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Depilation of a zone of bikini in house conditions wax, video

Throughout all the life of the woman conduct continuous fight against undesirable vegetation on a body, including in the field of bikini. Certainly, removal of hairs in this intimate place sometimes appears the extremely painful therefore many women prefer to depilation of a zone of bikini in house conditions saloon procedures. Whether it is possible to make successfully such procedure of the house, and what its types now use the greatest demand? We tell!

Classical depilation and its difference from an epilation

 Any woman can make depilation in the field of house bikini, moreover, this procedure will be absolutely painless. Here it is very important to designate borders between depilation and an epilation. In  what a difference?

 Actually all distinction is that in the first case only the external part of a hair is removed, and its root remains untouched because of what the new vegetation starts appearing in a week. An epilation — more painful procedure meaning elimination of hairs with a root therefore the area of bikini remains smooth for a period of up to one month. Depilation of a zone of bikini in house conditions wax, video

Deep depilation in house conditions is also possible and it is carried out by means of special tweezers or depilators. Removal of hairs is in this way interfaced to a certain pain, but the result of procedure remains a minimum for two weeks.

Classical depilation in house conditions

  1. At first the girl needs to decide on option of removal of hair. It is possible to remove vegetation completely or to keep an intimate hairstyle.
  2. Further it is necessary to carry out the razor on growth of hair, carefully deleting all hairs.
  3. Procedure should be carried out, at least once a week, and  in certain cases and more often.

When using the depilator no difficulties usually arise.

Such device has some operating modes, and is often equipped also with the special cooling layer which helps to lower pain. The machine it is worth carrying out along growth of hair, carefully eliminating vegetation even in hard-to-reach spots.

Such procedure helps to get rid of hated hairs for few weeks after that all of them equally will appear. Actually, because of it many ladies also address to the procedures meaning full removal of vegetation together with roots of hair. And experts think out all new ways for this purpose. Depilation of a zone of bikini in house conditions wax, video

Hair removal creams. Shortcomings and advantages

Cream depilator — the extremely popular and very ambiguous means of fight against vegetation in the field of bikini. All the matter is that such creams can do much harm considerably to a condition of skin because of existence in their structure of aggressive chemical compounds. At frequent use of such way it is possible to face such consequences:

The main advantage of such depilation in a bikini zone — its simplicity. Everything that the girl needs to make — to apply special cream on an intimate zone and after that to wash away it by means of warm water. Experts recommend not to use soap and various essential oils within a day on the processed bikini zone as it will increase risk of emergence of allergic reaction.

Cream depilator destroys hairs, thus influencing and  the top layers of skin, and not in the best way. Some of such means incorporate the looking after oils, and also the connections capable to slow down growth of hair.

Now such means can be found in the different price range, and sometimes depends on cost not only efficiency of means, but also its safety. For this reason you shouldn't save on cream, after all, the it will be more expensive, the more effective and safer there will be its application.

It is necessary to repeat procedure at least time in two weeks, but it will be absolutely painless.

Shugaring — sugar depilation in house conditions

 It is possible to make depilation in a zone of deep bikini and by means of this the extremely popular and demanded at girls method. Carrying out it requires special wax which now is on sale in many specialized cosmetic shops.

What stages similar procedure means:

  1. The girl needs to heat paste in ceramic ware to a condition of liquid wax.
  2. Having put on special gloves, it is necessary to apply paste on a bikini zone against growth of hair.
  3. It is worth waiting a couple of minutes then it is necessary to pull sharply the stiffened structure on growth of hair, deleting vegetation with a root.
  4. After the end of procedure it is necessary to wash out carefully processed area, deleting surplus of the used paste.

It is correct to do depilation in the field of bikini in the similar way in power not to each woman, after all procedure appears the extremely painful. For this reason many ladies address to salons where hairs are removed the professional quickly and slightly less painfully.

