of lemon acid (these proportions are made for depilation of a zone of deep bikini).

The received mix is put in a pan with a thick bottom and put on slow fire. Shouldn't to bubble it, it is necessary to control that mix evenly melted.

In the course of languor on fire, from light yellow mix will become brown. As soon as it becomes noticeable, it is necessary to clean at once mix from fire and to pour it in other capacity that it cooled down.

In case paste sticks to hands – it is prepared not correctly.

Now it is necessary to take one more capacity with water to moisten hands. Smear a zone of deep bikini with paste against growth of hair, it needs to be done with small effort that paste densely lay down to skin.

Then it is necessary 10 to wait, pick up seconds the edge of paste and sharply to pull in the opposite direction. You shouldn't subject depilations at once a big site of skin, differently not to avoid painful feelings, and in a zone of deep bikini it will be even more sick.

The result turns out effective, all are completely depilated. It will be required to repeat a shugaring in 2-3 weeks.

Deep bikini in house conditions is independent: ways

Ways of an epilation of deep bikini

  • Wax epilation.

Otherwise the vaksing is called. Procedure helps to achieve excellent result of removal of hair, but demands a certain skill. Hair length in a zone of deep bikini has to be not less than 5 mm and no more than 7. If a hair is longer, it should be truncated accurately scissors and if is shorter, it is worth waiting until it grows to the demanded length.

At a vaksing liquid wax is applied on skin, after its hardening, sharply tear off from a skin site. Procedure is painful so it is worth being prepared for it. Wax apply 2 of its look to an epilation: firm (hot) and soft (warm).

For bikini use of hot wax will be the best option. So procedure will be less painful because hot wax will well steam out skin, a time will extend better, and removal will take place better.

Deep bikini in house conditions is independent: ways

Wax with a layer in the direction of growth of hair is applied. From above on it paste a special strip from fabric, densely press, and then sharply tear off against growth of hair. Repeat procedure before full removal of hair.

In a zone of deep bikini it is required to apply wax on all its sites. Upon termination of a vaksing, epiliruyemy skin is disinfected an antiseptic, and after apply the softening cream. The effect from a wax epilation keeps order of 2 weeks;

  • Electric epilator.

It is good option for those who saves the time. The deep epilation of a zone of bikini such device – is painful though now on sale there are epilators with the nozzles capable to reduce pain after removal of hair.

It is especially good for deep bikini. But nevertheless it is worth taking a hot bath before procedure to steam out skin.

To a usage time of an epilator it is sent against growth of hair, delaying thus skin in an opposite direction. Upon termination of removal of hair, skin is greased with antimicrobic means, and then nutritious cream. Smooth skin without hair remains within two weeks.

Deep bikini in house conditions is independent: ways

How to look after skin after removal of hair?

After an epilation and depilation the zone of deep bikini needs careful leaving. Hair of this part of a body carry out protective function. They interfere with penetration of microbes and dirt in mucous which break microflora. After disposal of hair, in a zone of bikini it is necessary to carry out hygienic procedures for preservation of habitat mucous and health respectively.

The Epiliruyemy zone demands good and continuous moistening. For this purpose apply various cosmetics on a water basis.

Right after an epilation, it is necessary to moisten skin with cream in order to avoid irritation.

It is worth remembering that skin after removal of hair, within several hours, the namokaniye can't be subjected. It is necessary to avoid saunas, baths, bathing in the sea. To avoid growing of hair, it is necessary to use regularly belongings, and then sensitive skin creams.

How will quickly grow new hairs, influences both physiology of the woman, and the chosen depilation method. But all the same, each time, after removal, the hair growing again will be thinner on structure. And in order that process of growth was slowed down, right after depilation it is necessary to use special cream for the slowed-down growth of hair.

Deep bikini in house conditions is independent: ways

Whether there are contraindications to depilation and what indications are?

Even for depilation there are situations when contraindicated to carry out it:

  1. Diseases of oncological character;
  2. Problems with cardiovascular system;
  3. Diabetes of any type;
  4. Various inflammatory educations on skin, especially ulcer or gnoynikovy character;
  5. Diseases of virus character;
  6. Existence of a virus of herpes;
  7.  Allergic reaction, including on the components used for procedure of removal of hair.

If the listed diseases are absent, it is possible to start depilation safely. For removal of hair, besides contraindications, there is couple of indications:

  1. Existence of undesirable vegetation on skin;
  2. Can serve as the indication also the special requirements connected with professional activity, and both women, and men. It concerns athletes and models.

Any woman if there are no special contraindications on that won't refuse smooth and beautiful skin. Therefore, before any kind of depilation, skin needs thorough training, for possible prevention of undesirable effect.

It should be taken into account length of hairs of an epiliruyemy zone of deep bikini, they shouldn't be too long or too short, differently it won't be possible to achieve desirable effect.

In addition, preprocedural preparation demands observance of hygienic norms, that is the zone of bikini has to be pure not to allow hit of dirt and infection of skin and mucous. And after removal of hair the zone of bikini needs to be dried and disinfected. Observing these simple recommendations, it is possible to achieve smooth and clean skin of deep bikini. Beautiful to be not so simple, but the received result costs the made efforts.

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