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Extension of short eyelashes: feature of technology

Extension of thin short eyelashes – a way to make natural eyelashes fluffy, expressive and memorable. Many women are rather afraid to paste artificial hairs because of their deliberately artificial look and too big length, but not always leshmeyker create such effect. In this question a crucial role plays wishes of the client of rather end result. Young ladies prefer extreme length, and here ladies are more senior apply extension of hairs of the moderate size to masking of the shortcomings.

Extension of short eyelashes: feature of technology

For what do extension of short eyelashes

Doll eyes bewitch and attract, but not all women suit this effect of building. Generally it is used for creation of a deep look, and here hairs are applied to giving of natural dimensions and splendor well.

Such artificial frame can be carried daily. It is convenient, an eye doesn't rub and doesn't press on an eyelid.

The smallest fibers distribute near a nose bridge in the beginning, then on the middle of the century and slowly increase length to the outer edge of an eye. The most natural effect is created, so, artificial material is selected in such a way that it didn't give out itself(himself) against native eyelashes in any way, and only decorated them and did brighter.

Features of procedure mini building

At calculation of length of artificial hairs parameters of the natural are always considered. There are following standards of materials for building:

7 mm – are used for creation of volume on a lower eyelid;

10 mm – optimum option for formation of a natural frame for eyes.

14 mm – fibers which are suitable for owners of own long and dense eyelashes. Help to make a look expressive. Are generally imposed before a celebration or a party. Aren't suitable for fair-haired girls.

Extension of short eyelashes: feature of technology

12 mm – are applied to creation of an effective frame, but with preservation of effect of naturalness. Ideal option for decoration of natural hairs, which length not less than 7-8 mm.

15-20 mm – the heaviest, bulky. Only for holidays and glamourous photos then at once are removed. Socks as break structure of native hairs don't approach for daily, break and bent during washing, a dream, etc.

At the appeal to a skilled lashmeyker it is possible to be quiet for the new image, it will pick up optimum eyelashes for building. In our case optimum range – 7-10 mm. Only in this case nobody will suspect you of use of artificial hairs.

It is also important to pick up a curl correctly. Short eyelashes can be the following type:

  • B – easy, is suitable for creation of natural effect;
  • J – almost imperceptible bend, is suitable for owners of direct eyelashes;
  • C – has a sufficient corner to replace ink and tweezers.

In mini building it is important to pay close attention to qualities of materials. Is best of all in the eyes the silk hairs having the small thickness, good elasticity and deep saturated color look.

Rules of a choice of diameter of fibers:

  1. 0,15 – hairs are similar on natural, covered with ink.
  2. 0,1 – works with the fragile, thin eyelashes inclined to loss. Material isn't felt on centuries.
  3. 0,2-for the busy women who decided to refuse decorative cosmetics, but thus to look magnificent at any time.
  4. 0,25 – have big density, heavy, are applied only for are solemn cases.

The master will independently pick up to you length, thickness and a bend according to natural data and will make the most beautiful, natural eyelash extension.

Extension of short eyelashes: feature of technology

How to look after eyelashes after procedure

Small hairs, also as well as long, need regular leaving, differently the term of their service will be short and after them there will be problems with fragility, loss.

Basic rules:

  1. Not to visit a bath, a sauna and other places with high temperature.
  2. Not to sleep-faced in a pillow not to deform fiber.
  3. Not to apply a mask and cream with the content of oils and other fat components on area of eyelids.
  4. To delete decorative cosmetics from eyes only with special tonics and lotions.
  5. To avoid frequent contacts with the chlorinated and salty water.
  6. Regularly to comb eyelashes a special brush for preservation of their stetichesky look.
  7. In time you carry out correction.

Observance of elementary rules will help to carry beautiful eyelashes throughout the long period of time and not to worsen a condition of native hairs.

Extension of short eyelashes: feature of technology

Why eyelashes after building became shorter

The reasons of deterioration of a condition of natural hairs after building a set. On the first place violation of technology of fastening of artificial hairs to natural, use of low-quality materials and the wrong leaving during the period between corrections is in this list.

As a result of these negative factors of an eyelash become thinner, are tired, their structure considerably suffers, oxygen food doesn't arrive and exhaustion, loss begins. In the first months after removal of an artificial frame noticeable reduction of length and volume can be observed. Though in most cases simply visually it seems to women that their hairs became shorter because of a habit to see in a mirror and to feel on themselves the greatest length. Try to compare length on old photos to give a fair assessment.

For restoration of natural hairs use force of natural means: oils, herbs, vitamins.

Masks for strengthening and lengthening of eyelashes:

  • castor and burdock oil;

Moisten a Q-tip or a brush from old ink in an oil basis and accurately distribute on all length of hairs, trying not to concern the line of growth as there is a risk to bring oil in eyes and to cause irritation of a mucous membrane. Optimum time of influence – 15-20 minutes. After that it is necessary to wash out eyes warm water.

Don't leave for night! Oil can provoke hypostasis of eyelids.

  • Camomile infusion. Trouble a grass, cool to room temperature and moisten wadded tampons. Impose in the form of a compress for 20-30 minutes. It isn't necessary to wash after procedure that useful components continued to work.

That eyelashes quickly returned a former look and became much more strong, more long, it is recommended to add vitamin E to oil bases, and also to accept inside vitamin complexes for strengthening of hair or developed especially for maintenance of female beauty.

To native eyelashes doesn't get expressiveness and volume? Leshmeykera with ease will execute your dream and will create for you a new beautiful frame for eyes. You can increase short fibers which won't be beaten out from a general series and to look artificial. Accurately performed work looks naturally and gracefully. The main thing correctly elect the master that he didn't do harm to your appearance and health of natural hairs.