 If the woman decided on house procedure, it can prepare similar paste independently, having saved on acquisition of structure. For this purpose it is necessary:

  1. To mix on a tablespoon of water and lemon juice, having added to them 250 grams of sugar.
  2. This structure should be heated within seven minutes until it  becomes similar to uniform viscous paste.

 It is in that case possible to carry out anesthesia in only one way: before pulling the stiffened paste, it is necessary to bring to bikini area an ice cube for 10–15 seconds. Such freezing will help to reduce amount of unpleasant feelings, but won't relieve of them completely.

Vaksing — a popular way of fight against hair in the field of bikini

Types of depilation exist the most different, but most often girls use special wax which helps to get rid quickly of undesirable vegetation in intimate places. The main lack of similar procedure — is the extremely painful feelings from it. Depilation of a zone of bikini in house conditions wax, video

If the girl has a low pain threshold, experts recommend for half an hour before depilation to take a pill anesthetizing though it isn't capable to relieve of unpleasant feelings completely.
So that is required for carrying out procedure:

  • Special wax which can be got in cosmetic shops.
  • Paper strips by means of which hairs will be removed from skin.
  • Wooden stick which will need to apply wax.
  • Capacity for the means and a pocket mirror which will help to estimate result of carrying out procedure.

This type of depilation means quite plentiful putting wax on those places from which it is required to remove hairs. At once after drawing structure it is worth imposing a paper strip on it and to wait about 2-3 minutes. During this time wax will start drying up, it is necessary only to pull a strip, having removed hairs with a root. Depilation of a zone of bikini in house conditions wax, video

This procedure is considered one of the most painful and effective as it relieves the woman of hated hair at least for a month. Experts claim that painful are only first 2-3 procedures, but it is heavy to many ladies to transfer a wax epilation regardless of a limitation period of the first session. Depilation of a zone of bikini in house conditions wax, video

Laser way of fight against vegetation

All listed above ways of removal of hair can be tried in house conditions, and the maximum result which they can give — is 3-4 weeks of smoothness of skin. Laser depilation — procedure absolutely other scale which helps to get rid of vegetation for a period of up to five years! Certainly, it costs much and causes the mass of unpleasant feelings, but its efficiency isn't called in question. Depilation of a zone of bikini in house conditions wax, video

Before going on laser depilation, it is useful to learn about some nuances:

  • the most effective procedure with use of diode lasers  while the photoepilation can appear the extremely painful is considered and to become the reason of emergence of burns;
  • for one procedure to get rid of hairs hardly it will turn out, and  on average 4-5 meetings with the expert which will be held within 1,5–2 months for this purpose are required;
  •  during manipulations doctors can anesthetize the processed area, and it usually becomes by means of special cooling;
  • in spite of the fact that procedure relieves of hair for some years, once a month after all it is necessary to carry out depilation for fixing of result.

Depilation of a zone of bikini in house conditions wax, video In house conditions the laser epilation is impossible as its carrying out requires the special equipment.

After the first procedure the woman can have tiny hairs in those places where they  didn't grow before, and  it isn't necessary to worry about it. These are the "sleeping" hair bulbs started wakening as a result of a laser epilation, and usually it is possible to cope with them in the second calling of processing of skin.

Each such procedure is the extremely painful and expensive, but it doesn't influence demand of a laser epilation in any way. Many girls dream of that for some years to get rid of hated hairs therefore literally queue in the salons ready to offer similar services.

Before carrying out procedure of a laser epilation, the woman should discuss all its nuances with the doctor in details. The matter is that such procedure can cause allergic reaction and a number of unpleasant consequences for ladies with sensitive skin. For this reason it is necessary to decide on similar saloon services only after careful weighing of all pros and cons.

Modern means for depilation allow girls to fight effectively against vegetation in intimate places, doing a zone of deep bikini of the most attractive.  And still in a pursuit of effective procedures you shouldn't forget about the safety and health which it is more important than any fashionable whim.

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