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Epilation in a bikini zone in house conditions, a photo

Most of women seek to look beautifully and attractively. Removal of undesirable vegetation in a bikini zone — an important component of care of the appearance of all girls.

What optimum method of removal of hair to pick up for itself that it was safe and effective? How it is correct to do an epilation in a bikini zone in house conditions? These and many other questions will be answered by this article.

Features of removal of hair in a bikini zone

Epilation in a bikini zone in house conditions, a photo Often an epilation in these parts call Brazilian. This name is obliged by the origin to the Brazilian sisters who opened beauty shop in New York in the late eighties of the last century. Brazilian sisters in the salon started doing "hair" of intimate character.

Procedure of removal of undesirable hair of a zone of bikini is done by experts in beauty shops. Unfortunately, not all women have an opportunity to do a saloon epilation therefore topical issue of removal of undesirable vegetation of the house. Result of an independent epilation same, as well as after made the expert, but in the financial plan it is much more favorable.

Distinguish deep a bikini zone epilation (in this case the vegetation between buttocks and near vulvar lips is removed) and superficial (at such epilation the filaments which are looking out of shorts are removed).

In an intimate zone it is necessary to approach removal of hair especially attentively and responsibly, after all it is concentrated many nervous terminations causing painful feelings during procedure here. Skin of intimate places very sensitive and gentle therefore demands careful leaving.

There are different available methods of removal of undesirable vegetation which are easy for doing independently in house conditions. To each such method of an epilation the pluses and minuses are characteristic.

The epilation in a bikini zone in house conditions can be carried out by various ways:

  • vaksing — by means of wax weight;
  • shugaring — by means of sugar paste;
  • the hardware — by means of an electroepilator, a photoepilator or a laser epilator.

Epilation wax (vaksing)

Epilation in a bikini zone in house conditions, a photo Throughout not one century of the woman use a wax epilation. It allows to keep smoothness and tenderness of skin for three-four weeks.

The way is suitable for removal of hair not only on hands and feet, but also on supersensitive sites of skin, such as a bikini zone. The Vaksing of a zone of bikini will relieve you of the growing hair, irritation and an inflammation of skin.

Epilation in a bikini zone in house conditions, a photo In house conditions it is most convenient to use strips with the put wax weight.

  1. Before a vaksing freeze skin ice.
  2. Then take a strip, warm it in palms, divide into two parts and apply them on dry skin and smooth in the direction of growth of hair.
  3. In 15–20 seconds the fast sharp movement remove them in the opposite direction.

This way very painful, but result keeps for three-four weeks, and skin becomes smooth and velvety.

Except strips it is possible to use cold, warm or hot wax. For a bikini epilation hot wax will become an optimum choice. From high temperature a skin time that will allow to pull out easier hairs will reveal and will a little anesthetize procedure.

  1. Wax weight is heated and applied on skin.
  2. In a few minutes it is necessary to tear off sharply wax strips from skin.
  3. After that remove the wax remains from skin and wipe it the tampon moistened in vegetable oil.

Carrying out an epilation in such a way, it is necessary to be extremely careful, after all from too hot mix it is possible to get burn, especially as skin in the field of bikini the very gentle.

Therefore before procedure carefully study the instruction and adhere to all recommendations.

After two-three procedures of a vaksing hair become thinner and grow not so densely.

Bikini zone epilation electroepilator

Removal of hair epilator also rather painfully. It should be noted that only the most painful first epilation, the subsequent procedures is easier. Therefore if you decided to get the device for removal of undesirable hair, you don't stint and choose powerful model with the button of switching of speed and various nozzles. Epilation in a bikini zone in house conditions, a photo

Nozzles on an epilator are urged to facilitate painful feelings. Allocate such types of nozzles:

  • the freezing — cool skin, killing thereby pain when using an epilator;
  • the massage — by means of massage weaken painful signals;
  • the pressing — press skin during procedure that does an epilation of less painful.

Removal of hair an epilator in a zone of bikini has one essential minus — severe pain, but effect from an epilation will please with such method you the whole month.

The hardware epilation influences each hair separately and thanks to it suits girls, at which rigid and thick structure of hair.

It isn't recommended to do an electroepilation to pregnant girls and who has violations in work of venous blood circulation.

Use simple recommendations to relieve pain during removal of hair an epilator:

Use of an epilator aggressively influences your skin therefore after procedure soften and calm her by means of the special means (moistening and the calming creams, lotions).

In quality the antiseptics perfectly will approach olive oil. This natural antioxidant vitaminizes your skin and will restore its elasticity. Also for this purpose it is possible to use tinctures of herbs (a camomile, a calendula, a St. John's Wort), lotions on the basis of alcohol, furatsilinovy solution, miramistin.

Bikini photoepilation

Epilation in a bikini zone in house conditions, a photo One of painless and long-term ways of disposal of unnecessary hair. Under the influence of intensive pulse radiation the hair follicle perishing without food collapses.

