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Removal of hair in the person forever: ways and responses

A face hair appear at most of women regardless of appearance type. The problem has the increasing distribution in connection with increase in hormonal violations. Shaving of hair only aggravates a situation, provoking the accelerated growth, doing structure of more rigid. It is possible to get rid of undesirable vegetation by various methods, resorting to services of the professional, or having chosen suitable house means.

Removal of hair in the person forever: ways and responses

Why a face hair at women grow

The problem of hair in the person arises at any age, often a signal of violations, pathologies. The disease a girsutizm, is characterized by emergence of vegetation on cheeks, a chin, over an upper lip. Different factors can provoke a deviation.


  • high level of testosterone is led to growth by the pushkovykh of hair over an upper lip, on a chin, existence of a man's hormone is required for performance of reproductive functions, but the increased concentration leads to similar deviations;
  • if in a family on the female line the similar problem met, so devolved with all signs in DNA, it is optional to pass in this case medical examination, it is possible to be engaged in selection of the most optimum method at once;
  • inevitable age processes lead to decrease in hormones – an estrogen, by 40 years it is possible to observe not only loss of elasticity, elasticity of skin, to a set of extra kilos, but emergence of undesirable vegetation;
  • the hormonal imbalance can happen at any stage, during the teenage period, at the pregnancy, a lactation, a menopause, at treatment of diseases connected with endocrine system;
  • deviations in a hypophysis – the main gland which is responsible for synthesis of the main hormones occur at a head injury, new growths, it is required to conduct a full complex of researches for statement of the exact diagnosis;
  • reception of medicines can cause similar reaction of an organism, often is a consequence of hormonal contraceptives, at stimulation during preparation for EKO, growth sometimes strengthened cause cream and a mask at the heart of which also there are hormones.

Growth reasons sometimes to disappear in failures reproductive, secretory and other systems. Therefore it is necessary to consult at the endocrinologist, the immunologist, the neuropathologist, the gynecologist for receiving diagnostics.

Ways removal of hair forever

Each girl who faced this problem dreams to get rid of a face hair. Saloon procedures help to get rid of undesirable vegetation in any area, thus process absolutely painless and safe. There is a lot of modern methods to choose for themselves the most acceptable.

  1. The electroepilation — this procedure is carried out only by the skilled cosmetologist who by means of eclectic current influences a root, destroying it. Individually the current, temperature, depending on rigidity of a trunk is selected. Today — it is the only method recognized in the world, relieving of vegetation forever. It is possible to count a total amount only after consultation, on average, minute of influence by current costs from 15 to 25 thousand rubles.
  2. The photoepilation – painless procedure, can be felt during a session only an easy pricking. Removal of a root happens thanks to light impulses, duration will depend on quantity of problem areas. Not only in perhaps quickly to remove advantage of such method, elasticity, elasticity of skin remains.
  3. Laser removal – one of methods of hardware cosmetology. Influence happens to the help of a light beam (laser), directly on a root. If the reason consists in genetics, similar removal of hair will forever relieve of undesirable vegetation. Depending on specific features, it will be required from five to eight procedures. The epilation the laser a painless way, and cost will depend on number of visits, the area of correction, on average fluctuates from 14 to 27 USD

Removal of hair in the person forever: ways and responses

Contraindications of hardware procedures:

  • pregnancy, lactation period;
  • oncology;
  • violations of cardiovascular system;
  • diabetes;
  • heat, fever;
  • viral and infectious diseases;
  • hepatitis;
  • tightening by gold threads;
  • individual intolerance;
  • kuperoz;
  • chronic diseases of skin.

It is impossible to use on a birthmark, it is necessary to consult at the dermatologist.

Methods of temporary removal of hair

There are ways to depilate undesirable in house conditions. The effect will last about two weeks, then it is again necessary to carry out correction. The main advantage — is opportunity independently to solve a problem. If undesirable hairs stir in eyebrows, then, this excellent decision periodically to change a form. The mechanical way – plucking out, shaving manages much cheaper, but at regular application it is possible to notice that trunks grow quickly, and the area considerably increases.

Removal of hair in the person forever: ways and responses

The epilation wax – is carried out as in a cosmetology office, often applied as a house way. There are special strips, they it is less, than used for a body, contain various plant extracts allowing to look after gentle skin. Wax is warmed, distributed on correction area, the fabric/paper strip from above is imposed, then it sharply comes off against growth of trunks. Minus of procedure is emergence of reddening and irritation, at frequent application there can be grown hairs. On sensitive skin hematomas, reddenings are formed, quite often there is a manifestation the kuperoznykh setochek.

