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Dry and rough heels — what to do?

Heels standing can become dry and crack from contact with dust, sand, carrying rigid footwear, lack of leaving therefore there is a need to bring them into an appropriate look, and then to support in such state. For this purpose it isn't obligatory to go to beauty shop at all and to undergo there expensive procedures, it is rather regular in house conditions to find time and to make certain efforts that your heels could be in an excellent state. If you have dry heels what to do and how to put them in order will tell the %site %host.

Dry heels — what to do? Procedure of mitigation of skin of feet

Dry and rough heels — what to do?

First of all before procedures of care of heels it is necessary to steam out skin of feet in soda, soap or salty water that will allow to facilitate further work with it. To achieve still the best result, with such water it is possible to add herbs to trays and tinctures from them.

  • 2 tablespoons of a sage, nettles, root alteq and camomiles;
  • To fill in 1/2 liters of boiled water, to allow to be drawn some time (2-3 hours);
  • Then to add 1 tablespoon of sea salt;
  • 1 h. lemon juice spoon.

In such hot infusion it is necessary to take feet within 15-20 minutes. Along with salt, or instead of it, it is possible to add soda to grass infusion. Take alcohol or tincture of a calendula and disinfect a brush, the pallet and pumice, the skin intended for processing on heels. Extend one foot from water, wipe it a towel, and then, using pumice with a coffee thick or a srub from apricot stones, start rubbing heels and toes. Do it for 3-5 minutes, trying not to press thus strongly.

Take a rigid brush in completion of the clearing procedure, polish with it heels and dry rub off them a towel.

After that any vegetable oil (almond, coconut, sunflower, olive) or fat foot cream will be required to moisten heels properly. For the best absorption of oil or cream and, respectively, mitigation of skin it is necessary to put on socks feet.

That heels weren't dry every day you apply fat, nutritious cream with the massing movements. Also for the night it is possible to grease dry heels with pure lanolin, it perfectly softens skin.

To receive the best result and more effectively to remove the coarsened and become horny fabrics it is possible if to get so-called Japanese pedicure socks which internal part is impregnated with fruit acids. Having taken them standing within an hour, you receive soft, gentle and beautiful heels on which there will be no trace also from natoptyshy and cracks. However it is necessary to notice that it isn't so simple to find such socks in sale therefore the masks for heels prepared from berry mashed potatoes or a peeling with use of the thickened honey and a coffee thick can become alternative option.

Dry heels? We prepare the super - cream. Video

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