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Epilation wax strips in house conditions: how to make

Not so long ago on such trifle as hairs standing, nobody paid attention unless they drew attention with density of a cover and dark color. Now the fashion dictates at all to get rid of this protective natural cover.

If skin of your legs not ideally smooth to be shown in decent society – bad manners. Get rid of hairs standing in the different ways: who shaves off them who peroxide processes who clarifies.

The best thought-up means are wax strips so far. As it is correct to carry out depilation by wax strips in house conditions how to make such strips most?

To make wax strips of the house it is necessary to prepare dense waterproof paper or strong fabric from which to cut strips of the small size, further it is necessary to warm wax up to the tolerant temperature and to apply on problem sites of a body.

From above to fix the wax strips prepared in house conditions to sustain some minutes and to move away them together with unnecessary hairs. It is best of all to choose for strips fabric cotton or flax, to find them width somewhere in a palm.

Epilation wax strips in house conditions: how to make

Attention: to do length to 15 cm, and width – 10 cm, the rectangle turns out, it needs to be hemmed from all directions, and to process edges on an overloka. Such strips can be used much one-time, greasing them with warm wax.

Now you know how to make wax strips in house conditions and how to execute depilation without the assistance of experts by own efforts.

How competently to use wax strips?

Procedure of their application isn't too pleasant, even is painful, but at some skills unpleasant feelings can be reduced.

  1. Impose wax strips only on purely washed up skin. All pollution, like dust, sweat, though aren't visible an unaided look, disturb contact of wax with skin. Means, not strongly will help.
  2. For procedure it is necessary to allocate separate day. Whenever possible, day off. Legs after such "pleasures" will need to have a rest. If they have to bear you on urgent affairs, it won't bring delight neither to them, nor you.
  3. Before drawing wax strips it is desirable to luxuriate in a heat bath. Even more effectively – to steam out legs in almost hot water (that to the touch maintained temperature). It is easier to delete hairs from the relaxed, steamed out skin. A time extends, you will feel pains less.
  4. It is possible to impose wax strips on carefully prepared skin also. Before it you pound them put in half, half-minute, maybe, it is slightly more for a wax warming up. In a firm state from it I pound a little.
  5. You smooth the stuck wax strip in the direction of growth of hairs on a foot.
  6. You allow wax time to cool down slightly. Hairs will stiffen in substance, will lag behind together with it, leaving skin with a root.
  7. You delete a strip with breakthrough, against growth of hair, holding since one end skin at a strip with fingers.
  8. If it is too painful, means it is necessary to postpone procedure for some hours, and after once again to try – actually procedure tolerant, and painful pains shouldn't be.
  9. At such destructive influence skin needs to be helped. You break, though partially, its integrity. In "tears" quite there is a risk to bring microbes therefore apply special posleepillyatsionny cream on svezheobrabotanny skin.
  10. It is considered the best with additives of a tea tree. There is no cream near at hand – olive oil will fit. It also velvety does skin.
  11. Now you allow legs to have a rest and restore forces, and you put wax strips to the following time, and it will come in weeks 3 when hairs manage grow again length a minimum in half-centimeter.

Thus, there is an epilation wax strips in house conditions. This one of effective ways when "vegetation" is cleaned for long time, skin becomes smooth and elastic, and legs attractive and well-groomed!

Epilation wax strips in house conditions: how to make

Councils of the skilled — how to make wax strips of the house and it is correct to use them?

  1. Before carrying out depilation it is necessary to look at length of hairs, they have to be not less than 5 mm, differently results will be minimum.
  2. It is important to consider contraindications at the time of procedure performance, to exclude various damages, skin diseases that body temperature wasn't higher than 36,6 degrees.
  3. To do depilation during monthly and in the first week after periods it isn't recommended.
  4. To make the most wax strips it is necessary to get qualitative natural fabric and wax, strictly to follow the maintenance instruction of products.
  5. It is necessary to remove a strip against growth of hair not to break integrity of indumentum.
  6. Depilation available and highly effective, it can be done in house conditions, without involving to the aid the expert.

Yes, the beauty demands the victims but only if they aren't connected with health. Take care. Now you know how to make house wax strips and to carry out depilation by wax quickly and effectively.

Conclusion and recommendations!

If you still had still questions, it is possible to watch video about depilation by wax strips in house conditions and to find responses to all interesting nuances of carrying out procedure.

Remember that after use of a wax epilation according to all rules, hair on problem places won't grow about 3 weeks. So to you to decide – to carry out procedure or not, but the result promises to be stunning!

Video about wax strips for depilation