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Epilation on a face: we choose a convenient method of removal of hair

The epilation on a face demands accuracy and attentiveness of the expert when carrying out and is one of the most unpleasant cosmetic procedures for women. It is connected with what this part of a body draws attention and is on a look, and therefore any mistakes in leaving have to be excluded. In the modern world there is a set of ways of an epilation of moustaches and a chin therefore the woman needs to choose the suitable.

Epilation on a face: we choose a convenient method of removal of hair

In order that the epilation of the person was effective, it is necessary to understand the existing ways of removal. There are 2 options of carrying out procedure:

  • in house conditions;
  • in beauty shop.

Ways of a house epilation

Epilation on a face: we choose a convenient method of removal of hair

Independent elimination of hair, as well as visit of specialized salon, has the positive and negative moments. So, for disposal of hair in the person independently you need to decide on a type of removal:

  1. Use of the razor. The option accepted when business touches feet or axillary hollows, however it isn't suitable for an epilation of moustaches and a chin. The method doesn't provide long-term result and promotes emergence of new rigid hairs.
  2. Application of an epilator. It isn't recommended to use it also as allergic reactions and inflammatory processes are possible.
  3. Depilation by means of cream. Widespread option among women, especially in case of growth of hair over an upper lip. For productivity this way should be used nearly an every week that isn't always convenient. At a choice of cosmetic pay attention to the producer, an expiration date and possible side effects. Cream is contraindicated at sensitive type of skin therefore before application make the test for allergic reaction, having applied a consistence on an elbow bend.
  4. Removal by wax. Popular, however not most pleasant way. It is necessary to use it extremely carefully not to allow burns. For those girls who don't wish to work independently with wax, there are special strips. Elimination of moustaches is followed by pain, but the effect remains for some weeks.
  5. Epilation of a chin and moustaches at women by means of tweezers. Approaches at single emergence of hair and differs in result which lasts about 6 weeks. It is best of all to apply tweezers after a skin rasparivaniye.
  6. Clarification. This way — really female option. If the epilation of an upper lip causes fear and horror, permissibly to decolour a site peroxide of hydrogen or gidroperity. Both medicines don't ensure safety and can cause irritation, an allergy.
  7. Application of a shugaring. It is especially effective during removal of hair over an upper lip. The Shugaring easily prepares independently and has no side effects as sugar and water are its part.

Epilation on a face: we choose a convenient method of removal of hair

Besides the transferred funds, there are so-called delay mechanisms of growth of hair (creams). They are used several times a day for a stop of growth of new hairs. The result is visible practically at once and promotes easier depilation. It is necessary to remember that a combination of a delay mechanism and the razor inadmissibly because of probability of destruction by the machine of follicles.

Use of any of "house" methods can't guarantee you 100% result. More reasonable and long-term option is considered visit of beauty shop where will pick up the procedure suitable your skin. In the modern technological world the razor and creams are considered as outdated options which application isn't really effective.

Cosmetology services are also subdivided into some types. We will dwell upon each method.

Laser epilation

Epilation on a face: we choose a convenient method of removal of hair

The epilation of an upper lip the laser is in demand for girls, however procedure is widespread not only among a female. Many men prefer to use the laser because of high efficiency and safety of carrying out for a long time. Only the expert having experience with delicate sites of skin has to carry out a laser epilation of the person.

The essence of procedure consists in impact of the laser on the structure of a hair which is responsible for its growth. Thanks to sapphire optics of the laser it is impossible to damage the fabrics which are a row.

Those can resort to a method who:

  • has the growing hairs;
  • struggles with irritation and black points after the razor;
  • can't eliminate vegetation for a long time with other methods.

The laser epilation of short moustaches will help the girl to forget about other ways of removal forever. Procedure has the following advantages:

  1. Lack of allergic reactions, traumatizing, irritations, inflammations.
  2. Disposal of 15% of the hairs which aren't arising more, already upon termination of the first procedure.
  3. Disposal of the grown hairs.
  4. Acquisition of smooth and velvety skin.

Completely to get rid of undesirable vegetation on a face about 8 sessions are required. The exact number of visits to you will be appointed by the expert.

It is important to note that the epilation over an upper lip, lateral faces of the person is contraindicated to girls in the following cases:

  1. During pregnancy or period of a lactation.
  2. At oncological diseases.
  3. At diabetes.
  4. At psoriasis, eczema or herpes.

Epilation on a face: we choose a convenient method of removal of hair

Shortcomings of laser procedure of the high price of a session and preparatory actions. Before procedure it isn't recommended to visit a sunbed and to acquire a tan, to use tweezers in an epilation zone, to use antibiotics.

For 3 days after an epilation you will have to refuse acceptance of hot bathtubs, visit of pools and saunas. An important element of leaving is wiping of skin special substance with alcohol.

Removal by wax in salon

Unlike house carrying out, procedure differs in high quality of the applied means. By means of wax or wax strips disposal of hair on the parties of the person, on a chin and an epilation of moustaches at women is carried out.

Pluses of a wax epilation in the following:

  • suits thin and sensitive skin;
  • it is carried out taking into account requirements and specific features of the client;
  • effect duration for 3 weeks;
  • each time hairs will be will be refined.

Minuses of visit of salon:

  • considerable cost;
  • impossibility to sunbathe, use srubs or basts for the person;
  • need of regular visit of the cosmetologist for maintenance of effect.

At a choice of a suitable way analyze not only positive sides and simplicity of actions, but also possible side effects.