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Kim Protasov's diet: the description on weeks

The essence of a diet of Kim Protasov consists that there is no need to starve, adhering to the hourly mode. It is absolutely unique power supply system which all nutritionists of the world consider as one of the most harmless to an organism. Duration of a diet makes 5 weeks, result of weight loss – from 8 and above the lost kilograms then the gradual five-week exit follows from this diet. The crude, fat-free and fermented milk products are eaten, any is excluded sweet and the amount of water increases. But about everything one after another.

Kim Protasov's diet: the description on weeks

The resolved and forbidden products

Kim Protasov's diet very favourably differs from other diets in that by quantity of the eaten food it doesn't demand any restrictions, is it is possible to satiety and at any time. But only certain products which are included into the list of the resolved. Fortunately, their choice sufficient to feel comfortable. What it is products?

Meat production: it has to be, first of all, low-fat. Beef, chicken meat, rabbit flesh, veal, a turkey, fish and various seafood is allowed.

Dairy products: fat content no more than 5% is allowed. These are low-fat cheeses, yogurt, milk, kefir, ayran, fermented baked milk and cottage cheese. Without preservatives and dyes.

Vegetable production: it has to be by all means freshen. It is greens, sweet pepper, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and beet. And also onions, garlic, garden radish and vegetable marrows.

Additional products: it is allowed to use eggs and green apples.

As for the forbidden products, alcohol, any grain, a peanut, bakery products, fried potatoes, pasta gets to this category. It isn't recommended strongly to use house preparations, butter, canned food, soft cheeses, pork and mutton, sausage, semi-finished products. Any confectionery and sweets, sugar, salty and marinated dishes are also forbidden.

Advantages and shortcomings of a diet

The main advantage of a diet which in the people nicknamed "protasovy", that it doesn't allow to hunger. The diet is thought so over that doesn't demand to limit itself in portions. It is possible to eat as early in the morning, and late evening. And thanks to that it is necessary to refuse sugar, work of a pancreas, and desire to indulge itself with something sweet gradually is adjusted leaves. Also blood is cleared and intestines are a result of the use of fresh vegetables and fruit. Besides, the organism receives substances necessary for it: calcium, protein and lactose, and the use of water in bigger volume, than usually, promotes that the organism is cleared of slags.

But, as well as any other diet, "pro-shuffle" has also shortcomings. First of all, this diet will be difficult for people who don't love sour-milk production, have an allergy to lactose or cellulose, or have individual intolerance. The diet and that who suffers a hypertension, gastritis, diseases of housing and communal services and hearts, colitis, ulcer diseases of intestines, kidneys or a stomach is contraindicated. And also to pregnant women, the feeding mummies and people with a metabolic disorder. Anyway any diet at first demands preliminary consultation with the doctor.

Weekly menu of a diet of Protasov

As it was already told above, on "pro-shuffle" it is necessary to sit 5 weeks, each of which demands observance of certain rules. In it there is nothing extraordinary, – to begin the most difficult as it will be necessary to pass to crude products. So, menu.

Week the first it is necessary to Begin with that the first 7 days to eat yogurts, cottage cheese and crude vegetables. The last can be eaten in unlimited number, but it is desirable to add to a daily diet one egg (or 2-3 quail) and a two-three green apples. But it is necessary to be careful with starched vegetables: potatoes, beet, vegetable marrows and pumpkin. First there can be a feeling that the menu very difficult, but it is simple for want of habit, as well as any change in our life.

Week the second Practically repeats the menu of the first week, but in the next 7 days it is possible to refuse eggs. Also it is very desirable to limit the use of fermented milk products in favor of vegetables. To prevent emergence of hypostases, it is necessary to refrain from cheeses like sheep cheese – they, as we know, contain salt which detains water in an organism in the structure, a consequence of that are hated to us hypostases.

Week the third it is possible to enter meat production into the diet Now, but to do it follows gradually – no more than 300 grams a day. It is desirable not to increase amount of fermented milk products, but meat can be cooked somehow: to cook, extinguish, on couple, to bake, but, it is desirable, not to fry. It is best of all to begin with chicken meat and rabbit flesh. Also it is still possible, how many there is a wish, to use fresh vegetables and green apples.

Week the fourth Since this week, isn't forbidden increase in meat production, both in types, and in volumes. It is very much recommended to lean on the fish prepared in any convenient way (but, besides, it is desirable not to fry). And to remember that it is better not to use spices, vinegar and salt. It is best of all to use the combined dishes, for example: fish and vegetables, seafood and vegetables, meat and vegetables. It is more than vegetables.

Week the fifth Week finishing a diet. Now it is possible to relax and eat a few all products which are included into the list of the resolved. The main thing – not to forget to drink not less than 2 liters of liquid a day: clear water, green tea and even coffee, only, of course, without sugar. Also it is recommended strongly to spend on drink during a diet polyvitamins, and it is better to complete a full course of a vitamin and mineral complex.

Exit from Kim Protasov's diet

The correct observance of a diet is only a half of success, not less important competently to finish it. Sharply it isn't recommended to stop insistently is threatens with return of the lost kilograms, and then all works will come to nothing. It is necessary to finish "pro-shuffle" gradually to consolidate effect, and it is necessary to spend for it 5 more weeks.

What it is necessary to do farther? On the 6th week to add a small plateau of the porridge cooked on water to a diet. On the 7th week – to bring in the menu of avocado and plum. The 8th week allows the use of dried fruits and compotes without sugar, and 9 – the boiled and baked vegetables. Last, 10th week, it is already possible to eat easy soups and not really fat broths. Sweets and farinaceous food can't be used still, same concerns also rice. It is possible to add them to the menu only in few months after a diet.

Photo Before "pro-shuffle"

Kim Protasov's diet: the description on weeks

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