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Eyelash oil Elma: structure and instruction on application

Oil Elma — is the cosmetic product for strengthening of eyebrows and eyelashes developed by the Russian company of Elfarm. Externally means looks, as the black tuba with ink packed into black stylish cardboard packing. That eyelashes looked perfectly, the assistant is required — Elma oil perfectly for this purpose will approach.

Eyelash oil Elma: structure and instruction on application

Advantages and features of oil Elma

All women dream of dense, long and fluffy eyelashes. Some have all this by nature. But eyelashes and eyebrows adversely are influenced every day by factors as: coloring by ink, various building, direct sunshine, means of removal of cosmetics. Hairs become thinner, start dropping out, lose natural beauty.

For a solution exists a lot of medical and cosmetics. They differ in the price, structure, methods of application. The oil intended for eyelashes Elma – simple in application also costs not much.

The preparation works strengthening on structure of hairs, does them resistant, unreceptive to influence of temperature, moisture and weather conditions.

Characteristics of means:

  • Tuba volume: 10ml.
  • Producer: Russia.
  • Skin type: all types of skin.
  • Way of storage: at the room temperature.
  • Price: 4 USD.

Eyelash oil Elma: structure and instruction on application

Elma oil for strengthening of eyelashes and eyebrows has unique structure, it includes only natural, natural and natural oils which give effect.

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Structure and active ingredients

Structure of the warming means — oil. Elma comprises such components:

  • castor oil — fights against loss of hairs, restores and condenses them, intensifies growth. It actively feeds bulbs with vitamins, doing them smooth and healthy on all length;
  • burdock oil — intensifies growth, improves a condition of eyelashes and eyebrows;
  • nettle extract — increases blood circulation, normalizes all exchange processes at the cellular level. Relieves skin of eyelids of irritation, strengthens and protects hairs from aggressive influence;
  • thistle extract — is an antioxidant, fills eyelashes with vitamins, removes irritations;
  • hyaluronic acid — protects from various harmful effects, an excellent antioxidant;
  • vitamin complex — A, E, PP, N. Vosstanavlivayut structure of hairs, slow down process of aging and possess the moistening properties.

Eyelash oil Elma: structure and instruction on application

Instruction of application

Oil for growth of hairs simple in application, is suitable for daily use. It needs to be used, following the instruction.

It is necessary to remove a make-up easy, low-fat means. With eyelashes you manage accurately.

By means of a brush which goes in a set, we apply structure on eyelashes, having receded from mucous 1-2 millimeters that got nothing to eyes. Plentifully we paint over eyebrows, without being afraid to go beyond a contour of their form.

Eyelash oil Elma: structure and instruction on application

We hold minutes 15-20 and we remove the remains a napkin or a wadded disk.

For receiving result procedure is recommended to be carried out every day for a month. Then let's eyelashes and eyebrows have a rest two weeks. Then you can resume treatment.

When to wait for result from use

Developers say that the first results can be seen after 2 weeks of use of cream Elma. But some can receive visible changes later. Everything depends on individual reaction of an organism. Often customers notice changes in the first two-three weeks of use.

Positive responses of girls say that for a month of use hairs became more dense, more dark, longer than all. At people inclined to an allergy, this preparation didn't cause any discomfort.
On open spaces of the Internet there are negative responses. Even the most expensive luxury cosmetics have dissatisfied clients. Most often negative comments can be met among women, at which intolerance of the separate preparations which are Elma's part. Don't forget to read the instruction before purchase and consult with the doctor if are subject to allergic reactions. In general means for growth of eyelashes completely safely and effectively.