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Strips for depilation of the person: responses how to choose and use

For depilation of various sites of the person often use wax strips. With their help it is possible to delete an easy down over a lip and between eyebrows. This method is simple and available to any woman.
Strips for depilation of the person: responses how to choose and use

Features of depilation of the person

On a face hairs are removed, generally in zones of eyebrows and over an upper lip. These places are considered very sensitive therefore it is necessary to apply to their processing the most sparing ways. Besides, indumentum on these sites has thinner and light character that complicates its removal. Many techniques don't cope with processing of this zone. Therefore wax strips are suitable as well as possible for depilation of area of the person.

Wax strips and their features

These means represent a finished cosmetic product which can be used at once for designated purpose. They consist of a small piece of fabric or paper with the wax mix applied on it. On the one hand the strip has a protective component which is removed before application. All strips work by one principle: they are pasted on the chosen site, and then cleaned by the sharp movement.

Wax strips differ on the structure. Wax mixes may contain various perfumery additives and the looking after components. Besides, there are preparations for different types of skin which, depending on appointment, humidify, feed or possess antibacterial properties.

Advantages and shortcomings

As well as all methods, this way of depilation of hair, possesses pluses and minuses. It is possible to carry some important factors to clear advantages:

  • High efficiency. At the expense of a good obvolakivaniye wax perfectly deletes all available hairs on a face.
  • Long and resistant result. After removal hair don't grow within 3-4 weeks, and subsequently can stop growth absolutely.
  • Profitability. The strip with wax can be used repeatedly, putting it again on new sites.
  • Simplicity of a method. Beginners as it isn't necessary any skills for its application can use this way even. He doesn't demand long preparations and special tools.
  • Availability. It is possible to carry out procedure of depilation of the person in any convenient place, for example, somewhere on vacation.
  • Universality. Are removed as thick, long hair, and small, light and short. Especially it is important for processing of zones near an upper lip and between eyebrows.

The way also has some minuses which treat:

  • emergence of irritation on face skin;
  • painful feelings;
  • it is necessary to repeat procedure several times on one site as wax takes not all hairs at once;
  • manifestation of allergic reactions to some components of wax mix is possible.

Carrying out procedure

In order that process of depilation of the person took place quickly and effectively, it is necessary to satisfy some conditions of its carrying out.

  • Before carrying out procedure wash away cosmetics and well clean a face. Better previously to steam out face skin.
  • Slightly powder clean and dry skin in the processed area with talc.
  • Remove a protective layer from a wax strip and warm it in hands.
  • Densely press to the necessary site of the person, directing on growth of hair.
  • In some seconds sharply break a voskovy preparation, having made the movement directed against growth of hairs. At the same time hold with the second hand skin near a strip.
  • If after processing there were separate hairs, repeat operation once again.
  • After all vegetation is removed, clean the means remains by means of any cosmetic oil.

The same strip can be used until it completely doesn't become covered by hairs and won't cease to take indumentum.

When carrying out depilation on a face it is necessary to consider that this method has some contraindications. Wax strips can't be used if on the processed sites different skin educations, including birthmarks are had. Also you shouldn't carry out procedure in the presence of infectious diseases and any skin rashes. If face skin is injured, such operation also should be excluded.

Care of skin

After depilation by means of wax strips face skin needs a certain leaving. As the person – very delicate area, it is necessary to look after him carefully to avoid emergence of irritations and bruises.

  • After procedure of removal of hair in the person it is necessary to allow to skin to have a rest some hours. During this time avoid drawing cosmetics of any sort.
  • To exclude emergence of the grown hairs, regularly use srubs and the peeling creams.
  • Some hours after operation it isn't necessary to sunbathe or be in a ban and a sauna.
  • If on skin there was an irritation, it is necessary to use special its removal cream or other means.
  • Don't comb the processed site in order to avoid entering of an infection and distribution of irritation at all.

Emergence of reddish rashes on face skin after processing by wax strips is considered an everyday occurrence. To move away them, it is possible to apply any of the preparations disinfecting and calming an integument.

  • Grease the processed site of the person with the moisturizing cream containing an aloe, a camomile, a calendula.
  • It is possible to process this area cosmetic oil of a tea tree.
  • Wipe to a term solkoserily, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. After apply your usual a face cream.
  • Well removes irritations and cream with the pantenoly looks after skin.

Popular brands

At present consumers can choose production of different producers of wax strips for an epilation which quite well proved in the market. Some brands are the most popular.

  • Wax strips from the Veet company. These means are recognized the best to that responses of many women using them testify. Stripes have the small size that is very convenient for processing of an upper lip. To contain in them components of cosmetic oils, there is a perfumery composition with a smell of rose. In packing there is a set of napkins for removal of the remains of wax.
  • The Byly firm lets out innovative means with the increased elasticity. At the expense of it more dense prileganiye to an integument that allows to delete the shortest hairs is reached. The collection of strips contains various aromas among which there is a chocolate smell. Also strips are sated with the looking after components of organic character.
  • Deep depil strips also possess good elasticity. Means when gluing repeats a surface contour that gives the chance to carry out high-quality procedure. Strips are impregnated with the aloe moistening face skin. At a set there is a looking after gel containing various vitamins and oils.

If you decided to carry out depilation procedure independently, use wax strips. This means well proved and has a set of positive responses. Attentively study the instruction that there were no undesirable consequences.