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Eyelash extension: consequences, responses and technology of work

Whether eyelash extension is dangerous, consequences, responses are a hot topic and it will be a question of it below. Now salons offer numerous ways of eyelash extension: Japanese, with effect of a mink, Hollywood, French and many others. But you shouldn't pursue the ringing name, t.k it only the advertizing course. Today only two techniques are known: puchkovy and poresnichny. 

In the first case the master by means of glue, attaches in several parts bunches from several filaments. It is a short-lived method, eyelashes stick to 1-7 days, at most till 10-12 days. Is suitable for solemn occasions.

Poresnichny building consists in gluing of an artificial eyelash to the.

What consequences can be

Building has the pluses and minuses. Advantages are obvious, eyes will become more attractive, it won't be necessary to spend time for a make-up, eyelashes will be magnificent and effective, but there are also shortcomings. Not everyone knows about consequences and difficulties. Eyelash extension has the shortcomings, about it tell the arising consequences, numerous responses and a photo in a network:

  1. It is inconvenient to do face packs.
  2. It is necessary to sleep on a back, otherwise the increased eyelashes will be rumpled, deformed.
  3. At first eyes hurt, and even some days later they should be closed periodically that have a rest.
  4. Burns and allergic reactions.
  5. Thinning of own eyelashes.

Yes, there is a lot of shortcomings of building but if to address to the professional who works with qualitative, expensive material and has good experience, consequences can be avoided. If the woman wishes to carry out itself this procedure, it will be helped by video lessons for beginners of eyelash extension with house conditions.

Eyelash extension: consequences, responses and technology of work As in house conditions to increase eyelashes

Eyelash extension will help to look for all 100% in any situation. Videos lessons for beginners show the step-by-step management, nuances and features of process. Quality of material and glue, and also the subsequent leaving is of great importance.

What is the time the increased eyelashes keep

Question naroshcheny eyelashes what is the time will hold on excites each woman who plans to change the eyes. Everything depends besides on the master and the used material.

Eyelash extension: consequences, responses and technology of work

If procedure is carried out by the professional, on average eyelashes will hold on 3-4 weeks, the main thing not to forget to go to correction which will prolong term "socks" of charming eyelashes. 

Care of the increased eyelashes

It is important to know how to look after the increased eyelashes that held on more long. On this question the expert, in the course of consultation will be able to give the answer. The matter is that material of which eyelashes, absolutely harmless are made. It not toxic, steady against frosts, doesn't give reaction at contact with water. The main reason for which the pasted eyelashes can cause concern is a glue which pastes them by centuries. Usually apply hypoallergenic glue to these purposes, but there can be also an individual reaction.

Eyelash extension: consequences, responses and technology of work

So, how to look after the increased eyelashes in house conditions? It is necessary to observe precautionary measures:

  1. To avoid mechanical damages.
  2. It is impossible to rub eyes hands.
  3. It is necessary to select decorative cosmetics very carefully as glue can react with its components.
  4. Not to sleep on a face as eyelashes are deformed.
  5. To avoid very high temperatures, an ultraviolet and strong humidity.
  6. To wash a face it is very accurate, using special means, water shouldn't get to eyes.
  7. To comb eyelashes a special brush.
  8. It is worth refusing carrying lenses.
  9. To do correction at the cosmetologist.

To use shadows and an eyeliner it isn't forbidden. But it is necessary to clean a make-up from eyes very carefully. Shadows should be washed away, wiping an eyelid the wadded disk moistened in a cosmetic milk, and arrows should be deleted, using Q-tips.

Eyelash extension: consequences, responses and technology of work

One of the basic rules of care of the increased eyelashes — not to impose on eyelids fat cream and oil, and also not to use waterproof cosmetics. Oil negatively influences a glue basis, eyelashes can fall off. Washing should be carried out, using means on a water basis. 

Tweezers for a wave can't use. Also it is necessary to remember that within 2 days after procedure it isn't recommended strongly to do a tray on couple and to go to a bath, a sauna. It is better to exclude these actions in general. 

And one more practical advice: carrying out care of the increased eyelashes, it isn't necessary to forget, each 14-28 days to do correction! Leaving isn't difficult. Day for 2 it is possible to get used to it completely and on the machine gun to do all recommendations. Also it is impossible to forget that eyes and eyelids have to have a rest, between building it is necessary to do breaks of 4-5 months. If due leaving isn't carried out, building will bring only torments.

Eyelash extension: consequences, responses and technology of work

That it is better to make: to laminate eyelashes or to increase them?

Many women who want to remain always beautiful are interested also a question, lamination or eyelash extension - that is better? If to say that is better, it is important to understand that these cosmetic actions have absolutely various technology. 

When building additional synthetic or natural hairs which are pasted to the eyelashes are used. The effect of magnificent and long eyelashes is reached at once, but it not always looks naturally.

Eyelash extension: consequences, responses and technology of work

On a photo: the increased eyelashes

During lamination additional hairs aren't used. The master works only with native eyelashes. They are processed by special substances which allow them to become longer and brilliant. But effect of a shikarnost this way not to reach.

Eyelash extension: consequences, responses and technology of work

On a photo: the laminated eyelashes

Lamination has essential advantage which consist in naturalness of appearance. Eyelashes receive additional gloss and splendor, increases is long, but thus they aren't injured, and on the contrary, start growing quicker. 

The main advantage of building consist in fast transformation. With its help it is possible even to correct a section of eyes visually. The need for coloring of eyelashes ink disappears.

Before deciding on building procedure, it is necessary to consult with the doctor as there is a lot of contraindications:

  1. Konyyuktivit.
  2. The increased fat content of skin.
  3. Tendency to an allergy.

Building is harmful to native eyelashes, in a consequence a lot of time for their restoration will be required.

As it is possible to notice both that and other procedure have shortcomings therefore the choice always remains for the lady. Having been going to do eyelash extension, study consequences and responses. It is important to think well, having weighed everything pros and cons.