Removal of hair in the person forever: ways and responses

Everyone will be able to depilate a thread, the main thing to master equipment of loops. At long practice easily and without serious consequences are removed with a root, it is worth steaming out covers previously. The method consists in fixation of a trunk at the basis, the subsequent sharp removal. The prices in salon begin from 17 USD, for house application it is necessary to cut off a strong thread, to fix loops. The low pain threshold will become the only contraindication independently to delete with a thread.

Removal of hair in the person forever: ways and responses

Shugaring — removals by sugar, to be exact special paste. Viscous caramel was applied in the east many centuries, enjoys wide popularity and today. The cosmetics can get ready in shop on care of skin, or to prepare the hands. The main difference from wax depilation, removal of trunks occurs through growth that interferes with emergence of the growing hairs.

Removal of hair in the person forever: ways and responses

To prepare it will be required by the hands to us: 7-9 tablespoons of sugar, approximately as much warm water and 0,5-1 h. spoons of lemon acid.

Removal of hair in the person forever: ways and responses

Removal of hair cream belongs to a chemical method. Depending on the producer it is possible to receive also different result. Known brands include the vitamins, oils, plant extracts which are looking after skin in structure. Cheaper products can cause an allergy, not always answer the result declared on packing therefore it is necessary to be ready to carrying out several procedures.

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Folk remedies from a face hair

The vegetation problem on a face is solved not only by means of hardware procedures or cosmetics. It is possible to get rid of similar defects thanks to natural recipes. It will allow to make at the same time care of face skin, without having broken integrity of covers. If to apply national ways regularly, it is possible to keep smoothness of epidermis for a long time.

With peroxide

Thanks to this means hairs gradually are clarified, become thinner, the structure becomes very fragile porous. Seldom there are negative reactions in the form of irritations, after all peroxide is a natural anti-septic tank.


To connect ingredients and ready liquid to process problem areas, it is for this purpose convenient to use the sponzhy. To leave for fifteen/twenty minutes. To apply procedure of decolouration of hair regularly, after obligatory to apply nutritious or children's cream.

With iodine

The effective recipe will allow to get rid of a hard hair, gradually leads to loss and a dying down of process of growth in bulbs. It is necessary to check for allergic reaction, it isn't recommended to apply at diseases of endocrine system.


To prepare the talker and to apply generously on problem sites with a Q-tip. To hold about half an hour, without having forgotten after to process cream. Already in two weeks, at daily application, it is possible to see result.

With soda

To receive light, hardly noticeable trunks, in the long term the subsequent disposal, it is worth preparing a folk remedy. It isn't recommended to use near mucous eyes as can cause a burn.


  • soda tablespoon;
  • tablet of a gidroperit.

To pound a tablet in powder and to mix with baking soda, to dilute with water for receiving gruel. Accurately to distribute and leave for fifteen/twenty minutes, after to clean a wadded tampon. To repeat procedure two times a week, not more often, differently on covers there can be wounds, cracks.

With the rivanoly

Very effective means, and also has antimicrobic effect. It is applied to thinner and light hairs therefore it is possible to clarify previously peroxide, later to use the recipe.


  • solution tablespoon rivanol;
  • teaspoon of wine vinegar.

To connect liquids in ceramic ware, to moisten a wadded tampon and to put to the chosen area. To hold about half an hour, it is desirable to carry out cosmetic procedure in the second half of day. For notable effect, not less than ten sessions with an interval every other day can be demanded.

With a nutshell

It is a way of mechanical influence it is directed on gradual thinning, further removal. Isn't suitable for sensitive skin, can damage thin capillaries.


  • 20 gr. walnut shells;
  • 10 gr. shells of pine nuts.

Several times to crush on the coffee grinder for receiving micro parts. Properly to steam out covers a compress. Before drawing to obdat mix boiled water, then to apply with roundabouts on skin. To mass from five to seven minutes, to repeat three/four times a week.

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Reviews of removal of excess hair

Greek, 28 years

Very much I wanted to get rid of vegetation on a face by means of lasers. But problems with health didn't allow to complete a course of procedures. I use house ways, trunks became really thinner, some even disappeared at all.

Belief, 43 years

Over an upper lip I deal with the problem of hairs since youth. I tried, to pull out, a plaster, wax strips, but after there was very painful irritation. Gradually I clarified peroxide, more concerning appearance I haven't complex.

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