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Eyebrow oil: what to choose, house application, recipes of masks

Eyebrows on the structure differ in nothing from the head hair, only they are shorter and slightly more fat. However and with them there are same problems: drop out, grow bunches, become rigid, lose former chromaticity, stick out in different directions, don't grow. And how to reanimate them in such cases? Exits can be a little: to go to salon, to buy expensive means for strengthening or to try to correct a situation independently in house conditions. And if you decided not to be poisoned with chemistry and to refuse aggressive saloon techniques, usual cosmetic eyebrow oil will help you to put them in order. Simply learn them to use.

Eyebrow oil: what to choose, house application, recipes of masks

We choose eyebrow oil

Today in any drugstore it is possible to buy eyebrow oil and in usual shops the shortcoming too isn't present. There are they everyone — differently, but especially the prices don't bite. It is necessary to fork up for exotic products (jojoba, a ylang-ylang etc.), and castor oil habitual to us or burdock oil won't ruin you. Advantages — weight, but one of the most pressing problems — as to choose that wonderful means which will help you from the offered variety? The small instruction about useful properties of cosmetic oils for eyebrows will help you to feel with this question, like a duck to water.

  • Amla — is silkiness and softness of your eyebrows;
  • the argon — oil for growth of eyebrows, their density and volume;
  • the grape — for daily food;
  • jojoba softens and humidifies;
  • germs of wheat will stop loss of eyebrows;
  • the ylang-ylang restores eyebrows after damages;
  • cocoa is necessary for moistening, it stimulates growth of eyebrows, adds them gloss.
  • castor oil for eyebrows is considered the best ukhodovy means as solves practically all problems: does them obedient, soft, brilliant, intensifies growth;
  • coconut oil — for strengthening of eyebrows, against their loss;
  • the linen strengthens roots, intensifies growth;
  • the macadamia differs in the fine moistening properties;
  • almond eyebrow oil provides their uniform growth, will relieve of ugly bunches and "penk";
  • the sea-buckthorn will rescue from loss and thinning;
  • peach eyebrow oil — ideal means, which application does process of plucking out of hairs painless and more pleasant;
  • burdock eyebrow oil, perhaps — the most demanded as, possessing low fat content, doesn't leave behind grease gloss, feeds and makes impression of an ukhozhennost;
  • the usma — oil which and hair will force to grow quicker, and eyelashes will make longer, and eyebrows will turn in dense, a beautiful form a strip.

What of the above-mentioned — the best eyebrow oil to solve only to you. Here individual shipping and reaction of an organism will play large role. It isn't pleasant to someone burdock because on it there is an allergy, and someone doesn't love kastorovy for its too fat consistence. Others can simply be delighted, having seen results after the first application on the basis of these oils. Therefore — choose, experiment, draw conclusions and make an own cosmetics bag for care of eyebrows.

Educational program

Usm — a plant from family mustard on the basis of its useful, nutritious juice make excellent cosmetic oil by means of which it is possible to put quickly in order not only eyebrows, but also hair, and eyelashes.

Eyebrow oil: what to choose, house application, recipes of masks

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TOP of house recipes for strengthening of eyelashes: rules of restoration, selection of oils, recipes.

Rules of use of oils for eyebrows

After you solved, what oil to smear an eyebrow, it is worth studying the main recommendations, how exactly it is necessary to do it. Too active madams often make a serious mistake, processing eyebrows without any rules and a regularity. As a result of result don't wait and stop using oils within home care of eyelashes. And after all it is enough to study only 1 time this simple instruction from cosmetologists — and the effect can be estimated after the first procedure.


  1. It is better to warm up cosmetic eyebrow oils previously. For this purpose you arrange a special water bath. Optimum temperature shouldn't exceed 50 °C, but also not to be less than 40 °C. Warmth accelerates penetration of biologically active agents containing in oils (in particular — saturated and nonsaturated fatty acids). Their consistence becomes more liquid, they are easier acquired by cages, terms get into deeper layers.
  2. For eyebrows it is possible to use oils in pure form, it is possible to mix them with each other, and it is possible — with various food. If chose medical mix, don't use the blender: will wash it very difficult from an oily film. Everything is better to shake up a special nimbus.
  3. Before applying oil on eyebrows, drip shampoo on a damp wadded disk and wash out them to an eyebrow, then a propoloskayta. First, such washing won't prevent eyebrows at all. Secondly, oil will better lay down on the clean, dried hairs.


  1. Wrap up a forefinger a big wadded disk. Dip it in the oil prepared for eyebrows so that fabric through became impregnated with this solution.
  2. Now with pressing, several times run this finger over both eyebrows that as much as possible oil on them remained.
  3. You watch that oil from eyebrows didn't flow down on eyes, differently they can redden and swell.
  4. Over eyebrows put two thin strips which are cut out from wadded disks, and the following layer — strips from a cellophane package for warming. So all chemical reactions will go much quicker. If your nadbrovny arches very high and strips constantly fall, it is possible to fix them a plaster.
  5. Insistent council from cosmetologists: it isn't necessary to be engaged during house cosmetic procedures in economic affairs or to force the mimicry to work actively. If you want to achieve maximum efficiency from eyebrow oils, simply lie and relax.
  6. Hold time of such masks on eyebrows — not less than half an hour and no more than 2 hours.


