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Epilation a thread how to do how to make a thread for removal of hair how to use, video, responses.

The epilation a thread — is the most available and simple technology of removal of hair, to resort to which it is possible in any conditions, having near at hand only the coil of threads. Convenience and profitability of a method is explained by this simplicity. but thus it allows to get rid very qualitatively of excess hair, achieving worthy effect.

It is better to seize this way of an epilation in advance that in case of lack of any additional tools it was possible to use this unique option.

Features of carrying out epilation thread

Epilation a thread how to do how to make a thread for removal of hair how to use, video, responses. The thread helps to get rid quickly and almost without serious consequences of excess all body hair.

Usually for this process the qualitative silk thread, but also simpler options is used, for example, a cotton thread will quite fit for training.

This way of an epilation appeared many centuries ago in the east. East women became one of the first women that wished to relieve the body of excess hair.

The thread, as well as any other adaptations for an epilation, possesses a separate number of advantages and shortcomings, besides, it also, as well as other options, demands preliminary preparation of skin without which all procedure won't bring any benefit.

It is important to consider that the thread, despite all the simplicity, remains all the same tool for rather painful procedure, as to an epilation the same wax therefore it is worth taking its use seriously and responsibility, as well as a usual epilation.

Advantages and shortcomings of unusual procedure

Thread there is a lot of advantages at an epilation, but main from them:

Epilation a thread how to do how to make a thread for removal of hair how to use, video, responses.

  • profitability, after all this epilations — the cheapest option from all existing;
  • simplicity of use and availability, the thread can be found practically everywhere so it isn't necessary to take with itself, for example, in travel, something more bulky;
  • epilations doesn't differ in a thread by the efficiency from any other ways why and quite successfully competes with them;
  • lack of the possible allergic reactions inherent in some other methods;
  • absolute efficiency, removal even imperceptible at first hairs.

But, however, this method has also some essential shortcomings to which it is possible to carry:

  • this procedure takes a lot of time as the active part of all "adaptation" takes rather small sites of skin because of what the movements should be repeated "up-down" many times;
  • the thread is rather difficult in use for removal of hair in difficult available places, so, for example, it categorically isn't suitable for correction of the line of bikini;
  • action of a thread on skin it is similar to influence of an edge in time to have a shave — at an epilation the high probability of damage and a siccation of skin because of continuous contact with a thread, than, for example, in a usage time of strips with wax exists a thread.

It is important to realize all pluses and minuses of this procedure which equally allocate also a practicality of use of a thread, and difficulties connected with a choice of this way.

Considering features of use of a thread, it is impossible to call it the best tool for disposal of excess hair on a body, but in some situations it can become irreplaceable option.

Watch video: a filar epilation from All quarrystone to Dobra

Epilation a thread how to do how to make a thread for removal of hair how to use, video, responses. It isn't so simple to get rid of excess a body hair as can seem. Among various ways of disposal of vegetation depilation by means of wax favourably differs. Many kinds of this product which cardinally differs in a look, temperature and a method of application are for this purpose thought up. We invite to read how to use wax for depilation.

After carrying out an epilation wax in house conditions quite often are on skin traces from it. Most easy and popular ways of removal of wax here.

Depilyatsionny cream for a bikini zone – the quite good option for those who suffers from the constant skin irritations caused by use of the shaving machine is afraid of the pain caused by wax depilation or simply hesitates to come to beauty shop. The TOP of the best depilators for a bikini zone

Epilation in house conditions

The epilation a thread represents the way of disposal of excess hair suitable for house conditions. Of course, it is possible to find also salons which provide similar service, but in practice the sense in it isn't present. The charm consists in simplicity of use of a method and in its profitability, and at desire to go to the chosen salon and to spend money for payment of work of the master it is possible to choose something more difficult that is problematic to spend at home — an epilation wax or other procedure.

By the way, there is even a special device which allows to imitate an epilation a thread.

Very peculiar epilator does procedure more convenient and allows a thread to process even the most difficult available sites of a body or those places where the special subtlety of work — for example is required, eyebrows.

Epilation a thread how to do how to make a thread for removal of hair how to use, video, responses.

As it is correct to make depilation wax in house conditions for different sites of a body by various methods, you can learn from our article.

Preparation for removal of hair

It is important to follow accurately several preparatory stages that the epilation passed it is really successful and I brought desired results.
First of all it is necessary to prepare skin. This procedure is rather standard — to use the main thing any house or already ready srub which will help to relieve skin of the shelled parts, and also will remove fat and any other pollution.

For simplification of procedure it is possible to put to skin for some time the hot towel which is previously heated in hot water. It will help time to reveal, and procedure will take place much easier, with smaller pain and is more effective.

After preparatory stages it is important to wipe carefully skin, whether it be hands, a face or feet as during an epilation skin has to be ideally dry, any moisture can spoil process only.

