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Vegetable hair-dye - henna. Masks for hair with henna


Vegetable hair-dye - henna. Masks for hair with henna You, probably, heard that the magic of the woman consists in her hair. The more beautiful hair look, the more strongly it influences an opposite sex. You tell - the myth! But according to 90% of men admitted that they are attracted by women with well-groomed and healthy hair. And 68% would like still that beloveds had long hair.

After all not incidentally long since the Russian woman thought of the hair much. The its braid was longer and thicker, the more beautiful it was considered. And after all at that time for courting behind hair it had only natural products.

But, nevertheless, the condition of hair of the woman was one thousand times better, than now. Though now on sale there is a huge amount of various shampoos, balms and masks. 

Yes, for a set of years the ecology very strongly changed, there was a set of negative factors and chemical impacts on human hair. Under their influence the structure of hair loses the original state. But there are ways and means completely to restore beauty.

Let's remembera vegetable hair-dyewhich not only dyes hair, but also treats them. It is henna. Using it as a remedy, it is possible to get rid completely of a hair loss, to accelerate their growth, and to make them healthy and brilliant.

There are some fine recipes of masks with henna for hair. I want to warn if you don't want that your hair were painted in red color, get colourless henna

Preparation of henna identical to all recipes.

1. For rapid growth of hair

We take one bag of henna. We pour out it in ceramic capacity and we fill in 1/3 glasses of hot water. Well we stir, we cover and we leave for 10-15 min. After we add 1 tbsp of burdock oil or linen, and we stir one yolk. We apply on roots of hair and heat we wrap up the head. We are masked 1.5-2 hours. Then it is washed well out by water, and in the conclusion shampoo.

2. For a hair shine

We prepare henna. We add one yolk and 2 tbsps of cognac there. We apply on hair, well we wrap up the head and we are masked 30-40 min. Then we wash away. It is desirable to allow to dry a hair in the natural way.

3. Against a hair loss

We prepare henna. We add one yolk, juice of one bulb, one tablespoon of honey, on 2 drops of oils pepper and jojoba (it is possible to buy in a drugstore). We apply on roots of hair, we wrap up and we carry 2 hours. After very well we wash away the head.

It is desirable to do all these masks once a week within a month.

Video - a mask from colourless henna:

Video - a mask from red henna:

And you will see soon that your hair will take the real magic form!