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Eyelash extension: features, versions and result of cosmetic procedure

For many modern women the beauty is not only that the nature, but also that it is possible to create and support gave therefore eyelash extension becomes more and more popular and demanded on an equal basis with other byyuti-procedures. The hairs framing eyes carry out not only protective function, the beauty of a look depends on their length and volume. Therefore girls are ready to use any available methods that eyelashes were magnificent and attractive.

Eyelash extension: features, versions and result of cosmetic procedure

Before deciding to increase to itself eyelashes in the artificial way, it is necessary to understand, what types of procedure happen, what results they yield, to estimate pluses and minuses of such intervention, and also to understand, whether eyelash extension is harmful. After that the choice of the reliable and qualified master will be one more important stage, after all the result will depend on his professionalism.

Types of eyelash extension

Kinds of procedure divide into some groups depending on a method which is used, of the volume which can be received as a result, and also from a shape of eyelashes. Duration of work of the expert depends on what technology of eyelash extension is applied. Generally masters use one of two types:

  • puchkovy;
  • poresnichny.

The first and second method allow to receive partial building, either 2D, or 3D volume. Often the desirable end result is sounded by the girl, but the master can sometimes give the advice as a matter of experience and a professional view of the client's hairs.

To understand features and differences of each method of building, it is necessary to dwell upon everyone, to learn their pluses and minuses:

  1. Puchkovy building represents gluing of the artificial filaments collected on some pieces. Their length and quantity of bunches depend on features of own filaments, and also on the girl's wishes. Procedure lasts of an hour to one and a half, eyelashes keep on centuries about several weeks at the correct leaving. However it has one essential shortcoming – if the bunch comes unstuck, on its place there is a noticeable hole.
  2. Poresnichny building is occupied by more time, than the previous procedure as each artificial hair is pasted by a century separately. But this type of correction allows to achieve the most natural result. Duration of work of the master makes from 2 to 4 hours depending on work volume.

Essential plus of poresnichny building is that in 3-4 weeks won't be come to repeat all over again, it is enough to make correction and to update eyelashes. It will borrow much less time.

As for a form and the received result, the effect of building can be various:

  • the natural – length and thickness of eyelashes are selected according to the available hairs;
  • the fox effect – when length of eyelashes sharply changes from small in corners of eyes to considerable at an outer edge;
  • the squirrel effect – is characterized by the average length of all eyelashes and an insert of several bunches of long filaments at an outer edge of an eye;
  • the rarefied effect – short and long eyelashes alternate among themselves.

Eyelash extension: features, versions and result of cosmetic procedure

In such variety of methods and types of building it is simple to get confused and begin to doubt, what result after all wants to be received. Therefore to start the master recommend to make classical eyelash extension, to get used to a new view on itself, and then to experiment appearance.

Thus it should be taken into account that there is a number of contraindications at which it is impossible to begin procedure. The allergy, viral infections, diabetes, the period of pregnancy, a disease of eyes, oncological diseases concern to them. Some factors is a temporary obstacle for building, others – to constants. But for safety of own health it is necessary to consider it.

As it is correct to be prepared for building

That procedure of building took place correctly, and the result kept long, it is necessary to be prepared for visit to beauty shop correctly. Good experts on the first consultation tell rules of preparation, and only after implementation of all requirements are ready to get to work. First of all, it is necessary to study attentively rules of care of the increased eyelashes and to understand for itself, whether they approach. That the effect kept long and looked attractively, they need to find time and attention. Not all girls are ready to it.

Besides, preparation for procedure includes such moments:

  1. It is necessary to be convinced of absence of an allergy to the gluing material, and also that there are no contraindications to eyelash extension. Their list isn't so great, but it is necessary to study it.
  2. If own eyelashes have a light shade, it is better to paint them previously that contrast wasn't swept up. Or to pick up color of artificial material so that it coincided.
  3. In days before procedure it is impossible to use a make-up in general.

One more important moment is calculation of time. Many girls with surprise find out that spent in the master's chair 2-3 hours. The expert, describing features and conditions of building, surely has to sound, what is the time it will borrow.

Eyelash extension: features, versions and result of cosmetic procedure

As building procedure is carried out

Process of transformation of a look in more open and framed with dense filaments – procedure, comparable with jeweler work. In fact the master pastes near each natural eyelash one more, artificial. On average on a century of the person about 120-150 eyelashes though only a half of them is suitable for building grow. For this reason procedure of building takes so much time.

