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Face packs from starch from wrinkles (instead of Botox)

For each woman respecting herself the question of eternal youth is nearly the most main. Even at good heredity that day when skin starts showing the first signs of withering comes. Someone rescues a situation expensive procedures, others rely on the recipes checked by time and not one generation. The excellent anti-aging effect can be expected from a starched face pack. Thus that it is available on means to each housewife, is on sale in any food shop also works real miracles at regular use.

Face packs from starch from wrinkles (instead of Botox)

Magic properties of starch for skin

Potato, is more rare corn, starch nourishes face skin:

  • The B3 vitamin improving integuments, stimulating work of cells of epidermis;
  • The B4 vitamin normalizing a fatty exchange and work of sebaceous glands;
  • The vitamin C protecting cages from destruction, increasing their recovery function, protecting them from negative influence of factors of environment;
  • The iron providing bigger inflow of oxygen to cages;
  • The potassium controlling water balance;
  • The folic acid removing toxins, keeping epidermis the humidified;
  • Tocopherol, source of elasticity and smoothness of skin.

Thanks to such impact on integuments starched masks are capable to smooth wrinkles just as it is done by Botox injections.

Advantages of a mask from starch before Botox

In comparison with the rejuvenating procedures at home the effect from visit of expensive salons is notable quicker, but advantages at a house miracle mask 10 times more:

  1. Environmental friendliness and naturalness of a product reduces risk of manifestation of allergic reaction and irritation.
  2. Feasibly to cope with procedure independently, having saved time and money which are spent for the cosmetologist.
  3. The feeling of application on face skin is much more pleasant than painful pricks.
  4. There is no need of expectation of reduction of puffiness after impact of a product on skin.
  5. In the absence of open wounds and sharp dermatological diseases of contraindications to application isn't present.

Councils for application of masks from starch

The owner of any type of skin can achieve effect of lifting by means of starch. Necessary conditions for this purpose are:

  • Exact implementation of the recipe;
  • Use of natural products (it is better rural);
  • The cleared face skin;
  • Drawing a mask along massage lines;
  • Washing off of masks for fat skin warm water, for the dry – cool;
  • Use of the cream suitable each type of skin upon termination of procedure.

Basis of each recipe is 1 tablespoon of potato starch which is replaced sometimes corn.

Face packs from starch, recipes

Face packs from starch from wrinkles (instead of Botox)

For normal skin

1. Cosmetologists consider milk and honey in combination with starch as means No. 1 in fight against age wrinkles.
Starch, dilute with milk to a smetanoobrazny state then put 1 h. l. honey. Put with roundabouts, leave for 20 minutes.

2. Banana with this product will give to skin softness and velvet.
Add starch to the kneaded pulp of a half of banana, 1 tbsp of honey and as much cream. In 15 minutes after putting mix on her face it is necessary to clean.

For dry skin

1. Perfectly humidifies, sates cells of skin with microcells, the mask with tomato smoothes small and deep wrinkles. The pulp of a half of a tomato is mixed with a yolk, add starch and ½ tbsps of olive oil. Maintain 15 minutes then wash away cool water.

2. Excellent food and moistening of skin against the tightening effect provides starch with peach or apricot oil. Starch is filled in by 1 tsps of peach oil and the same amount of cream, carefully mix. Mix is put on a face, in 10 minutes it is recommended to be washed away.

For the fat and combined skin

1. Perfectly not only relieves of wrinkles, but also starch and egg white narrows pores. The main product is filled in with warm water, having received a paste consistence. With it foam of protein and 5 drops of a lemon mixes up. It is recommended to take a mask about half an hour.

2. Kefir in interaction with starch does complexion fresh, and skin – more elastic and tightened.
The egg white which is let out in starch is diluted with 1 tbsp of kefir, slightly podkisshy at the room temperature. Gruel isn't washed away within 20 minutes then delete with warm water.

Video recipe

If the first wrinkles have an effect or already rather deep folds on a face managed to be formed, you shouldn't be upset. Competent and regular carrying out the above procedures will allow to achieve effect of radical improvement of a condition of skin. The freshened-up young face will please with the specular reflection still for many years.

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