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Bikini epilation wax: as it is correct to do, what wax is better

Bikini epilation wax: as it is correct to do, what wax is better Depilation by wax (vaksing) – procedure known practically to all women. Very often similar removal of hair practices in a bikini zone. Huge advantage of procedure is that it is carried out both in beauty shops, and in house conditions. But before conducting depilation of bikini wax independently, it is necessary to understand in details types of substance, it is correct to pick up suitable and to study rules of carrying out procedure.

Kinds of wax weight

Today there are 3 types of wax for depilation. It allows to choose optimum option of substance under each case and as a result to receive the best result. Now is more detailed about everyone:

  1. Cold wax is applied on thin hairs. In a different way speaking, it is depilation by wax strips which need to be warmed in palms before use. In this case skin pores during removal are closed, therefore process rather painful.
  2. Warm mix is considered universal, thanks to ease in use and absence of risk of burns. More often by means of this product process area of a back, feet and hands, but possibly to remove vegetation of intimate area with it too. Wax weight in the special cartridges equipped with a roller which before procedure are warmed up to 40oc is issued. Bandage strips are applied to removal of structure from skin.
  3. Hot mix is suitable for removal of hair from any zone of a body. Wax needs to be melted in a voskoplava up to the temperature no more 50oc, and then to put by means of the pallet. When layer stiffens, to raise it for edge and sharply to tear off against growth of hair. This procedure is least painful among the considered techniques.

With what the conclusion arises? Procedure wax strips in the field of bikini it is inexpedient to carry out as it won't give due effect but only will provide strong pain. For depilation of an intimate zone of the house ideal option – warm substance as the risk of damages of an integument is minimum. But thus less painful is the processing of bikini hot wax demanding a certain skill and the increased attentiveness.

Specifics of depilation of area of bikini

In price-lists of cosmetology salons depilation of area of bikini is divided into some subspecies:

  • external bikini represents removal of vegetation in the area of linen;
  • deep bikini demands a certain practice so to start experimenting with this area doesn't follow. It covers external bikini, removal of vegetation from a pubis and hips (an internal surface);
  • the Brazilian depilation is a deep bikini with processing of external genitals. In this case it is recommended to address to the professional cosmetologist;
  • removal of vegetation in the field of an anus (between buttocks) – additional service which at the request of the client is combined with any of above-mentioned types of depilation.

Respectively, the area of processing is more extensive and procedure, the higher on it the price is more difficult.

Deep bikini is often carried out by hot wax as it is easier, quicker and less painfully. Therefore to make such procedure of the house extremely difficult.

Technique of carrying out procedure

Than the bikini epilation differs from depilation? That during the first procedure there is an impact on a follicle and thereof destruction of the core of a hair. And at the second everything is much simpler – only the visible part of a hair is removed. Only the vaksing and a shugaring delete vegetation with a root that prolongs effect of smooth skin a little. But, despite removal of a root, a follicle remains untouched, therefore the correct name of procedure — wax depilation, but not a wax epilation.

How depilation of a zone of bikini is carried out?

  1. Before procedure it is necessary to steam out skin (it can be a warm shower, a bathtub or a hot towel).
  2. Carefully to get wet to clean excess moisture, and then to disinfect lotion.
  3. If hairs long, it is recommended to cut them to length of 3-5 mm, differently they will get confused in wax that will deliver the mass of discomfort.
  4. To warm up wax. Depending on what structure carries out procedure, and it is necessary to adhere to such temperature condition. The consistence of substance has to be semi-fluid.
  5. To adopt the convenient provision, thus to spread a disposable diaper or a bed-sheet to exclude hits of mix on furniture.
  6. If wax depilation is carried out by hot wax, the structure is put with the pallet so that thickness of a layer made 3-4 mm, and the area of 2 cm2. Gradual removal by small islands will provide the minimum morbidity.
  7. To allow structure to cool down some seconds, to undermine for the edge of layer, and then sharply to pull against the line of growth of hair, holding with the second hand skin a little.
  8. To remove any cosmetic oil the remains of wax and to apply the calming cream.

What is recommended to observe sequence at depilation of an intimate zone wax?

  • in the area of underwear;
  • in the field of a pubis;
  • upper vulvar lips;
  • mezhjyagodichny fold.

It is necessary to study technology of carrying out procedure at first in the area of underwear and only then to pass to more total removal.

Advantages and shortcomings of a vaksing

Before making a final choice towards wax depilation, it is important to know about pluses and minuses of procedure.

Treats advantages:

  • systematic use of wax leads to weakening of hairs and delay of their growth;
  • possibility of processing of any part of a body;
  • minimum temporary and labor costs;
  • availability in the financial plan;
  • opportunity to carry out removal by wax in house conditions;
  • rather long result of smoothness of skin (3-4 weeks);
  • on condition of observance of technology of performance the risk of irritation is minimum.

Bikini epilation wax: as it is correct to do, what wax is better

Considering all positive sides of the considered technique, shortcomings here nevertheless are present:

  • morbidity during a session, especially at a low threshold of sensitivity;
  • possibility of allergic reactions;
  • growing of hair – frequent is undesirable manifestation;
  • length of hairs shouldn't be less than 0,5 cm, wax won't take shorter vegetation;
  • perhaps oblamyvany hairs.


Depilation by wax in a zone of bikini or any other area is considered universal thanks to the qualities, effect and ease of carrying out. But to this procedure there is a number of contraindications which you shouldn't neglect:

  1. Pregnancy (especially on late term).
  2. Fungus, infections or damages of an integument.
  3. Kuperoz and colloidal hems.
  4. Diabetes.
  5. Varicosity in a processing place.
  6. Oncology.
  7. Serious neurologic diseases.
  8. Allergy on any of components.
  9. Fresh suntan (not less than days before a session).

If takes place any of the listed states, it isn't recommended to do procedure before consultation with the attending physician.

Intimate depilation by wax weight – a convenient, budgetary and practical way of removal of undesirable vegetation. Generally procedure is well transferred, without causing serious side effects. To carry out a session on removal of vegetation in a house bikini zone, it is necessary to conform only to the certain rules stated above. If there are any doubts in the forces, it is possible to go for the first treatment in salon and to observe the professional to receive answers to a question – as it is correct to do depilation.