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Removal of hair in the person forever

Removal of hair in the person forever


Many women of different age face the problem raised and therefore undesirable vegetation on a face. Even the insignificant aberration causes in them complexes concerning the appearance. At the increased hairiness besides concern on the reasons of its emergence, also there is a clear desire: to depilate all a face – forever!

And in this case no words of consolations or the opinion occurring once help that short moustaches on a face is a sign of special sexuality and appeal in the opinion of men, and also temperament.

Modern views on female beauty aren't compatible to this statement. Even if it is right, emergence of excessive hair in the face and a body in the woman speaks about failures in her organism. Means it is necessary to address urgently to experts to establish the reasons of such phenomenon.

Reasons of emergence of hair in the person

Before making attempts of removal of hair in the person, it is necessary to find out after all why there was increased 'hairiness'. It is unlikely fight against it will be successful without elimination of an immediate cause of its emergence.

Medical justification

In medicine the increased growth of hair is subdivided into 2 types:

1. Gipertrikhoz when pushkovy or terminal hair start growing in zones of their usual arrangement roughly. For example, if at the woman of an eyebrow become excessively shaggy or wide is already a disease gipertrihoz.

2. Girsutizm when terminal hair, i.e. rigid and long, appear in uncharacteristic places. For example, on a face (moustaches, whiskers, a beard), a breast and other parts of a body where at their woman shouldn't be. Most often at such disease also mannish changes in a female organism are observed: reduction of a breast and increase in muscle bulk, termination of a menstrual cycle, change of a voice, etc.

Why there is a strengthened growth of hair in the person

The matter is that follicles or hair bulbs first of all react to the arising malfunctions in a human body and thus signal that it is necessary to pay attention to them.

Hormonal violations are the most common causes of emergence of hair in the person in women. Such changes are connected with reorganization of a female organism during certain periods of life: puberty, pregnancy or a menopause when the level of female hormones decreases for any reason.

Hormonal failure is possible and for other reasons connected with application of incorrectly chosen contraceptives, and also steroids. For this reason it isn't recommended to apply them independently, without consultation of the doctor.

The hereditary form of a girsutizm or congenital meets. Swarty women and natives of the southern people are most subject to the strengthened growth of hair in the person.

But the imbalance of hormones at women in favor of androgens arises and for more serious reasons:

  • polikistoz ovaries (a syndrome of Shteyna-Leventalya) or even more serious illness – gipertekoz ovaries, each of which leads to infertility;
  • syndrome of Itsenko-Kushinga which is characterized by the raised maintenance of hormones of bark of adrenal glands;
  • new growths of ovaries and adrenal glands;
  • hypothyroidism – the syndrome arising in connection with the insufficient maintenance of hormones of a thyroid gland.

Sudden emergence of hair or gradual, but their excess growth on a face is a reason of the immediate address to the specialist doctor for identification of the reason of change of the appearance. It is better if it is the gynecologist-endocrinologist who if necessary will direct to other experts to diagnose a disease. Only after the appointed treatment, and is more true along with it, it is possible to look for a way of removal of hair in the person forever since treatment yields visible result not earlier than in 6-12 months. It will stop the excess growth of new hair, but won't relieve from earlier appeared therefore inevitably there will be a question …

All applied ways of removal of hair in the person are reduced to 2 methods:

  • depilation (for example: wax) at which are depilated only from a skin surface;
  • epilation when removal is made together with a hair bulb – a hair root.

What to choose for itself, an epilation or depilation, depends on many factors:

  1. pilosis degrees on a face;
  2. individual reaction to the applied preparations;
  3. low painful barrier;
  4. personal relation to this or that way of an epilation;
  5. financial opportunities.

Ways of depilation – effect are, but short-term.

The mechanical

Popular mechanical ways of removal of hair – plucking out and shaving – shouldn't be applied to fight against the raised vegetation on a face since damages and irritations of skin at which masking obstruction of a time and an inflammation a follicle happens cosmetics are possible. Besides very quickly hair grow again, but more rigid, dense and are much more dark than the natural. You tried to reach not such result, isn't that so?

If on a chin and in a zone of short moustaches there were separate rigid and long hairs in the period of an age menopause, the most harmless and almost free way of fight against them – removal by thin manikyurny nozhnichka. But after a while manipulations should be repeated.

Shortcoming: we will apply at single terminal hairs; doesn't approach at rough vegetation on a face; short-term effect.

The chemical

The chemical way of removal of hair by means of cream depilator yields good result in only 5-10 min. The used means has to be specially intended for the person since it has the most sparing structure. In an ideal the effect of smooth skin remains till 10-15 days when using the additional resources which are slowing down growth of hair.

The cost of cream depilator for the person depends on the producer therefore it is possible to meet domestic less than 4 USD, and known brands begin from 7 USD B same limits the looking after means obligatory before depilation.

Advantages: painlessness; availability as in the financial plan, and procedural, use in house conditions is possible; fast achievement of result.


