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The house cracked lip ointments - recipes

Beautiful lips are of very great importance for all women. Cracks on lips deliver an array of problems, and their look spoils appearance and makes impression of negligence. So in what the reasons of emergence of such unpleasant cracks?

The reasons - absolutely different and unexpected. For example, a lack of vitamins (B2, E, C and A), a wind, an allergy, deficiency of iron, a problem with digestion, a metabolic disorder, and also smoking.

From the psychological point of view, emergence of cracks on lips testifies to the beginning of a depression and despondency. At cracks on lips our lifesaver is the hygienic lipstick covering lips with the protective film helping not to lose moisture and to soften skin of lips.

But now we will talk about house lip ointments. They contain a set of useful microcells and vitamins. Ointments are simple in preparation, and that fact that they are used at once after preparation, that is are fresh, provides more pronounced action on the injured skin of lips.

House recipes at cracks on lips

Here some effective and simple recipes in preparation:

  • Well melted fat, lanolin or butter will help. It is desirable to grease lips several times a day.
  • Cottage cheese (1 teaspoon) and carrot juice will be suitable for mitigation of skin of lips.
  • Honey or juice of a cucumber will be suitable for night application.
  • Aloe juice too very favorably influences dry skin of lips.

More difficult recipes:

For wonderful ointment preparation to us it is necessary:

  • honey
  • slice of banana and apple
  • half of a lemon.

The part of apple should be shipped in water and to put on a plate. When apple boils soft (5-6 minutes), get it and make mashed potatoes, having added to it a banana slice.

Then put honey on fire and wait for it full fusion. We add it to mashed potatoes and we squeeze out juice of a lemon. To apply the turned-out ointment several times a day. Ointment tasty therefore resist the temptation to eat it. It is necessary to store the turned-out means in the refrigerator.


  • We need a half of a teaspoon of lanolin and beeswax
  • essential oil of orange

Kindle wax and lanolin. Wait until they are kindled and add 4 drops of essential oil. To mix. To remove from fire, to cool and start using.


  • 2-3 tablespoons of vaseline are required,
  • lemon juice,
  • olive oil,
  • camomile broth (or plantain).

To start warming up vaseline (5 minutes). To add 3-4 droplets of lemon juice, olive oil and camomile broth on one teaspoon. Mix. Cool and begin use. To store also in the refrigerator.


Successful preparation and beautiful sponges!

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