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Epilation and sunbed - when it is possible to depilate and sunbathe

Epilation and sunbed - when it is possible to depilate and sunbathe Most of women depilate undesirable in various ways, and after go to sunbathe but very few people reflect, whether the sunbed and an epilation are compatible.

The sunbathed body always looks more attractive therefore girls often visit a sunbed. But it is necessary to refuse acquisition of beautiful suntan if you made an epilation or you plan to go to salon for removal of hair.

The epilation in salon (a photoepilation, laser, electric and so on) is popular among women. It will allow to achieve the best results in comparison with shaving in house conditions. Smooth equal skin for the long period – result of an epilation. But if you decided to remove vegetation in salon, on the sun it is worth refusing a sunbed and fire.

Possible consequences

After an epilation in a sunbed it is impossible as it is fraught with emergence of complications. Integuments after removal of hair with a root become vulnerable and sensitive. Epidermis needs special leaving and protection against various factors, including sunshine.

If after procedure of removal of vegetation to sunbathe on the sun or a sunbed, the risk of development of the following side effects grows:

  • burns;
  • reddenings;
  • emergence of pigmentary spots;
  • irritations;
  • mechanical damages of the top layer of epidermis and so on.

Cosmetologists recommend to limit stay on the sun both before procedure and after it. If you want to have in the summer the beautiful sunbathed body, the epilation should be made prior to the beginning of a beach season. As the result lasts about 3 months, you will be able to have all summer beautiful suntan and smooth skin. And at the end of a beach season again to go on procedure.

Epilation after a sunbed: yes or no?

Some girls ask a question, whether it is possible to do an epilation after a sunbed. It is authorized to carry out some types of an epilation after obtaining suntan, but nevertheless cosmetologists recommend to refrain from a sunbed before procedure for several reasons:

  • on swarty skin efficiency of an epilation can be many times lower;
  • high risk of emergence of complication in the form of burns, reddenings and irritation.

Suntan before a laser epilation

Removal of hair by means of the laser – procedure among women as has many advantages is popular. She allows to forget about undesirable hair for the long period, thus removal isn't followed by pain.

Feature of a method is that the laser influences a pigment which paints hair, destroying it. As a result activity of a hair bulb is broken.

At acceptance of solar bathtubs of amount of melanin in integuments grows therefore efficiency of procedure decreases. Besides, removal by the laser of hair after a sunbed can lead to burns and allergic reactions.

Photoepilation after a sunbed

It was earlier categorically forbidden to carry out a photoepilation after obtaining suntan. It is connected by that is the cornerstone of a technique impact on bulbs of hair flashes of light. Long stay on the sun or visit of a sunbed within two weeks before a session could cause strong thermal burns.

The equipment which influences skin weaker light beams is nowadays developed therefore optional to refuse suntan for such long period. But efficiency of these devices is much lower. Before a photoepilation you will take an interest at the master, whether it is necessary to refuse visit of a sunbed.

Depilation by wax or sugar paste

If you plan to depilate, using a shugaring or wax (at home or in salon), it is for a while better to refuse obtaining suntan. Feature of these techniques is that the wax applied on skin or caramel sharply comes off together with hair.

Carrying out depilation after a sunbed can lead to removal of the top layer of epidermis that will become the reason of uneven suntan. Also similar actions can lead to complications in the form of irritation.

Sunbed after an epilation

If you reflect, whether it is possible to go to a sunbed after depilation or an epilation, it is better to postpone acquisition of suntan for a while. Regardless of what method you chose for removal of hair, skin after procedure becomes sensitive therefore it needs to be protected from influence of harmful factors as much as possible. Ultraviolet rays after laser, electric or photoepilations can cause side effects:

  • burns of different severity;
  • pigmentation increase;
  • uneven suntan;
  • irritation in the form of reddening, an itch or burning.

If after depilation to go to a sunbed, besides above the specified complications, there can also be black points. The risk of growing of hair and other problems grows. It is more reasonable to refuse for a while visit of a sunbed or fire under direct sunshine, than then the long time to fight against consequences.
Epilation and sunbed - when it is possible to depilate and sunbathe

Some simple councils

If you want to have the beautiful sunbathed body and smooth gentle skin, learn to plan correctly carrying out an epilation and visit of a sunbed. It is better to depilate before suntan acquisition. It is necessary to go to a sunbed at the end of the rehabilitation period (1-2 weeks). If you plan to go to the sea, make an epilation in advance that to holiday you could without risk for health and appearance to sunbathe on a beach.

Observe simple councils which will help to avoid complications after an epilation:

  1. Before each exit to the street during the recovery period use sunblock cream.
  2. For the period of rehabilitation refuse a sunbed.
  3. Apply the moisturizing cream which will promote the fastest restoration of epidermis and will help to avoid serious problems.
  4. Select clothes from natural fabrics to reduce probability of emergence of irritation.
  5. For care of skin use special cosmetics for sensitive skin.

To avoid burns, pigmentary spots, black points and other side effects after removal of hair, before procedure and after it for a while refuse a sunbed and fire on the sun.