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Depilation of feet: rules of removal of hair

To keep youth, beauty, faultlessness of a body women should spend a lot of time and efforts. Healthy skin, nails, hair, a figure – everything demands enormous work and diligence. The ideal female body is health, smoothness, silkiness of an integument. It is so arranged with the nature that all of us are covered with hair. In some places they imperceptible, in others – dark, dense, long. Women fight against undesirable vegetation since ancient times, but didn't find a way of its elimination guaranteeing absolute result. Effective depilation of feet – a favourite subject at beauty forums. Thanks to prompt technical progress about ten various means of removal of indumentum were invented. Shugaring, wax, laser, the ELOS-epilation, an electroepilation, use of the shaving machine, special creams depilators, mechanical adaptations for removal of hair – here main "arsenal" of the modern beauty.

Depilation of feet: rules of removal of hair Sugar depilation of feet

Each of the listed methods has shortcomings:

  • morbidity;
  • short effect;
  • irritation, reddening after an epilation;
  • high cost;
  • impossibility of carrying out in house conditions;
  • harm for health;
  • multiple contraindications.


What it is better to choose to receive the most positive result standing? Many women of our country ask this question. In this article we will understand such questions:

  1. How it is correct to do an epilation or depilation of feet?
  2. What to undertake if feet after depilation itch?
  3. Depilation of feet in house conditions.
  4. Than it is better to do depilation for achievement of desirable effect?
Depilation of feet: rules of removal of hair Depilations in house conditions

Ways of elimination of hair

For depilation of feet use not less than ten ways. Methods of fight against undesirable hair can be divided into two groups:

  • carried out in beauty shop (a shugaring, the ELOS-epilation, an electroepilation, processing by current, the laser, a wax method);
  • applicable at home (shaving, a sugar, wax epilation, use of creams depilators, machines for removal of hairs).

Any of the listed methods is suitable for depilation of feet. Responses of women the different. Some prefer to trust in the expert in salon, others – categorically against such procedures.

Many ladies have no material opportunity regularly to visit beauty shop therefore resort to public methods of elimination of vegetation on a body. For some ladies the best depilation of feet – completely made in the specialized centers, however and the cost of such session transcendental. Each young lady chooses the most optimum for herself option.

Depilation of feet: rules of removal of hair Shugaring (sugar depilation)

Basic rules of removal of hair

The result of an epilation depends on a way of its carrying out. If you prefer a shugaring, wax, laser, an electroepilation, it is better to entrust the feet to the expert in this area. Even processing by wax of feet demands thorough training which not all observe in house conditions. Besides pain at independent procedures is stronger, brighter. If it is about shaving, use of a mechanical epilator, cream depilator, then depilation of feet in house conditions is possible. But also in this case it is necessary to adhere to certain rules. The correct depilation – made according to all norms and recommendations. In that case the risk of emergence of undesirable consequences is minimized.

  1. Before depilation it is undesirable to acquire a tan, to be under direct sunshine.
  2. Limit visit of a bath, the pool.
  3. You don't carry out procedure if the integument is damaged. It is impossible to depilirovat skin with rashes, wounds, grazes, scratches, burns etc.
  4. The women having a varicosity should delete hairs with care. Safe it is considered only shaving by means of the machine.
  5. Infectious diseases – direct contraindication to depilation.
  6. In day of carrying out procedure don't use the flavored means in the field of processing.
  7. Just before an epilation carry out disinfecting of epidermis with the help antiseptics.
  8. If depilation of feet in house conditions takes place, strictly follow the instruction on application of means.
  9. Don't process several times the same part of a foot.
  10. After the termination of a session it is recommended to apply oil (balm, gel), looking after epidermis, slowing down emergence of new hairs.
  11. Within the next days it is impossible to steam out skin, to do massage, to visit a sunbed, the pool, to cause spirits, the flavored sprays, deodorants.
Depilation of feet: rules of removal of hair Result of an epilation

How to struggle with irritation

If before, in time or after depilation rules of its carrying out were violated, there are negative consequences in the form of an inflammation, irritations, reddenings of an integument. If feet completely red, became covered by spots, itch, hurt – the irritation takes place. Ways of fight against consequences of incorrect depilation divide on medicamentous and national.

As medicines against an inflammation apply the creams, lotions, gels reducing reaction of skin. They disinfect, heal, calm, restore epidermis, reduce an inflammation. Reaction descends already in couple of days of regular use.

Traditional medicine suggests to use lotions, compresses, trays on the basis of broths of curative herbs. Widely apply complex infusions from grass collecting. Medical action elder, a wild-growing chestnut, a celery, a train, a calendula, a sea-buckthorn possess a camomile pharmaceutical. Crude potatoes, cabbage, an onions peel, fennel, a radish etc. help.