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House masks for a breast - moistening, tightening and strengthening

Skin in a zone of a decollete and a breast is very vulnerable. The age, the wrong leaving, pregnancy and feeding by a breast not in the best way affect a type of this delicate part of a body. Skin stretches, loses elasticity and the breast falls, also gentle skin is subject to emergence of extensions (striya). What to do if the breast got out of a shape and skin became not such elastic and humidified? We will be helped by house masks which we will do of exclusively useful and effective components.

The zone of a decollete needs food, moistening and lifting of skin therefore it is necessary to choose ingredients proceeding from these properties. In this article we will consider only the effective and checked recipes of masks on improvement of skin of a breast.

How it is correct to do masks for a breast?

All masks for a breast are applied on clean skin and then washed away by warm water. After drawing a mask it is necessary to adopt the horizontal provision. Also effectively densely to turn back food wrap, raising a breast in order that skin was tightened.

It is desirable to make before a mask an easy peeling the most gentle srub. To finish procedure with a contrast shower (hot water - cold water) with a light massage. And after to apply your favourite cream for a bust. It is recommended to do masks for a breast every other day by a course. And then for maintenance of a state 1-2 times a week. To alternate the tightening masks and moistening nutritious.

Surely combine care of a breast with physical exercises and carry out special exercises for a breast. From within we will keep muscles in a tone, and we will saturate skin and we will strengthen useful masks and the breast will look perfectly! Remember that the beautiful breast is a regular leaving.

The house tightening masks for a breast

The RECIPE No. 1 the simplest mask which possesses excellent lifting effect, at regular application skin of a breast is tightened and the breast becomes higher.

  • For a mask it is necessary to take one egg, to separate protein (and the yolk will go to a nutritious face pack), to beat egg white before formation of bubbles, so we will oxygenate it. Than protein is useful? It contains proteins, enzymes and vitamins of group B and possesses the property tightening skin.
  • We add a teaspoon of almond oil. Almond oil very easy is also quickly absorbed, but in too time nutritious, perfectly is suitable for gentle and sensitive skin. Possesses the rejuvenating action, supports a tone, nourishes and softens skin.
  • For enrichment of a mask it is possible to add previously to almond oil 3 drops of essential oil of fennel. This light oil with pleasant unostentatious aroma, tightens natural "framework" of a breast, promotes development of an estrogen and increase in a breast. Also essential oil of a rose, ylang-ylang or rosemary will be suitable for these purposes. They help to restore elasticity and elasticity of skin.

ATTENTION! It is impossible to use essential oils which I promote development of an estrogen if in a breast there are new growths or tendency to them. Also choose only qualitative and expensive essential oils.

It is necessary to apply a mask on a breast, beginning from the basis, without mentioning area of nipples, rising above and it is desirable to apply a mask also on neck area, up to the line of a chin. To hold a mask of 20 minutes.

The RECIPE No. 2 the Following mask on the basis of cosmetic clay and cocoa. There are many types of cosmetic clays, for lifting of a breast it is better to use pink clay or blue.

  • It is necessary to take 1 tablespoon with a clay hill,
  • To add 1 tablespoon of the processed oat flakes
  • 1 tablespoon of the present of natural (not instant) cocoa (the best and available cocoa - "A gold label").
  • To mix dry components in a cup and to fill in with hot water to a yogurt consistence. Weight has to be plastic and not flow. To allow to cool down up to the pleasant warm temperature, to put on damp breasts, a zone of a decollete and a neck for 20-30 minutes.

Clay has the noticeable tightening effect, nourishes skin with microcells. After cocoa skin becomes extraordinary gentle and velvety, also cocoa is well-known for the rejuvenating and toning properties. Flour and oat flakes perfectly nourishes and moistens skin, renders lifting effect. 

The RECIPE No. 3 For a mask will be required fresh juicy tomato. Clear it of a thin skin, grind on a grater, or crush in the blender. Such tomato puree will turn out, add a tea spoon of oil grape stones (it is possible to replace with hazelnut oil, almond or linen). Tomatoes contain mineral salts, organic acids, and also a powerful antioxidant lycopene. The mask from a tomato renders the effect expressed tightening and peeling. Well mix tomato puree with oil and apply on skin for 15-20 minutes.

The house moistening and nutritious masks for a breast

House masks for a breast - moistening, tightening and strengthening The RECIPE No. 1 For nutritious a mask with the moistening effect needs to be taken:

  • One small ripe soft banana
  • 1 tablespoon of natural flower honey
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

To kindle coconut oil and honey (if it hardened) on a water bath. It is good to mash banana to a condition of mashed potatoes, to enter oil and honey, carefully to mix. To apply warm weight on a bust. It is possible to impose from above a gauze and to be wrapped in food wrap. Skin after such mask becomes incredibly soft, gentle and humidified. The mask is rich with microcells, vitamins and fatty acids which feed, humidify, level and do elastic breast skin.

The RECIPE No. 2 the Strawberry mask will also help with moistening and enrichment by nutrients the skin which was tired and lost a tone. It is necessary to take:

  • Some ripe cheesecakes. Strawberry perfectly feeds, gives a tone, levels skin color, bleaches a little, slows down withering of skin and perfectly refreshes it.
  • Pink clay two tablespoons. Pink clay the most gentle is also suitable for sensitive skin, it also has the tightening effect, nourishes skin with necessary microcells.
  • 1 tablespoon of dense natural sour cream. Excellent means for food, mitigation and rejuvenescence of skin of a breast.

To mash strawberry to a pastelike state, to dissolve pink clay with hot water before formation of plastic homogeneous mass. To connect mashed potatoes of strawberry and the divorced clay, to enter 1 tablespoon of sour cream into mix. It is good to mix everything. To apply a warm mask on a breast and a zone of a decollete for 30 minutes, to cover to avoid drying of a mask. After one procedure skin will become tightened, elastic, very gentle and velvety.

The effective recipe of massage oil for lifting of a bust:

  • oil of grape seeds - 10 ml;
  • essential oil of fennel - 2 drops; 
  • essential oil of orange - 1 drop;
  • essential oil of a ylang-ylang - 1 drop;
  • essential oil of rosemary - 1 drop;
  • essential oil patchoulis - 1 drop;

Observe a dosage of oils since essential oils are are very concentrated and if to take them more, it is possible to get burn and irritation of skin. For receiving result of rather small amount of essential oils. Dissolve essential oils in basic oil of grape seeds (10 ml), observing a dosage and mix. Oil mix needs to be stored in a glass dark small bottle. It is necessary to apply oil daily in the evening or in the morning after a shower on clean skin, doing a light massage of a breast and a zone of a decollete. Oil mix makes noticeable positive impact on appearance of a breast, there is a permanent lifting effect.

Look after the breast and it will be fine!

Video recipes of masks for a breast:

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