To achieve desirable effect, the master carries out such stages:

  1. Degreasing of skin of eyelids in the field of gluing of eyelashes for the purpose of ensuring the maximum reliability and durability.
  2. Gluing of artificial filaments begins with an internal corner of an eye. The master step by step attaches additional filaments to eyelashes.
  3. After internal corners eyelashes of an outer edge, and then the center are increased.
  4. After the end of gluing the master a special brush with wide teeth combs all eyelashes. At correctly carried out procedure it shouldn't cause complexity.

Besides, competently executed poresnichny eyelash extension shouldn't cause discomfort, weight of eyelids or feeling of bound together filaments. Perhaps only unusual feeling in the first few days which quickly passes.

Eyelash extension: features, versions and result of cosmetic procedure

As the increased eyelashes will last long

For each client the answer to a question, the increased eyelashes how many rush, the answer will be a miscellaneous. Duration can make from several weeks to several months and depend on such factors:

  • professionalism of the master;
  • individual reaction of an organism, in particular, skin of eyelids and mucous membrane of an eye;
  • correctness and completeness of care of eyelashes;
  • existence of contact lenses;
  • quality of materials which were used in procedure;
  • what way building was made.

To prolong the term of carrying artificial eyelashes, it is important to observe accurately all recommendations in house conditions which the expert will give. Then only correction of times in 3-4 weeks will be required, and the effect will keep so much, how many the girl will want.

Eyelash extension: features, versions and result of cosmetic procedure

As it is correct to look after the increased eyelashes

There are some basic rules and the principles how to carry out care of eyelashes after building. Over time they will become same simple and natural, as any manipulations on personal care. That the increased eyelashes kept long and didn't cause discomfort or problems, it is necessary to remember and carry out such moments:

  1. Right after the end of procedure it is necessary to give the chance I glue properly to dry out. That is it is impossible to kill eyes at least 5-6 hours.
  2. For several days after visit of the master it is better to avoid a bath or a sauna, and not to subject an eyelash to influence of high temperatures.
  3. It is necessary to watch himself and not to touch an eye, not to rub them and not to press a palm by centuries. If tears act, they need to try to be cleaned accurately. Aggressive contacts bring to a smyatiya and even breakage of eyelashes.
  4. The dream the person in a pillow can also lead to such result.
  5. Every morning eyelashes need to be combed and straightened a special brush. At desire it is possible to tint them ink, but it shouldn't be waterproof.
  6. It is necessary to remove a make-up from eyes special lotions. Fat oils or creams can become the reason of that glue will cease to hold an artificial filament.

Thus, rules of care of the increased eyelashes don't represent any complexity though at first it is necessary to control itself and to watch the actions. But the beauty and openness of a look are worth it to make efforts and to keep the gained effect.

Eyelash extension: features, versions and result of cosmetic procedure

How to remove the increased eyelashes

Some masters recommend to do breaks for rest a century, and sometimes to girls simply bothers to carry the increased eyelashes therefore it is important to know how they act. It is best of all that it was made by the same master who pasted them. The expert uses the suitable sparing cosmetics, and will carry out procedure carefully and professionally. Though at desire it can be done and independently in house conditions.

Apply special solution to removal of the increased eyelashes – a remuver, but it is possible to use also castor, olive oil or good fat cream. Means needs to be applied on eyelids, to wait 10-15 minutes then artificial hairs will easily be taken away from eyelids. Thus it is worth remembering some rules of precaution:

  1. It is impossible to remove eyelashes if eyes are inflamed. It is necessary to wait until the condition of a mucous membrane returns to normal but only then to delete them.
  2. Even if it seems that the majority of artificial hairs doesn't keep in any way, you shouldn't try to pull out them on one or bunches. It is so possible to pull out and live eyelashes, and their restoration will be long.
  3. Usual soap, even liquid, not best means for removal of eyelashes. It irritates delicate skin of eyelids and can lead to an inflammation of eyes.

The first time you shouldn't remove the increased eyelashes independently, let it will be made by the master. Then the probability of emergence of negative consequences will be minimum.


Thus, eyelash extension becomes more and more popular and demanded as it is the simple and rather inexpensive procedure allowing to change considerably appearance of eyes. That everything passed without consequences and gave the expected result, it is important to find the good professional master, and also accurately to follow all his advice and recommendations. Then it is necessary only to enjoy attractiveness and depth of the look.

Author of article: Anna