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Epilation of armpits

Epilation of armpits

The grown hair in armpits look not only not esthetically, but also are a place of a congestion of bacteria. Therefore in this place it is accepted to get rid of vegetation. The zone of axillary hollows is very sensitive for this reason the question of a choice of a way of removal of hair is very actual.


For a start we will understand with the concept "epilation" as many or confuse it to the similar name "depilation", or very vaguely represent that is covered behind this word. The epilation represents temporary or continuous removal of hair with a root or way of destruction of a hair follicle.

Depilation represents removal of hair over skin, besides when carrying out this procedure the hair follicle doesn't collapse. Therefore hairs grow quickly enough. Such well-known procedure as shaving, and also removal of undesirable vegetation by means of cream belongs to depilation.

The most important advantages of such method as shaving, causing its high popularity, painlessness, speed, low cost are. After shaving at growth of hair you can find out that some hairs are under skin. Growing of hair – not really pleasant thing, after all in that case can arise an inflammation in a growing place. Such probability is the main lack of shaving. If it nevertheless occurred, it is possible to try to use a srub to skim epidermis and to release the grown hair. However it it can appear insufficiently.

For removal of hair it is also possible to carry to minuses of use of the razor the speed of their growth, after all skin won't look smooth already next day.


To decide on a choice of a type of an epilation, let's understand, what ways of removal of hair exist.

By means of an epilator

The epilator represents the adaptation working from an electric network or from batteries. On its head the closed parts which remind usual tweezers are located. At inclusion of an epilator the head starts rotating, tweezers take hairs and pull out them. As a rule, the adaptation has some speeds.

During the work with an epilator it is desirable that length of hair was not less, than half-centimeter. For reduction of painful feelings which will pass over time, it is best of all to use special nozzles for an axillary hollow. If you use an epilator for the first time, choose the first high-speed mode.

When carrying out procedure it is necessary that skin was dry as the epilator slides on such surface better.

It is necessary to understand that right after carrying out procedure of an epilirovaniye it is impossible to subject integuments to excessive friction of clothes, to visit a sauna, reservoirs, to acquire a tan in order to avoid infection. Therefore it is better to carry out an epilation in the evening before going to bed.

There are certain contraindications for removal of hair thus. Varicosity, diabetes, pregnancy if you have a low pain threshold, hemophilia concern to them.

Getting to work it is important to be convinced of serviceability of the electric device and of lack of mechanical damages of integuments. Process area of axillary hollows any antiseptic. If hair of branch more than on half-centimeter, it is necessary to cut off them to the necessary length. Before carrying out procedure skin needs to be pulled. Otherwise it can get to tweezers of an epilator and be injured.

It is necessary to drive an epilator under a different corner, and removal has to happen against growth of a hair. After the end of procedure it is necessary to apply a sedative on integuments to remove irritation. It should be noted that disposal of hair in such a way – the most painful option, however after several use of the device discomfort completely disappears, and procedure becomes fast as hair start growing not so evenly as after use of the razor, and not so quickly - approximately in two weeks.


In the previous point we considered a method at which the hair follicle collapses not completely, and only chastichn the lake. There are methods which completely destroy a hair follicle, besides it isn't restored any more. The electroepilation belongs to such types of an epilation. The essence of this method is that the special needle through which passes current is entered into each hair follicle, it collapses and further the hair absolutely without serious consequences is removed by means of tweezers.

Distinguish a needle and pintsetny electroepilation. Needle it was just described above, and at pintsetny integuments aren't broken and a follicle destroy far off, then a hair also delete. Procedures of an electroepilation are carried out with obligatory anesthesia.

It is carried out most often by means of lidocaine. Such way will help to get rid of hair of any thickness forever.

For carrying out similar procedure hair have to reach length about three millimeters. Before carrying out procedure the expert processes epidermis an antiseptic to avoid penetration of bacteria inside as such way means damage of integuments.

Then the necessary zone is processed local anesthetic and process of removal of hair which approximately lasts about an hour begins. After completion of procedure leather is processed an anti-septic tank again, and then put the calming resolvent.

The whole course from such procedures which quantity has individual character is necessary for full disposal of hair in a zone of armpits. After all hairs which were in an inactive stage of growth start appearing after a while.

In order to avoid infection it is necessary to prevent contact of clothes with the processed zone and their excessive friction. Some time it will be necessary to refrain from bathing in reservoirs, pools, from visit of saunas and reception of solar bathtubs.

As well as any other method, an electroepilation has a number of contraindications: skin diseases, mental disorders, diabetes, the damaged integuments in the processed zone, birthmarks and headdresses in a place of alleged carrying out procedure, oncological diseases, varicosity, pregnancy.


