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Epilation of hands. Effective removal of hair

Epilation of hands. Effective removal of hair

Gentle, graceful, tender, soft, nervous … what only epithets don't apply to female hands! But anybody and will never begin to speak delightfully about handles — "hairy". It, perhaps, the latest that the woman would like to hear. Nevertheless, hand hair grow — so the person is arranged. The truth they grow at all differently. Some the lucky person, in general, practically don't have them, at others — weak, hardly noticeable light down, the third are lucky much less — vegetation rather dense and very much even noticeable.

For a long time women looked for ways to get rid of excess "hairiness". Still the epilation of hands wax was in the ancient time very popular. At present beauties appeared much more options. The modern cosmetology allows each woman to pick up to itself that method which best of all is suitable for it.

However, before deciding on this procedure, it is necessary to find out, whether there are at you no contraindications. As the main of them are considered:

  • diabetes;
  • hormonal violations;
  • pregnancy or period of a lactation;
  • sharp stage of herpes;
  • existence of solar burns, wounds or other damages of an integument;
  • individual intolerance of the components used for procedure.

It is not the complete list. To prevent possible negative consequences for the health, it is necessary to consult with your attending physician.

"House" methods of an epilation

Perhaps, the easiest and fast way of removal of unnecessary vegetation — this shaving. However it isn't suitable for hands at all. Already next day after procedure hair will start sprouting. And will become even more rigid, more dark and are more dense. And hands will become prickly to the touch. Here it — what least of all it would be desirable! Therefore shaving should be rejected indignantly at once.

Other popular method — creams depilators. They are very simple and easy to use. And to use them it isn't sick at all. However, there are also minuses. First, if you have a sensitive skin, from use of such creams there can be an irritation. Secondly, effect, unfortunately, rather short-term. Two-three days — it is also necessary to repeat procedure.

The next way — is an epilation of hair on hands by means of a household electroepilator. The head of the device rotates with a high speed and removal of hair happens mechanically. It too is rather convenient — operation can be made independently, in house conditions. And effect much more resistant — two-three weeks. However, procedure this rather painful. After it often there is an irritation, and many complain of a strong itch. To calm skin, it is recommended to apply special lotions.

Decolouration. Strictly speaking, this method won't allow you to get rid of undesirable hair. But, if vegetation on hands rather rare and thin, you are able to disguise it. For this purpose it is possible to use hydrogen peroxide solution. He will absorb a natural dark pigment of hair and, as a result, will make them imperceptible.

Epilation of hands. Effective removal of hair

Epilation wax

The next very popular way — an epilation of hands wax. It is possible to allocate two kinds of this method:

  • use of special wax strips;
  • epilation hot wax.

Wax strips are applied on skin of hands and are removed the sharp movement which is made against growth of hair. The epilation hot wax looks a little differently. Wax is warmed and applied with a thin layer on the necessary zone. The hot structure softens skin and provides penetration of substance to hair bulbs.

After full hardening stack strips of dense paper on a surface, and then remove it the sharp movement. The undesirable vegetation on hands is removed together with wax. The effect from such procedure remains throughout two — four weeks. The result will depend on your specific features. An epilation wax — procedure rather painful. Besides, in its process the top layer of skin epidermis is damaged. Therefore after removal of hair wax recommends to apply special gel which promotes regeneration of new cages on skin.

Laser and electroepilation

It is one more rather effective and checked by time method. The undesirable vegetation is removed under the influence of an impulse of current which gets in a hair bulb and forms small soldering. It prevents intake of nutrients and, as a result, a hair, remained without "food", perishes.

The result from an epilation remains for two-three weeks. However, procedure is rather painful and can cause irritation of skin. To minimize side effects, it is recommended to use special structures which calm the injured skin and, besides, don't allow hairs to grow into it.

It is rather new, but already won popularity way of disposal of hated vegetation. Procedure is carried out by means of the special laser machine. Under the influence of radiation hair change color and structure, becoming thin and less noticeable. The hair bulb heats up and collapses. And, over time — after several procedures — you will be able to get rid of hand hair completely.

Epilation of hands. Effective removal of hair

Rules of conduct after an epilation

Irrespective of the fact which you chose a method, after its carrying out it is necessary to follow some rules and precautionary measures.

  • Within, at least, two weeks it is necessary to preserve skin against influence of ultraviolet rays. It isn't recommended to sunbathe, and before an exit to the street in a hot season it is necessary to use special creams from suntan.
  • Within the first days after procedure you shouldn't visit saunas or baths.
  • The hair growing in breaks between sessions laser or electroepilations, it is possible to delete only by means of hair removal cream.

As you can see, the epilation of hands stopped being a problem now. There would be a desire — and from vegetation there will be no trace. Simply choose a suitable method — and everything will be as it should be. Let your handles will always be gentle, tender and womanly.