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Epilation of armpits in house conditions

Epilation of armpits in house conditions
Armpit hair grow much quicker, than in other parts of a body. Ways to remove undesirable vegetation exists much that allows to choose an optimum method which will suit each woman individually. The epilation of armpits is considered simple procedure, but for the little subtleties of all ways of removal of hair in this part of a body are known.

Types of an epilation of armpits

Skin of armpits rather gentle, and shaving only increases intensity of growth and thickness of hair.

There are different ways of an epilation of armpits which can be applied in house conditions, or to order procedure in beauty shop.

The choice of a method of removal of hair depends on your financial opportunities, a pain threshold, and also long term of desirable result. As the most widespread ways of an epilation of armpits are considered:

  1. Vaksing – during such procedure hairs are removed with a root thanks to putting the warmed wax. Weight is distributed on skin, and from above impose a cotton strip. After that, the slip breaks the sharp movement, and the vegetation is removed together with the wax remains. Such depilation podmyshekprokhodit quite painfully, and the result from procedure can remain from 2 to 4 weeks;

    Epilation of armpits in house conditions

  2. The epilator – means such way removal of hair the special electric device which nozzle consists of a set of small tweezers. The head of an epilator moves, and plates take hairs, pulling out them together with a root. Processing of armpits such device differs in special morbidity, and not each woman will be able to bear this procedure. The effect from application of an epilator can remain from 2 to 4 weeks;
  3. Cream depilator – this method allows to remove vegetation from a body thanks to drawing means with a special chemical composition. Hair removal cream softens structure of a hair and promotes its vyskalzyvaniye. Some producers let out the creams intended for separate parts of a body. Such depilation of armpits doesn't bring any discomfort, but the effect from procedure will remain not for long: hair will start growing again in 1-2 weeks;
  4. Эlos the epilation is an innovative way of removal of hair which is applied only in beauty shops or the cosmetology centers. Advantage of such procedure that when processing armpits the special device you will be able to get rid even of a hard, dark or thick hair. The device not only eliminates vegetation for very long time, but also tightens skin in a processing zone. Having completed a course эlos epilations, you will be able not to worry about growth of hair for a period of 5 years;
  5. Laser epilation – this modern method is known to everyone. After a radiation course light flashes, you will be able to get rid of hair for some years. The laser epilation of armpits doesn't bring any discomfort, but demands considerable financial investments. Procedure can be ordered in any beauty shop where you will be consulted by the skilled master. To reach the maximum result it will be necessary to complete a radiation course which consists of 3-6 sessions. The laser epilation of armpits is considered in the most popular way to depilate for long term;
  6. The photoepilation – this procedure is also carried out in beauty shops where for removal of vegetation use the special device. During a session the master irradiates follicles by means of accurately directed light waves that promotes destruction of a bulb and removal of hair for long time. Procedure takes place as well as a laser epilation of armpits, with only that difference that photoradiation costs a little cheaper. After several sessions you will be able to forget about vegetation for a period of 3 till 6 years.

Epilation of armpits in house conditions
You shouldn't forget that hardware methods have rather big list of contraindications. It is necessary to examine it before registering in a session in beauty shop or the cosmetology center.

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House epilation of armpits

If you haven't enough time or money regularly to visit the master in beauty shop, then independent removal of hair will be ideal option.

Depilation of armpits demands certain skills, but prilovchivshisx, you will be able quickly and effectively to depilate in house conditions.

Not to do much harm to the skin, and to carry out procedure effectively and easily, observe such recommendations:

  • Before a vaksing you shouldn't take a bath or a shower, it will help to avoid irritation;
  • Hairs won't grow if before procedure to carry out a legkiypiling;
  • Depilation of armpits will take place successfully if length of hair in this part of a body reaches 3-5 mm;
  • Carefully disinfect hands before beginning procedure;
  • Epilation of armpits in house conditions

  • When the epilation of armpits is ended, you apply the calming lotion or cream on skin;
  • If you delete vegetation by means of wax, it is necessary to tear off a strip the sharp and accurately directed movement;
  • It is better to put an epilator on the first speed, it will reduce morbidity of procedure;
  • If all of you prefer shaving, don't forget about drawing special means for delay of growth of hair.

Procedure has to take place easily if you do everything correctly. Removal of hair in house conditions will help to save time and money, and also will allow to control process of an epilation. It is desirable to get the calming lotions and creams which slow down restoration of bulbs and growth new a follicle.

For those women who have a problem of high sensitivity of skin, there are special creams and sprays, they are applied on a body for anesthesia.

If you are afraid to do procedures independently, it is possible to pass consultation at the cosmetologist. He will tell how to spend an epilation at home, and will help to pick up the best method of removal of hair individually.