Procedure is done in cosmetology salons and clinics. But producers pleased girls with household photoepilators, and now became possible to do this procedure in house conditions.

Photoepilation advantages:

Bikini zone epilation laser

The most effective method of removal of hair — is a laser epilation. The main advantage of a method — painlessness: at most that you can feel — it only hardly notable pricking.

The method will suit even to those girls, at which hypersensibility of skin as it doesn't cause an inflammation or irritation. The effect after an epilation by such method will remain for the long period, and through three-four sessions you will get rid of undesirable hair forever.

Epilation in a bikini zone in house conditions, a photo Influence a hair follicle energy of the laser, from it it perishes. Visible are depilated at once, and those volosik that were under skin, drop out within ten days. Such epilation is available and in house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to pick up and buy a laser epilator.

The laser works by the principle of influence on a dark pigment which contains in hair therefore the laser epilation doesn't suit girls with the hair which aren't containing a pigment (light and red).

Shugaring (sugar epilation)

Often girls prefer an effective and inexpensive method — a shugaring (an epilation the stiffened sugar solution). Such way of removal of vegetation has a number of advantages:

Sugar paste closely adjoins to a hair bulb therefore during an epilation hair don't disappear that prevents their growing into skin.

Ready weight for a shugaring can be bought in shop. Having bought one bank, you stretch it for few months. Anesthetic is a part of the bought sugar paste (substance, allowing to achieve small analgesic effect). And if you don't want to subject the skin to influence of dyes and various chemical components, prepare sugar paste independently.

Recipe of sugar paste No. 1

  1. Epilation in a bikini zone in house conditions, a photoIn pure ware pour three spoons of water, warm up it on small fire you (do not boil), completely dissolve in the warmed-up water of 4 spoons of sugar.
  2. When it is dissolved, add one more teaspoon of lemon juice or lemon acid.
  3. When the received weight becomes yellowish color and from it aroma of caramel will proceed, remove it from fire and let's cool down.
  4. For disinfection of skin it is possible to add honey, a camomile tincture and a walnut to sugar weight.

The recipe of sugar paste for a shugaring No. 2

  1. Mix 10 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of water and juice 1/2 of a lemon.
  2. Carefully stir that sugar was completely dissolved.
  3. Put on slow fire, bring to boiling and boil thoroughly minutes ten.
  4. Then let's cool down and check for readiness. For check you stick together a ball from the thickened weight and try, whether it sticks to hands: if isn't present — you correctly made everything.

Recipe of sugar structure No. 3

In advance prepare skin. It has to be pure, dry and fat-free. Hair more long than half-centimeter need to be cut slightly.

To injure less supersensitive skin of a zone of bikini, use children's powder — so sugar will easier be removed.
  1. Mix a glass of sugar, two spoons of honey and two spoons of water.
  2. Boil thoroughly mix on slow fire until it thickens.
  3. Then remove and let's cool down a little.

Carrying out an epilation, you stick together a ball from warm sugar weight and press it to a problem site, then cover with fabric from cotton. Sharply remove the stuck fabric. Wash away the remained sugar mix warm water. Epilation in a bikini zone in house conditions, a photo

Decolouration of hair in intimate zones

Sometimes girls don't take away hair, and decolour them hydrogen peroxide. After influence of peroxide of a volosika become very fragile, thin and similar to a down, and over time become thinner and broken off.

That hair completely collapsed, it is necessary to apply on them clarifier, to wait time specified in the instruction and to wash away.

Then it is necessary to mix hydrogen peroxide with liquid ammonia and to wipe the clarified hair for day. Shortly they will disappear forever.

Recommendations of experts

Carrying out these councils, you won't get rid of pain absolutely, but you will make process of an epilation more comfortable and less painful:

  1. After an epilation apply on skin means for delay of growth of undesirable hair, it will allow to prolong its smoothness and velvet for some time.Epilation in a bikini zone in house conditions, a photo
  2. Once a week use a body scrub or a peeling. They will help to open a time and to pass the growing hairs that will prevent their growing into skin.
  3. For couple of days to monthly refuse the ways of an epilation demanding courage because at this time pain is especially notable. It is best of all to plan such epilation in some days after periods.
  4. For days also pain is felt differently. Optimum time for removal of hair of bikini — from 5 to 7 evenings, at this particular time not so sharp pain.

Having decided on an independent epilation of the house, you descend on consultation to the cosmetologist. Together you will pick up an optimum way of removal of hair which won't injure skin and minimizes pain.

For restoration of skin after an epilation use the antiseptics containing vitamins A and E or on the basis of a camomile and scarlet.

If you, having picked up the way of an epilation suitable for itself, you will correctly process a zone of bikini and to adhere to a professional advice, with each procedure of a volosika will become is thinner and is softer, and inflammations and irritations — to arise more and more seldom.

Bikini zone epilation — personal experience (video)