  • isn't suitable for sensitive skin and at allergic reactions;
  • don't cope with a thick and hard hair;
  • it is impossible to use on birthmarks, etc. educations;
  • some of them aren't recommended during the summer period;
  • depilators at repeated use are capable to cause irritation and allergic reaction;
  • nondurable effect.

The biological

Refer depilation to this way of disposal of hair wax (vaksing) and sugar (shugaring). Both options effectively use in beauty shops for removal of hair in the face and a body. At a certain experience and skill many women carry out procedures in house conditions.

Apply hot wax which part are also wood pitch, essential oils, fruit, vegetable and grass additives to removal of hair in the person. In order to avoid burns at independent use, especially for the first time, it is safer to entrust procedure to the professional cosmetologist. Besides it will pick up wax for your type of skin.

Duration of effect of smooth skin till 2-3 weeks.

The average cost of five-minute procedure on a face – 10 USD

Advantages: at regular application hair become thinner, their growth is slowed down; reasonable prices; natural components of wax.


  • pain during procedure;
  • there are contraindications (diabetes, heart diseases, pregnancy, purulent and inflammatory processes on face skin – an acne);
  • intolerance of components of structure;
  • need of additional measures for removal of wax from face skin after procedure;
  • the grown hairs;
  • need of repetition of procedure every month.

For a shugaring on a face use only paste of a dense consistence. Price range in salon approximately same, as for a vaksing. Effect duration at best makes 3-4 weeks. In comparison with depilation by wax sugar procedure has a number of advantages, since it:

  • it is almost hypoallergenic;
  • is less painful;
  • at the same time carries out a depilation zone peeling;
  • it is available in house conditions;
  • it is economic since at independent preparation of paste it is necessary to have only sugar, water and a lemon;
  • components of means are natural antiseptics;
  • special silkiness of skin after procedure;
  • it is hygienic since allows to wash away easily the remains of the prepared means water from skin and ware.

As you can see, every way of depilation has shortcomings and advantages, besides any of them isn't capable to achieve the objectives of removal of hair in the person forever. There is one hope – on an epilation.

For removal of hair in the person there are some ways of an epilation, each of which is capable to cope effectively with a problem, but it is necessary to find the, individual option for your case. Therefore concrete procedures are appointed only after consultation of the cosmetologist.

1. The most checked ways of removal of hair forever – an electroepilation and termoliz, similar in fact: through the needle entered into a hair bulb electric current or heat under the influence of which the root is destroyed is carried out and the hair doesn't grow any more.

The cost of procedure is 40-2 USD in a minute.

Advantages: it is applied to any type and a hair color and skin.


  • complications after procedure up to hems are possible;
  • very disease process;
  • impact is made on one hair (in 1 min. – 4 hairs) therefore process takes a lot of time and not to do without repeated course of procedures;
  • there is a number of contraindications (asthma, a hypertension, heart diseases, keloidny hems, diabetes, malignant tumors and other new growths).

2.The photoepilation is considered the most painless and safe hardware way of removal of hair in the person forever since is contactless. Impact on a bulb of a hair happens to the help of the light energy absorbed by melanin. There are only 3 procedures enough to forget about the trouble for about five years.

The cost of procedure of one site on a face (short moustaches, a chin, a forehead, cheeks) not less than 34 USD


  • it isn't applicable for a fair and gray hair (in them there is no melanin);
  • probability of receiving a burn at strongly suntanned skin;
  • similar contraindications as well as at an electroepilation.

3. From especially sensitive sites of the person apply an aim method of a laser epilation to removal of hair. Milliseconds, so in general procedure short are spent for each hair literally. Besides the same shortcomings, as at a photoepilation, procedure pretty painful, but effect so amazing that problems of excessive hairiness of the person forever are forgotten.

For many one more minus of this way is the cost of procedure which makes 1300-50 USD for one zone on a face.

4. The most innovative hardware way of removal of hair in the person forever is the elos-epilation which united all advantages electro - a photo and laser epilation. The effect of the directed action of pulse categories of light and electric energy achieves the selective objectives: impacts on a follicle of a hair and removal of a point of its growth. This method practically has no shortcomings. It can be applied at any age and to any type of skin and rigidity of hair, copes even with a gray hair, thus gives the rejuvenating effect. Only 4-6 procedures allow to achieve tremendous result and never to remember the endured problems with the appearance.

But, as well as at any hardware method of an epilation, preliminary consultation of the doctor is necessary for detection of the diseases and states which are contraindications to procedure.

The cost of an elos-epilation will be above other cosmetology methods and makes not less than 54 USD for the same processed site.


From all possible ways of depilation:

  1. mechanical (shaving, plucking out);
  2. chemical by means of creams depilators;
  3. bioepilations wax and sugar.

The most effective are the vaksing and a shugaring – the effect remains till 1 month between procedures. In house conditions the most economic can call sugar depilation.

From hardware techniques on disposal of the undesirable hair used in the cosmetology centers and beauty shops (an eletroepilyation, laser, a photo and an elos-epilation), the most productive, but also the road, the elos-epilation allowing to achieve the desirable objectives – removal of hair in the person forever is.