  1. It is the most responsible and most difficult moment in all this procedure. The fat substances containing in oils under a stream of water form a thin film which isn't washed away. To prevent its education, it is necessary to apply at first on the dry, not moistened with water eyebrows a small amount of shampoo and only after that to wash away water. Big foaming thus won't be because molecules of shampoo will be connected by fats of oils.
  2. After that several times wipe eyebrows the wadded disk moistened in any broth of herbs and lemon juice.


  1. Frequency of use of oils for eyebrows — 1-2 times a week.
  2. In the medical purposes (at a blefarita if eyebrows drop out) oils can be used for applications even to 3 times during a week, every other day.
  3. Application course — not less than 15. After that it is necessary to make a break at least in 3-4 weeks, to allow eyebrows to become impregnated with that they received from these applications and masks.

If you adhere to these recommendations, upon termination of a course of treatment (or usual leaving) pressing problems will be solved. As a rule, medical and cosmetic mix of oils for eyebrows (or if they were used in pure form) accelerates their growth, does them by more dense, restores their natural gloss and bright, saturated color. Now they will look at you well-groomed and beautiful. It was necessary things are easy — to choose concrete oil or miracle mix.

Curious fact

Eyebrows are necessary at all not to give to eyes big expressiveness. They protect them from moisture, sweat and dirt which crowd on them, flowing down then in the direction of temples.

Eyebrow oil: what to choose, house application, recipes of masks

Eyebrow oils: recipes

All nutritious eyebrow oils as it was already told, it is possible to apply in pure form. But the mask - application which represent mix of several oils or one basic oil with certain food will be much more effective. Each of such masks solves a specific objective. It will also be your guiding star: choose means depending on of what problem you want to get rid with its help.

  • Burdock oil + an usma = for growth of eyebrows

It is possible to buy special oil for growth of eyebrows in a drugstore with a convenient brush: the burdock will manage to you in 7 USD (estimated price), the usma — is more expensive: about 750. They differ from means in usual packings as are intended for care of eyelashes and eyebrows. If to mix them together on some drops, believe: simply lethal mix which will force even the most rare eyebrows to raise and be dense will turn out.

  • Almond oil + vitamins = for a poslushnost of eyebrows

In the same drugstore be not too lazy to get capsules of "Ayevit" (this combination of vitamins A and E). Having squeezed out houses their contents and having mixed with the almond oil kindled on water baths, you receive an excellent mask for eyebrows which will make them obedient and soft. Especially this means will suit those who at plucking out can't give to eyebrows the necessary form in any way.

  • Castor oil + a dogrose + sea-buckthorn oil = for growth of eyebrows

All cosmetologists recognize that castor oil for growth of eyebrows — one of the best means. To increase its efficiency, try to add to it still the crushed berries of a dogrose and warm sea-buckthorn oil (all ingredients — on 1 tablespoon). Having mixed everything, you receive an ideal mask which will force eyebrows grow even after the most aggressive and inept plucking out (that happens rather often). However here it is necessary to consider one nuance: sea-buckthorn oil has the painting effect so, having overdone means on eyebrows, you risk to receive a bright orange shade. Optimum hold time of application shouldn't exceed more than 15 minutes.

  • Coconut oil + cocoa butter + egg = for strengthening of eyebrows

In the period of avitaminosis can drop out not only the head, but also eyebrow hair. They thin and in case of any serious illness, for example, of a blefarit. To strengthen their follicles, try to apply on eyebrows every other day the following mask. On one water bath kindle coconut oil with cocoa butter. Shake up, properly. After that add a little egg to slightly cooled down mix (if oils are too hot, protein can turn, and then the mask will go in flakes). All ingredients have to be approximately in equal quantities.

  • Peach oil + usma + jojoba = restoration of the injured eyebrows

You at least once reflected on what stress have eyebrows when pull out them? Close connection of a follicle with skin is torn, broken — it leads to microgaps and damages at the cellular level. As a result the root system of all eyebrow suffers. And even those hairs which you didn't touch at plucking out, are influenced by this stress. Because of it they can become thin, their growth will be broken, the poredeniye will be noted. To correct a situation, in the evening after such procedure surely make the following mask: mix in equal amounts of oil of a peach, jojoba and usma.

Now you know, what eyebrow oil is better: what will be able to solve your problem. Intelligently choose that means after which you will look in a mirror with the shining eyes, but not with bitter disappointment from all variety of the offered cosmetology production. Perhaps, to find the wonderful elixir it will turn out not at once, but it is impossible to give up the begun business. The effect after burdock oil wasn't pleasant — try the kastorovy. And it didn't approach — buy the peach. As a result you will surely find that means which you will regularly use for care of eyebrows in house conditions.