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Tabat's gymnastics: super interval trainings for weight loss + Video

Today it is rather often possible to hear about a certain Japanese technique for weight loss – Tabat's gymnastics. Such training can quite compete with fitness and a gym. Moreover, on classes in Tabat's system at you no more than 10 minutes will leave, and you receive result, as from week visit of the fitness center.

Today the site %hostof %will tellthat Tabat's gymnastics, its features and advantage represents.

Tabat's gymnastics: super interval trainings for weight loss + Video

What is Tabat's gymnastics

The gymnastics received the name in honor of the inventor - doctor Idzumi Tabat. He together with research associates of National institute of sport in Japan also developed Tabat's protocol. In what Tabat's technique consists?

  • The fundamentals of gymnastics are a performance of one exercise in the intensive mode for 8 approaches.
  • Breaks between exercises have to make no more than 10 seconds.
  • On performance of one exercise not less than 20 seconds have to leave.
  • Duration of gymnastics makes only 4 minutes. The trained people can after one 4-minute cycle, start the following cycle in 1 minute of rest.
  • It is possible to be engaged on Tabat's system 3-4 times a week.

Each exercise should be carried out wholeheartedly. It will influence that, how fast you will lose extra kilos. Japanese doctors claim, what even 4 minutes of gymnastics of Tabat can bring much bigger effect, than hour trainings in a gym. Now you understand strength of these of 4 minutes? These are simply infernal 4 minutes! You will fall for fatigue and to ask about mercy!

Women therefore the separate protocol is developed for them generally are interested in Tabat's gymnastics. Women love this training what they should sweat not for long, and effect simply tremendous.

Minuses of system of Tabat and contraindication

However, not all women can burn excess calories in such a way. As trainings rather intensive, and the organism receives serious loading. Moreover, fast fatigue is felt. For physically unprepared people of too active trainings it is better to avoid. Such system and isn't suitable for the people having though what small violations in work of heart. Visit the cardiologist and be convinced that your heart is completely healthy.

So, before being engaged under Tabat's protocol it is necessary to decide on some moments:

  1. For what purpose you do it?
  2. What physical preparation you possess?
  3. As far as your muscles are prepared for intensive physical activities?

Proceeding from these criteria, the set of exercises is also selected. It is also necessary to notice that it is especially individual selection. In Tabat's protocol you can meet not all exercises which can be carried out on traditional occupations by aerobics. Generally the protocol includes the exercises connected with push-up or pulling up.

The main exercises of gymnastics of Tabat can become:

  • Jumps.
  • Knee-bends.
  • Push-ups from a floor.
  • Run with zakhlesty on a place.
  • Jumps on one foot.
  • Lateral press.
  • Run on a racetrack.

As you can see, it is possible to be engaged under Tabat's protocol also at home. Tabat's timer can be downloaded in the form of the appendix on phone, with it it is very convenient to carry out training, the timer gives a signal when it is necessary to replace exercise by rest and vice versa. On the Internet it is possible to meet today the mass of video which will help you to study this technique more deeply. We suggest to examine several trainings on system of a tabat.

Video "Tabat's Gymnastics, Fat-burning Training on All Body"

Video "Press on Tabat's System"

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