It treats less painful procedures, than previous, however everything depends on your specific features. Are depilated by means of impact on them of light impulses as melanin – the painting hair pigment, absorbs light therefore the hair heats up, and the root under the influence of high temperature collapses. Due to the lack of melanin in a gray hair or its low contents in light the photoepilation doesn't act on them. Persons with very swarty skin need to be extremely careful as because of big absorption of light burns can arise dark skin.

For carrying out procedure length of hairs has to be about one and a half millimeters. For few weeks before its carrying out it is necessary to refrain from removal of hairs an epilator, an electroepilation and any possible ways of damage of a hair follicle. It is possible to use the razor or cream depilator only.


Bioepilation – removal of undesirable vegetation by means of hot or cold wax.

Such procedure can be carried out as in salon, and at home. For its independent carrying out acquisition of wax strips will be optimum option. They happen various form, it is only enough to choose necessary to you. For their use it is only necessary to warm strips between palms, then to put to the necessary site, to press and tear off a strip in the direction of growth of hair. The Epiliruyemy site surely has to be pure and dry.

The bioepilation is contraindicated at skin diseases, diabetes, a varicosity in this zone. After procedure it is necessary to process a zone an antiseptic and to put a sedative.

The laser

It is the most painless, but also the most expensive procedure. The essence of a method is that under the influence of a laser beam the follicle collapses. For carrying out procedure length of a hair shouldn't exceed five millimeters. In a month - one and a half it is necessary to avoid procedures which damage a hair root. For a half-month before carrying out a laser epilation it is necessary to avoid active acceptance of solar bathtubs. After procedure within a week it is impossible to use the means containing alcohol for drawing them on the processed site. After the procedural mode and contraindications doesn't differ from the same, as after a photoepilation.

How to pick up the best way?

Definite answer to such question it is difficult to give. If you have no sufficient means, try to execute procedure of a bioepilation or get an epilator. If you want to get rid of hair armpits for very long time, it is possible to try a photoepilation, an electroepilation or laser. But be ready to that some sessions are required.

Advantage and harm

Qualitatively to make procedure of an epilation axillary fall N, it is necessary to follow a number of important rules. First, as well as any other procedure breaking integrity of an integument an epilation demands consultation with the expert.

To avoid possible infection, it is necessary to take care of antiseptics. For such purposes it is possible to use, for example, miramistin.

Procedure of an epilation in a zone of armpits is always followed by pain therefore acquisition of local anesthetics will be not a so excess measure to anesthetize the necessary site. For this purpose it is possible to use, for example, spray with lidocaine.

Care of skin

After procedure skin, as a rule, is always angry therefore use of the calming anti-inflammatory creams will allow to calm irritation and to kill pain. For this purpose it is necessary to apply right after procedure a preparation on an affected area.

Answers to questions and councils

It is possible to distinguish the following from most frequently asked questions concerning an epilation of armpits:

  • Whether it is sick? Yes, an epilation – procedure really painful, but local anesthetics are capable to make procedure by more comfortable. The most painless the laser epilation is considered.
  • Whether it is possible to get rid of hair forever? By means of laser, the photoepilation and an electroepilation can get rid of undesirable vegetation for a long time, namely for some years. For this purpose it is necessary to conduct a course of procedures. But it is important to understand that by means of these methods the hairs which are in an active stage of growth are removed.
  • If armpits after an epilation hurt, it is necessary to apply the calming resolvents on an affected area.
  • If there were cones after carrying out procedure, it is necessary to address surely to the doctor as to help correctly clean consolidation only the expert can. In certain cases prescription of antibiotics is required.
  • How many it will be required electroepilation sessions? It depends on your specific features. To someone 3-5 sessions can be demanded, and someone else has more.
  • How many flashes are necessary for a photoepilation of armpits? 10-30 flashes can be necessary for an epilation of axillary area.
  • From what age it is possible to depilate armpits? Approximately, not earlier than 15 years
  • How many the result keeps? Depends on your specific features, but, as a rule, about five years hairs won't disturb you. It concerns a photoepilation, laser and electroepilations. In other cases hairs will grow approximately in 2-3 weeks.


According to responses, hairs after carrying out laser, photoepilations, electroepilations become really thinner and grow less. Skin armpits becomes smooth. Among minuses consumers note the high price of similar procedures and need of their repetition.

Many are happy with use of an epilator and procedure of a bioepilation as hair start growing less often subsequently, procedures these not expensive, but pain isn't felt over time, and process of removal of hair becomes rather comfortable and fast.

How independently to make an epilation of armpits sugar paste - in video.