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Home care of face skin: recipes of a srub, masks

Home care of face skin: recipes of a srub, masks During the winter period our skin is subject to low temperatures and a strong wind, in the summer on the contrary – to excessive solar activity and high temperatures. As face skin is always open it suffers most of all. And if to rank as all this a chronic sleep debt, owing to the various reasons (sleeplessness, the small child), and the dark circles under eyes caused by this sleep debt, a picture not especially attractive appears.

How to look after face skin in house conditions?

To give to your skin a well-groomed look, it is necessary to care of face skin and with it you will be helped by house recipes of beauty. It is expedient to begin care of it with deep clarification.

The srub is a fine face peel in house conditions which not only will relieve your skin of the become horny cages, but also will make it softer and gentle. The less firm components of a srub, the its impact on skin will be softer. It isn't obligatory for you to go to beauty shop or to buy expensive production of popular cosmetic firms. The srub easily prepares and in house conditions.

Recipe of a house face scrub:

For this purpose you will need the coffee thick or small oat flakes mixed with sour cream or kefir. Also as a srub often apply salt mix with vegetable oil (for example, olive).

Besides clarification, face skin needs additional food. With it you will be helped by house face packs.

Recipes of house masks for face skin:

The nutritious mask from mix of one egg white, a teaspoon of honey and two spoons of flour will be suitable for normal and dry type of skin. The turned-out mix is put for fifteen minutes on a face and a zone of a decollete then wash away warm water.

As a nutritious mask the following structure is also widely applied: the crushed lettuce leaves mix up with a tablespoon of sunflower oil and a teaspoon of juice of a lemon. Put on a face for twenty minutes then wash away water.

We moisten face skin

You shouldn't forget and about moistening. After a mask wipe a face an ice cube. But you shouldn't wipe a towel, wait until skin dries itself. This simple procedure not only will moisten your skin, but also will return to it pleasant color. In addition, ice – fine means for fight against enlarged pores. Besides external moistening, it is necessary "to podpaivat" skin from within. Try to use a large amount of liquid: water, mineral water, green tea, various juice.

For fight against freckles it is possible to use juice of a lemon, a cucumber, red currant or kefir. Care of your skin, and it will please you and people around all the year round!