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Stopped on wax depilation? Sets and equipment for depilation by wax

Wax depilation is one of the oldest methods of depilation which thus also is well advertized. Effect of depilation by wax very long, if I may say so, reliable, and therefore many women prefer it to all another. In the market there are many kinds of devices for work with wax, and also various sets. The choice wide, forces to become thoughtful seriously. It is a little how it is correct to choose a set for wax depilation.

Among the most obvious advantages of this type of depilation it is possible to call availability of a method due to the lack of a large number of specialized tools, speed of process, and also very lasting effect. Are depilated together with a bulb that leads to delay of repeated growth of hair, and in special cases leads to complete cessation of growth of hair at application of a method within several months-years.

Shortcomings of a way are also quite obvious: morbidity of process, removal of a pushkovy hair with regeneration in dark and rigid (it is peculiar, however, to any kind of depilation), emergence of red points. Among less obvious there are shortcomings which are shown at the wrong carrying out procedure of removal of hair. For example, at wrest of hair in the direction of hair opposite to growth can start growing in skin that causes inflammations. Difficultly by means of wax to depilate and absolutely short, it is necessary to delete them by means of the razor.

There is also a number of contraindications which should be considered. For example, at a bad zazhivlyaemost of skin (at diabetes), at mass skin educations in depilation places (warts, birthmarks, papillomas), at pronounced varicosity, at an allergy to wax.

Stopped on wax depilation? Sets and equipment for depilation by wax

What is necessary for depilation by wax?

Wax for depilation can be soft, firm and water-soluble. Soft wax is done of wood pitch (a fir or a pine) which is diluted by means of natural honey or beeswax. Most often as a part of wax mix there are also special softening ingredients allowing to reduce effects of irritation of skin. Warm wax opens skin pores, removal of hair thus more reliable, accurate, but also more painful. Solid wax doesn't contain the wax, in it there are pitches and fractions of oil which are often diluted with phytogenesis oils which don't allow weight to stick to skin. This wax demands a long time for warming up, allows to expand even better skin pores, and also to make feelings less painful. It is used most often in beauty shops. Water-soluble wax is a soft cream with honey or sugar which is applied often in house conditions.

Wax in a semi-fluid and firm look is on sale. In the first case wax is on sale in banks and containers, and in the second in the form of disks, granules and tablets. If the first type of wax can be warmed on a water bath, for granules, disks and cartridges it is necessary to use special voskonagrevatel. Voskoplav it can be executed in a kettle formfaktor with a cover that it was possible to warm solid or soft wax in a tray which heats up from electricity, and there are also cassette voskoplava which are loaded with cartridges and are used for direct drawing.

Paper for depilation by wax usually is on sale in rolls or strips. It is used for removal of wax weight together with hair. Requirements to paper are quite simple: durability, good hygroscopicity at tensile strength (water absorption), adhesion. If paper well adgezirut with wax, removal will be fast, means less painful. In principle, if paper not Chinese, its quality is accepted. Happens that sell wax strips are the paper strips impregnated with wax, they are enough to be heated and "pasted" on a problem site. Decision practical, but not the most effective.

Stopped on wax depilation? Sets and equipment for depilation by wax

Sticks for wax are used for uniform distribution of wax on hair. These sticks can and be not bought, but they are more ergonomic than spoons or other types of improvised tools, besides they are cheap, they shouldn't be washed, and it is possible to throw out simply. Pallets happen wooden and plastic. Plastic to work a little easier as to them wax almost doesn't stick, simpler to wash and clean them too. Among expendables and disposable sheets and napkins. Wax soils surrounding space quickly enough and "reliably", therefore disposable sheets - the best choice.

Different accessories enter a set for depilation, but the standard set looks approximately so:
- cassette manual voskoplav;
- a set of cartridges (cartridges) with different types of wax;
- dodepilyatsionny skin lotion;
- posledepilyatsionny skin lotion or oil for removal of wax;
- paper strips or a roll of paper for wax;
- a cosmetics bag or a box for storage;
- guide to house depilation of wax.

All above-mentioned goods can be bought and on separateness.

Care of skin after depilation by wax. Depilation is a disease process which partially breaks integrity of an integument. For this reason it is necessary to pay special attention to care of skin after depilation. Correct will be at once after removal of wax to process leather oil for removal, and then to apply special serum to delay of growth of hair. This serum needs to allow to be absorbed in skin within 10-15 minutes, and then to process leather foot cream or lotion for mitigation of skin. Serum can be applied daily after acceptance of a hot shower.

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