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Exercises for breast muscles. How to tighten a breast in house conditions

Practically each woman dreams of that the breast was beautiful, high and elastic. The tone of pectoral muscles is pledge of a beautiful breast. The mammary gland keeps on pectoral muscles therefore the tightened and driven muscles increase a breast and raise it.On the beautiful, tightened breast anylingerieperfectly looks. Nevertheless not still know that there is a number of simple exercises for maintenance and strengthening of a breast which it is possible to carry out houses.

Today the site %host of % will show effective exercises for increase in a breast, will tell as it is quickly possible to tighten a breast and pectoral muscles in house conditions.

Care of a breast has to be complex and besides exercises it is necessary to use cream for a breast and skin of a decollete. Ukhodovy means will help to support skin in the elastic and humidified state. Believe, these metamorphoses for certain will lighten you mood and a self-assessment!

At regular trainings which include exercises for increase in a breast and study of all pectoral muscles, you by all means will achieve desirable result.

So, we start studying of receptions. Pay the attention that for exercises you needto find two dumbbellshavingweight in half a kilogram or kilogramBe not upset if you have no dumbbells, after all they can easily be replaced with plastic bottles with water (1 kg = a 1-liter bottle of water). Weight is limited thus in order that dumbbells could be lifted and lowered with little effort, after all each movement needs to be repeated on 10 times.

It is necessary to do these exercises 3 times a week and in 14 days it is possible to observe noticeable improvement.

We begin with warm-up

This moment is key at any sports activities, after all without due warm-up of a muscle won't be heated and considerably the probability of receiving injuries increases. We will develop breast muscles therefore also we carry out warm-up for them.

  1. The first - it is necessary to embrace himself strong. At this moment you have to feel that all your pectoral muscles are in tension. Now we get up directly, we straighten a back, and we part hands in the parties. It will be our initial position. For a start we embrace ourselves, having crossed hands. Then, holding brushes shoulders, we are late for 2-3 seconds in this situation. It is necessary to repeat 10 times, and then to move further.

  2. The second warm-up exercise - jumps. To warm breast muscles, to accelerate work of heart such effective exercise will approach. A starting position - standing, feet together, hands below. We begin jumps - we place feet in the parties and we raise the divorced hands in the parties over the head. On a breath we come back to a starting position. We carry out jumps within a minute.

  3. The third exercise - a mill. Feet on width of shoulders, we begin circular rotation with hands, serially. The right hand is raised, left at this time below. We rotate hands within 30 seconds.

Main part of exercises

Now warm-up is finished and we are ready to pass to the main part of our occupation. We carry out each following exercise 10 times on 2-3 approaches. In total we should examine a number of exercises in number of 7 pieces.

Exercises for breast muscles. How to tighten a breast in house conditions

  1. The first - cultivation of hands with dumbbells in the parties. Begins from an initial position - a prone position on a back. Under shovels I recommend to enclose the elastic roller which will exclude pain or to lay down on a rug. Now we take dumbbells in hand and we extend them up directly over a breast. We need to straighten smoothly hands in the parties and to come back to a starting position with the hands extended before a breast. We do exercise on a breath - an exhalation. A breath - we lower hands in the parties, an exhalation - we raise hands up.

  2. The second - lowering of hands with dumbbells. The following exercise is carried out in the same a starting position - lying on a back, but straight arms with dumbbells are over hips. On an exhalation we raise straight arms up and we get for the head. On a breath we come back to a starting position respectively, that is we lower hands to hips.

  3. The third exercise - push-ups at an angle in 45 degrees. It will be required from us use of such improvised subjects as couples of chairs or any other height. So, we kneel or socks (depends on your preparation), before ourselves we put both chairs. Now we put hands on seats and on an exhalation we bend hands. At this moment the breast needs to be lowered most low. On a breath we come back to our starting position.

  4. The fourth - tightening of palms. Now we get on feet and we connect palms at the level of a breast. During five - six seconds we press a palm on other palm so strongly as far as it is possible. Best of all between palms to clamp a small elastic ball. 

  5. The fifth - push-ups from a floor. Now we rest hands against a floor, support on knees. We begin rhythmical push-ups from a floor. For the trained girls, support we do on socks. An exhalation - we bend hands and we fall as it is possible below. A breath - we straighten hands. The back has to be a straight line.

  6. The sixth exercise - pulling up of hands with dumbbells to a breast. We get on feet, we sit down (we take away buttocks back, as if sitting down on a stool) a little, the back will be approximately under 45 degrees to a floor. In hands of a dumbbell, a hand we extend before a breast, elbows are twisted aside. On an exhalation we tighten dumbbells to a breast, getting elbows for a back. A breath - we straighten hands before ourselves.

  7. The seventh - pulling up of dumbbells to a stomach. A starting position same, as well as in the 6th exercise. Hands to hold dumbbells perpendicular to a floor, elbows look down, hands are extended at the level of a stomach. We tighten dumbbells to a stomach - an exhalation. We extend forward - a breath.


To finish occupation, we need to execute some weakening exercises. It also is an obligatory element and can consist of several receptions on your own choice.

So, it is possible to raise a hand and to shake it here and there in air. To connect brushes in the lock and to extend hands at first forward, then up over the head and finally to link brushes behind the back, it is possible to extend and raise hands as far as it (the back remains to a straight line).

Besides, it is possible to take a hand another for the region of a brush and quietly to stir up. Finally, the following isn't forbidden: a starting position - lying on a floor with the extended feet and hands. Extending hands up, it is necessary to stretch all over as it is possible. After it is necessary to relax.

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