Preparation of a thread doesn't demand almost any efforts. It is important to put the chosen thread in the form of the eight (having overwound two or even three times). The similar texture also is the operating tool for an epilation. The thread develops twice, is tied by a small small knot and put on fingers of both hands, on them it is overwound in an infinity sign then it is overwound once again. A thread in the konstruktsii center — the main operating tool taking hairs.
Epilation a thread how to do how to make a thread for removal of hair how to use, video, responses.

Really to clean all superfluous from a skin surface, there are also special inhibitors — the means which are slowing down growth of hair and leading to gradual easing and destruction of the structure of a hair follicle. Learn more about means for delay of growth of hair after an epilation.

Rules of use on a face and feet

Epilation a thread how to do how to make a thread for removal of hair how to use, video, responses. The main rules of carrying out an epilation — this attention to preliminary preparation of skin. This stage occupies the most part of time and is a basis of carrying out high-quality procedure.

For the rest epilations a thread it is rather simple. It is necessary to undertake both ends of "eight" fingers and to carry out a thread against the direction of growth of hair. That eyelet that was formed in the center because of several twistings, and will uproot hairs.

Really, the thread allows to take rather small sites of skin therefore standing it should be used long enough, but here, for example, on a face it will be ideally suited for disposal of excess "vegetation". But before use of a thread with face skin it is necessary to carry out the same manipulations, as, for example, with skin of feet — a srub, a warm towel and careful drying.

Not everyone is capable to take out the pain caused by an epilator. And here the depilyatsionny cream which is delicately influencing skin and effectively destroying hairs is capable to cope with this task absolutely without serious consequences. Examine reviews of hair removal cream Lawn.

Care of skin

Epilation a thread how to do how to make a thread for removal of hair how to use, video, responses. The epilation a thread though looks rather unusually and very simply, demands high-quality and attentive care of skin after all procedure.

It is important to use regularly a srub which will help to avoid emergence and development of the numerous grown hair and to facilitate the subsequent procedures of an epilation.

Important as well worthy moistening, thus is better to choose the most gentle and nutritious means — the epilation a thread, perhaps, more injures skin if to compare it to other ways of disposal of excess hair. For this reason the care of skin which is required to be restored and humidified after active mechanical influence is very important.

Contraindications and consequences

The main contraindication to use of a thread for an epilation — is hypersensibility of skin.

It is too dry, the gentle and sensitive skin inclined to emergence of constant bruises and scratches even because of the minimum influence on it will be hardly grateful for use of such rather drastic remedy. After all besides a vyryvaniye of hairs the thread on all the "way" on skin considerably scratches it, lifts imperceptible "shelushinka" and rather strongly harms to a state and appearance of skin.

For this reason high-quality moistening and worthy care of skin after carrying out procedure is important — they will help to get rid of such possible consequences as reddening, irritation, excessive dryness and hypersensibility of skin.

Video for you: as the filar epilator works

Natural oils are useful to all organism, have broad application in cosmetology, and for massage are simply necessary! They are easily acquired by skin, form good sliding of hands during massage, and surplus quite simply is removed. In more detail about what to choose oil for massage of a body.


Olga. I don't know why the epilation a thread so is praised for disposal of hair in the person. I tried, but, frankly speaking, it is very inconvenient way. Considering bends of the person it is almost impossible to take all hairs, a lot of time was required to achieve ideal result and completely to get rid of "short moustaches". As on me, small wax strips for the person much more conveniently are also more practical. Of course, if to argue about profitability, the thread obviously wins against the same wax stripes, but convenience to me nevertheless is more important. Of course, if there comes the moment when I forget to buy these strips, but I urgently will need to get rid of hair — I will resort to a thread. It is rather easy way, I seized it quickly enough. For the sake of experiment, I think, it is worth trying everything.

Epilation a thread how to do how to make a thread for removal of hair how to use, video, responses.

Marine. An epilation a thread — it for me something absolutely new. I in general very much don't love an epilation, I have very aggravated painful sensitivity, I badly transfer this procedure therefore every time I try new options to find the most painless of them. The epilation a thread became, by the way, one of the leading options here. Yes, it long enough during disposal of feet of hair, not too conveniently but because the thread takes not so many hair for time, turns out that all pain shares for small "portions" and all procedure is transferred easier. Well, also I think, everything who at least once tried this method, will very always emphasize its improbable profitability. Threads at all are at home, and it is more than anything and it isn't necessary — free procedure for disposal of hair.

The epilation a thread remains in very convenient way of disposal of excess hair. The way has enough minuses, but at competent use of a thread and careful attitude of skin for certain it will be possible to avoid any possible negative consequences. Besides, absolute profitability of procedure and lack of need to look for extras or means becomes bright advantage.
Thread it is possible to call an epilation the best option of an epilation on long and long trips when each centimeter of a bag which doesn't want to be borrowed with means for an epilation is important. But, of course, in that case on an epilation a thread it is necessary to spend a lot of time to take pleasure in healthy and attractive result.

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