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Effective exercises for lifting of buttocks: photo + video


The big gluteus which is closer to a surface is responsible for a form and a beautiful type of buttocks. She helps to support a body in vertical situation, participates during the walking and run. If the person sports, leads an active and mobile life — buttocks at it roundish and tightened. From a sedentary life and small physical activity of a muscle weaken as superfluous, decrease in the volume owing to what the bottom droops and looks "unappetizingly". But, it is easy to correct it special exercises. We now will also be engaged in it!

Today on the % site %host we will show a complex of effective exercises for lifting of buttocks at which regular performance the back point gets attractive forms.

Exercises with various knee-bends and attacks will help to pump up and tighten buttocks, it is best of all to use additional weight. As weighting compounds dumbbells are used, they can be replaced with plastic bottles with water and any other heavy subjects which are convenient for holding in hand.

Without additional weight each exercise can be carried out till 25-40 times if you connect dumbbells, exercises are carried out 10-15 times in 2-3 approaches. Work not only gluteuses, but also all muscles of hips. Classes are given 3-4 times a week and in a month of regular trainings you will notice positive changes in the figure.

Set of exercises for buttocks and hips

Training is shown by the champion of Russia in track and field athletics Tatyana Tyumeneva. It is necessary to begin occupations with a warming up of muscles and all body: jumps, inclinations aside, fast walking or run. In completion of training it is necessary to make an extension: to bend forward and to reach palms a floor, feet have to remain straight lines.

The first exercise — knee-bends

Starting position standing, feet on width of shoulders. We do knee-bends thus as though we want to sit down behind on a chair. Knees shouldn't go beyond socks, at knee-bend of a hip become parallel to a floor. All weight needs to be transferred to heels and to rise at the expense of gluteuses. You have to feel their tension. A back direct, we look forward. We squat, extending hands before ourselves — a breath, we get up — an exhalation.Effective exercises for lifting of buttocks: photo + video


The second exercise — knee-bends of a plie

For this exercise it is necessary to take a weighting compound. A starting position — feet are widely placed, socks and knees look in the parties. On a breath we squat, the back remains to a straight line, a stomach will pull in, knees disperse to socks aside. The squat becomes until hips don't become parallel to a floor. An exhalation — we rise in a starting position.

Effective exercises for lifting of buttocks: photo + video

The third exercise — attacks on one foot

Starting position standing, in each hand on dumbbell. We take a step forward, bending knees at right angle, one foot below, another above. The lower knee we don't touch a floor, everything becomes on weight, muscles always have to be in tension. Attacks become serially on each foot.

Effective exercises for lifting of buttocks: photo + video

The fourth exercise — knee-bends on one foot

Such exercise demands a certain training. For a start it is possible to use a support and to hold it one hand. All weight needs to be transferred on one feet, to a heel. At knee-bend the knee shouldn't leave for a sock, differently on it there is a big loading, and the gluteus remains practically without work. A starting position — standing on one foot, the second foot is bent in a knee, the case is slightly inclined forward, on a breath we bend a foot in a knee, the back a straight line, the case bends forward. An exhalation — we get up on one foot. Knee-bend becomes till 10-15 times on each foot.

Effective exercises for lifting of buttocks: photo + video

The fifth exercise — jumpings up

Starting position — standing, the left foot it is highly raised, we keep balance hands. Far we take away the left foot back, placing emphasis on the right foot. Besides, it is necessary to watch that the knee didn't go beyond foot and it was bent at right angle.

Effective exercises for lifting of buttocks: photo + video


Video. Effective training of the house for lifting of buttocks

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